Shiina Ringo pens song for fictional band Doughnuts Hole

On Tuesday, January 17, TBS will debut it’s new drama “Quartet“, which will feature a brand new theme song penned by Shiina Ringo. As is common with Ringo nowadays, it has once again been given to another artist, however, more interestingly, this artist is a ‘limited unit’ just for the show called “Doughnuts Hole“. The group consists of members Takako Matsu,¬†Mitsushima Hikari, Issei Takahaski and Ryuuhei Matsuda. The song “Otono no Okite” is arranged by Ringo and Saito Neko and features players HZM, Saito Neko Quartet, Yuya Tamura and Uni Inoue.¬† Read further to see promotional images of Doughnuts Hole and trailer for “Quartet”.


It is unclear whether the theme song will be sold separately, but most likely will see at the very least, a digital release closer to the date.


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    • purisu

      Please don’t forget Mitsushima Hikari as one of the members….

      • Ash

        Oh yes, thanks for pointing it out. Fixed -Ash.

    • Ash

      Shiina Ringo handing out more music, going for that Reimport 2 album no doubt. Still, likely better than a new ‘proper’ album anyway.

    • Kokoro Ai

      I’m excited with this drama :D. I hope is good.

      • Yui

        What’s the genre of this drama? A love comedy? At first I thought it was a mystery so I’m confused lol.

        • Kokoro Ai

          Yeah I don’t know either but I like dramas with musical themes.

    • Encha277

      Is there not another picture of this woman that could be used for the headline? I feel like I’ve been seeing this same picture for years.

      • Ash

        Thats cause she’s pretty much done nothing else for years.

        • HyperMoot .

          maybe there are some legal issues with that, but it’s possible to make some fine vidcaps out of YouTube vids, like those from RIJF 2015.