SMAP Say Their Final Goodbyes

The nationally and internationally treasured idol group, SMAP have left their final messages on the Official Johnny’s website on January 5th, 2017. These messages were made public, days after their official dissolution on December 31st, 2016. Although it’s unclear what lies ahead for these five people, it goes without saying that the support from fans, will continue far into the future.

Everyone’s support, all of it, has reached us.

Everyone’s feelings, all of them, have been acknowledged.

We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you so much.


We’ve been in your care… haven’t we.

This is “Goodbye”, isn’t it….

Until next time! Or so it goes…

– Masahiro Nakai

Because everyone was there for us,

asked for us, waited for us,

I feel as though we’ve made it.

I wish for your continuous support from now into the future.  

– Takuya Kimura

I’m really thankful for all the treasured support towards SMAP. For me,

up until now and from now on, the most important thing has been and will be you.

Many Thanks

– Goro Inagaki

Thank you for all the support.

We’ve been together through the boring times and the fun times.

I wish for your continuous support from now into the future.

– Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

Everyone who’s supported SMAP,


I love you

Thank you

– Shingo Katori

Via Johnny’s Net

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    • Elyse

      Been a fan of SMAP for over a decade now, and Shingo’s very brief message made me tear up.

      Thanks for making me laugh for all these years, SMAP! You’ve weathered a lot of tough times, and always managed to entertain (sometimes both at the same time: “what’s wrong with being naked??!”).

      Hope they’ll be able to find work. And if any of them are trying to lay low after this, I hope they have a peaceful and happy life!

      Whether you think they’re talented or not, this is the end of an era.

      • katsura

        Shingooooo 😭

    • Reileen

      Jnet has been updated with SMAP individual artist profiles/ categories. I like their new profile pics lol

      • Risa

        I like the pictures, and Nakai’s page with the hat on the logo, lol. Their individual pages are up on Johnny’s Web as well although the SMAP page remains among the groups.

      • hasawa

        They all look like dads going on vacation on the countryside.. i like kinda it! lol

    • tseri



    • :( This make me sad.

    • eplizo

      RIP SMAP…… :'((((

    • yamakita

      OK, how long is this goodbye going to be?

      • Kiang Sheryl

        As SMAP? Most probably forever.
        As entertainers? The goodbye has alrdy ended.

    • opie

      bought their clip DVD and wow. despite their singing and dance skill they had charisma. SMAP in aoi inazuma can’t be beaten.

    • Douska

      Forgive my ignorance, but would someone kindly explain what is the point of breaking up if they are all staying in Johnny’s anyway and continuing as idols…? They just don’t want to do activities together anymore?

      • K

        the point is that the true manager in control of Johnny’s now despises SMAP and just wants them disbanded aha

      • gem

        Despite the conspiracy theories touted by fans the real reason is they can no longer work together as a group. It was obvious at the beginning of the year when 4 tried to split from Johnnys and one wanted to stay. Irreconcilable differences.

        • miri

          They’re not conspiracy theories.

          What happened in January last year was the consequence of previous humiliations that SMAP and their manager suffered from JE. Their manager (was forced to?) resign and they wanted to leave with her. Then “someone” leaked their intentions to the media, they had to apologize publicly for the turmoil and that’s when rumors of a supposed bad relationship started appearing. But the facts say otherwise.

          Shingo and Kimura went together to see a Yamapi`s concert (after the rumors that the two of them hating each other was the main reason of their breakup) but JE tried to hide that fact from the press.

          Nakai said on his last radio show as a SMAP member that there was no one bad or at fault in SMAP and they all had given their best until the end.

          Nakai also did a gesture with his hand at the last performance on SMAPxSMAP that it’s hard to interpret in any other way than as a sign of their unity.

          Shingo says on his last farewell message “I love SMAP”.

          There are still many things we can’t understand for sure, but no, it’s not a conspiracy theory and its actually quite reasonable to think there is something fishy behind all this.

          • gem

            Secret hands signals? The two members rumored to hate each other just happened to go to a concert together which, of course, JE tried to cover up? I think there was even some crazy theories about cryptic messages sent via different colored ties at the apology. Sounds like tin foil hat stuff to me. Then could you please explain why in January 4 wanted to leave but Kimura shafted them by wanting to stay? And why he didn’t attend the last farewell dinner, when even Mori turned up?

            JE loves money, why would they deliberately sabotage a group which earns them lots of money? I doubt SMAP is going to bring in as much money as individuals. Also, they are never going to have another SMAP. Arashi may outsell them music-wise but they will never have the same gravitas on TV as they just don’t have the personalities or charisma for it.

            Eventually even the most delulu of fans is going to have to admit that, perhaps JE wasn’t the problem and SMAP simply became unworkable as a group.

