Second Trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist live action movie

Warner Bros Japan just released another trailer for the Fullmetal Alchemist live action film adaptation.  The first trailer gave us picturesque shots of the European backdrop as well as a taste of the CG effects that will be used for the transmutation scenes and for bringing the character of Alphonse Elric to life.  This time, we see the Elric brothers as children attempting the human transmutation that kickstarts the series.  Ryosuke Yamada, playing the role of Ed Elric, is also shown with an automail arm and performing more action stunts.

The film is set to premiere on December 1 2017 and you can stay up-to-date by following the official website.

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    • leander

      Why it’s not a white person who played as Edward???

      • Elodie Genia

        Because it was never write that Edward was white, it can be a japanese with yellow dye. And Japanese is not a country multi-ethnic self proclaim as USA.

        • Elodie Genia

          Of course it’s exagerated when I say “japanese with yellow dye”, but scenario can take place anywhere so it’s not a problem, even for some Death Note fan I think

          • leander

            I dont even consider Death Note as an issue, because it looks more like a spin-off or some sort. A live-action movies like this, or Ghost in the Shell, who are /supposedly/ follow heavily on the original story, IS the issue. What you were saying in the previous comment can be applied to GITS as well, an unidentified race human/robot. Yet it’s still a problem. I wish that FMA (whose characters are having western names, hence a non-japanese) being played by Japanese people, somehow entered Hollywood movie market…. what are their reactions will be?

            • gin

              I wish that FMA (whose characters are having western names, hence a non-japanese) being played by Japanese people, somehow entered Hollywood movie market…. what are their reactions will be?
              It was made not for the Hollywood market and furthermore all the characters dialogues are in Japanese. It may enter US release but Hollywood producers still could buy the franchise later.
              On the other hand, GITS is made for the Hollywood(& int)market so reactions from those who are in the scene and tired of the white-washing are pretty appropriate.

        • hasawa

          Funnily enough, with the story set and most characters’ names i always pictured FMA’s characters as white though lol (same with Shingeki ko Kyojin)

    • Ryusei

      It looks good so far

    • Jo

      Gosh. Sick of people talking about whitewashing.

      • Ryusei

        ikr it’s not even an issue here why bring it up lol

        • leander

          Had to. It’s a good chance since people keep talking about GITS who /actually/ have similar race issue with FMA. Unindentified race. Let’s face it, the world revolves around amuricca

          • Ryusei

            It doesn’t. America just thinks it does which leads other people to believe the same thing. Idk why bring up a controversial topic when there is no issue here. Like… why bring controversy and mess into a pieceful comment-section that usually wouldn’t have had any. You can go on any ghost in the shell comment section if you want that so much. Although japanese people in japan dont seem to give a shit about it. But y’know EVERYTHING’s racist or sexist or something with -ist at the end in america

            • leander

              Exactly. But you will see this type of comment everywhere. You don’t want to, but you’re seeing them.

            • leander

              it’s like a plaque, can’t avoid it

              • Ryusei

                so you wanna annoy people? or what am I supposed to take from this reply?

                • leander

                  No. I want you to be aware.

                  • Ryusei

                    this isn’t really the place where awareness needs to be spread IMO and it isn’t how to do it either as you could tell from my response it just came off as annoying and that’s not what you want to achieve… long story short: ur doin it wrong

                    • leander

                      ‘Annoying’ is very subjective. A dog picture can annoy you, your mom’s cooking can annoy you, or even the fact that people who believe in flat earth existed; can annoy you. Awareness is everywhere, even in your room.

                    • Aly

                      Ignore them, they are trolling and trying to upset people.

            • Not trying to offend…

              I’m genuinely curious, do you think that the opinions of Japanese Americans/Canadians (or any Japanese people living outside of Japan) regarding whitewashing is less valid than Japanese people living in Japan?

              • Ryusei

                no, but I think they are completely different. Because Japanese Americans/Canadians have the influence of america of this sort of culture where more and more things are offensive and I can understand the whole Ghost in the shell thing but I just don’t see why controversy with a sensitive topic needs to be brought upon an article where there isn’t any to be found. Awareness is good but if one spreads it like this, people that may not have heard of whitewashing before will jump onto so many things that arent actually whitewashing anything without actually comprehending what it actually is.

