Seiko Oomori to release 3rd Major Label Album in March

Following last years fantastic album, TOKYO BLACK HOLE and her three single project “Wonder Romance Three Good Fortunes ~Today’s lover is Y♥O♥U?! Series~”, Seiko Oomori has revealed that she will be releasing her 3rd major label album (to make it 5th studio album in total) on March 15. It is to be entitled “Kichigaia“, which some speculate seems to be a play on the Japanese word for madness ‘Kichigai’ and the Greek Earth Goddess/Mother Earth “Gaia”. The album features 5 already released tracks (Pink Methusalah, Gutto Kuru SUMMER, POSITIVE STRESS, Hikokuminteki Hero and Orion Za) plus 8 new tracks for a total of 13. Continue reading for details on the individual versions!

There will be four versions in total

Version 1: CD Only
Version 2: 2 CD + DVD
-Second CD is a recording of the tour final of the TOKYO BLACK HOLE tour finale at ZEPP Tokyo
-DVD features 6 previously released MVs plus 2 new ones for a total of 8
Version 3: CD + Blu Ray
-Blu Ray features full recording of the TOKYO BLACK HOLE tour finale at ZEPP Tokyo
Version 4: Fan Club Edition CD + DVD
-DVD features 100 minutes of fanclub exclusive unspecified live footage

As of the time of writing this, no album covers have yet been revealed.

The first 3 versions are all available to preorder now through regular outlets. Released by Avex.

An exciting announcement for all Seiko Oomori fans, in this, her 10th year of musical activities (including her pre-debut works)!

Watch her music video for Orion-Za below:


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    • guest

      I feel she’s ALWAYS releasing something and I’m not even a fan

      • nonon-jakuzurezu

        You must be new to jpop in general, dude.

    • nonon-jakuzurezu


    • hhhh

      “Kichigai” is more than just “madness”, it’s an extremely offensive word for “mentally ill” that can’t be spoken on TV and is often censored (including, famously, in a song by The Blue Hearts, who went on to be banned from TV appearances after saying it). I wonder if it’ll cause problems for her to promote the album with this title? Hopefully because everything she does is going through avex higher-ups they’ll have thought that issue through, though.

      • Ash

        Hmm this is very interesting to me. Then again it’s Seiko Oomori, she’s not exactly in the spotlight like Utada Hikaru or anything, and has had a history of being pretty full on with her persona. I’m sure somewhere in her rambling blog upon release (that I don’t even want to attempt to understand) it explains exactly what she’s going for with it. I’m certain it’ll probably not lead to anything in that regard, but we will see. I have personally not seen any kind of backlash against the title as of yet.

        • hhhh

          I did a few Twitter searches – aside from the odd comment like “this might be a bit much” or “this is going to be a problem for me to say out loud”, the reception from her fanbase (who already know how intense she is) is quite positive. If there’s any significant backlash, it’ll probably come after the album is released and people who aren’t familiar with her will hear about it.

          • Ash

            Do remember, her first AVEX video clip had dildos in plain sight, Magic Mirror chronicles the lives of a transvestite and a sex worker amongst others… I think AVEX know what they were getting into from the start. The title doesn’t seem remotely out of character to me. Also, that Blue Hearts thing was 25 years ago now right?

    • Zeroryouko
    • guest

      keep it

      • Ash

        You were late this time, what happened?