            • maguro part deux

              That JE leadership – Johnny’s sister Mary in particular – had it in for SMAP is pretty well accepted by everyone who follows the industry. You might think that at a substantial operation like JE, the decision-making would be strictly rational and focused on dollars and cents, but people have egos, nurse grievances, feel disrespected etc. and those feelings can override profitability calculations.

              In this case, SMAP was basically going nowhere so they assigned them to this Iijima-san (who wasn’t even a real agent at the time), and she made them into a national sensation. Which apparently made a lot of people at JE angry. Seems pretty dumb, but people can be idiots sometimes.

            • Money

              JE loves money, why would they deliberately sabotage a group which earns them lots of money?
              That might sound logical but J&A has a history of sacrificing money sources in favor of control.

            • miri

              No, I can’t explain why Kimura changed his mind, or even if that it’s true in the first place. As I said, there are many things that can’t be explained with the facts that we have and that’s one of them.

              As for the dinner, I’m not sure that’s true either, but if it is, the reason of his absence could be as simple as that night being the first New Year’s Eve that he could spend with his family.

              You may laugh about “secret hand signals” but johnny’s groups have choreographies that are set since the time they first perform them and they rarely make changes. Why bother changing that and getting the crew to film a close up shot if it has no meaning?

              And for the record, I’m not a fan. I’m just someone who got curious about the whole thing and started paying attention to what was going on.

              If you read the interview of Mary Kitagawa in Shuukan Bunshun a couple of years ago you’ll understand people are not exaggerating about the whole situation.

          • None of that prove anything.

            • miri

              It proves they don’t hate each other as JE is so hard trying to sell. About why they disbanded we can only make guesses at the moment, but about their relationship there’s no doubt they’re still in good terms and that’s not the reason for what’s happened.

      • kamben is here

        Yes, them breaking up means that they won’t continue doing activities together as a group.

        They won’t sing/dance/etc together as SMAP anymore.

    • Lost In Ube

      Question: What happens to shows that are sort of “SMAP” branded like Shingo’s SmaStation and Nakai’s KinSma? In the later case the Sma is supposed to stand for smile but they weren’t kidding anyone.

      • Risa

        It’s pretty arbitrary, lol. Shingo’s OjaMAP and SmaSTATION are apparently keeping their names as is Tsuyoshi’s PuSma. Kimura’s radio show will also retain the SMAP in its title while Shingo and Tsuyoshi’s radio will be changed to ShinTsuyo Power Splash. Nakai’s radio show Some Girl SMAP is now Nakai Masahiro On and On Air. The SMAP in Nakai’s tv Kinyobi no SMAP Tachi e will be changed to Smile.

    • emmy

      I was never a SMAP fan but after watching farewell special I can see why they were so popular. they were really funny. Some of the things they got up to in their variety shows. They had no issues about making idiots of themselves. Overseas guests seemed to enjoy themselves when they appeared on their shows and gosh, didnt they get some big names. was a nice change from some of the current johnny’s groups who are just a bit precious.

      Kind of makes me sad I didnt take notice of SMAP earlier

      • yepyep

        idk but I think this is the usual idol formula.
        Arashi is also like this.

        • kamben is here

          Being a fan of idols for years, I can say that having no issues about making themselves look like idiots and being funny is not unique to SMAP or any johnny’s groups in general.

          Idols are ‘expected’ to be able to make a fool out of themselves in general.

          The groups who are just a bit precious are probably told to be so. Like, for example in AKB, the wota can find various type of girls. There are the cheerful type, gloomy type, boring type, etc. These are their public images/faces.

        • miri

          It’s the usual formula now because SMAP made it so in the 90s. It’s one of the reasons why SMAP is considered to have changed the idol and entertainment industry.

          • Money

            Idols/Johnny’s making idiots of themselves goes way before smap. Johnny’s have been doing it since the 80s without a fixed platform but SMAP trailblazed the idol variety show which probably was inspired by the Monkeys concept. Idols essentially aren’t cool and perfect.

            • kamben is here

              Agree with everything you said especially the ‘idols making fun of themselves goes way before SMAP’. Like, seriously. ;)

    • Afiqah Hasbullah

      I am not going to say that I hate smap, but I think I a little bit happy that they have disbanded because TOKIO, Kinki Kids and V6 will become the sempai groups in JE :)…. I personally am a huge fan of V6…..I really love them…They are like a group of family.Eventhough they have a large age gap, they are still good….If you guys have any opinion about V6, can u share it with me, because I want to know from other people’s opinion(especially who lived in Japan), no mattet good or bad ..

      sorry for bad english 😅

      • goingtojpn

        what a lame excuse to be happy about… and to post it here where SMAP fans are sad. shame on u