                • Not trying to offend…

                  While I don’t think whitewashing or racism is a problem for this live action (Yamada’s fucking wig is LOL), there still is this perceived notion overall where if Japanese people living in Japan don’t think its an issue, it’s a non-issue. However, people often overlook the fact that whitewashing is a very western problem that Japanese people, or any Asians, living in the west face, so their opinions are very much valid on this issue as this is something that does affect them. It is sad that when Asian Americans talk about their problems, it gets misconstrued as being overly sensitive.

                  That being said, I do think that joking about “white washing” in the live action FMA is counterproductive and makes light of the issue. There are so many other problems with this show (Yamada’s wig, Honda Tsubasa’s acting etc.), white washing isn’t one of them

      • Enma

        Forget the whitewashing. Sick of seeing Johnnys (Yamada) in all fucking movies. Wasn’t it enough he was that blue haired kid in Assassination classroom. They should have just picked someone else.

        • Jo

          You serious? He was in 1 movie in 2016 , 2 in 2015 and only appears in 2 movies this year.
          Suda Masaki has 5 movies this year alone and appeared in 9 others in 2016.
          Kento Yamazaki and Fukushi Sota are literally everywhere too.

    • Thomas

      Honestly it looks like one of those fanmade cosplay movies on YouTube… The wig and CGI are the main reason I don’t like it lol

      • gin

        Yamada was wearing braid extension but most of it was his real dyed hair.

        • Thomas

          Then whoever dyed his hair is at fault imo… it just looks odd to me.

          • light

            I knew it was his hair but it still looked a bit weird to me too

          • gin

            Yes. That colour was off and hair texture ruined. It could be the movie stylist fault too. He looked ok with that blond do outside of FMA filming

      • Ryuzaki Raiga

        japanese live action CGI always look off. ever watch gamera reboot using full CGI in 2004 until today. they quality of live action CGI look like same studio using old GPU.

        • Thomas

          Yeah in some recent Japanese movies it looks like PS2 graphics… really unfortunate imo because it makes everything look ridiculous :/

    • light

      Now that i’m almost finished rewatching the anime, i’m more meh about this than before. I hope it will be good enough but this short trailer doesn’t excite me honestly.

    • Dalooshe

      ..Just an excited passerby🐥

    • Fmalife

      Looks so lit already
      Yamada looks sooo good as Ed. Crying @ the kid playing the younger Ed already looking like a younger Yamada.

      Of all the LA to be released this yr, this is obviously the biggest and the most highly anticipated film. Hype!!!

    • MAdara

      a blondie samurai boy looks awkward to me

      • Aiko

        omg wow that is super racist -_-

    • Buzz

      People still judge and they haven’t watch the complete thing though I understand we don’t give a high exceptions for LA

    • Zungya

      Oh god.. if they put an asian guy with a blonde wig as the main guy, I will barf! -_-

      • Aiko

        not a wig

    • Matcha

      Asian guy with a blonde wig playing an European character. Fucking great…. what a joke! xD

      • neko

        Is not a wig

    • M

      It’s his actual hair. Only the ponytail is fake as he wasn’t able to grow his hair long enough by the time of filming.

      And quite frankly, it’s a Japanese franchise, made by a Japanese man, I don’t see the problem? Hollywood whitewashes the fuck out of everything but a Japanese franchise chooses a Japanese actor to play the main role in a live action movie on said franchise and people freak out. Yamada was chosen because he’s known for having very…. Uncommon Japanese facial features. Yamada looks less Japanese than a lot of the other potentional candidates for the role so, I think he’s a great choice visually. He’ll do a fantastic job with the acting and portraying a character that he himself has said he’s a very big fan of since childhood. I think you’re all just looking for something to bitch about.

      • annie

        i get you but fma has so many different races so it’s kind of awkward to recreate unless it’s going to be a global production. there are just some animes/mangas that require live action films that go above and beyond. hence why some these live actions films tend to be a bit lackluster

        and the series was created by a woman!

      • He’s also a chibi.

        • poton

          Just like Edward.

    • Hey

      Looks dope, this might be the Japanese LA to do it right. It’s like they spent the whole SnK budget on Al.
      Also Yamada nailing the Edward look, I can’t believe it!

    • I’m actually looking forward to this. I want it to be good. pls be good.