SAVAGE Releases Their Debut Album “Morphine-25g-“

SAVAGE has released their debut album. The album titled “モルヒネ-25g-” was released November 16 and includes 13 tracks.  The released of the albums comes after the group’s hiatus and new member JUN joining of the group as their bassist. 

Check out the track listing and promotional video of the band after the jump!


Regular Edition

  1. Akai Tsume (赤い爪)
  2. Oiran (花魁)
  3. Oborodzukiyo (朧月夜)
  4. Shisshin Necrophilia (失神ネクロフィリア)
  5. SyndromE
  6. Souya (葬殺)
  7. Drop
  8. Hysteria~Majo ni Sogareta Uzu no Naka de no Hakuchuumu~ (Hysteria ~魔女に殺がれた渦の中での白昼夢~)
  9. Bogus Duty
  10. Pink Marionette (ピンクマリオネット)
  12. Mousou Kurui no Nichiyoubi (妄想狂いの日曜日)

via: JpopAsia

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