“Rurouni Kenshin” Creator Nobuhiro Watsuki Arrested for Child Pornography

Nobuhiro Watsuki, the creator of the hit manga “Rurouni Kenshin”, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly possessing pornographic images of underage girls. He admitted his guilt, telling the police, “I was interested in little girls’ nudity.”

Watsuki is accused of possessing DVDs containing videos of naked underage girls in his Tokyo office last month. After another child pornography case resulted in a link to Watsuki, police raided his office last month and seized evidence .

The sequel to “Rurouni Kenshin” began publication in a monthly magazine in this past September. Shueisha, the magazine’s publisher, released a statement, saying that it “takes the matter gravely and the cartoonist has deep regrets.” As a result of this case, the popular sequel will be suspended, starting with next month’s issue.


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    • light

      Disgusting piece of shit…

    • Keny

      Jesus does this never end? I mean ofc I am glad these disgusting human beings being caught but it’s always shocking to see just how many there are.. and this is only scratching the surface too..

      • Sakura94

        was their anyone else ?

        • Kanjo Maru

          I think this might be referring to the hollywood+ reveals this year

        • hasawa

          Harvey Weinstein

          Roman Polanski

          Dan Schneider

          Kevin Spacey

          Bryan Singer

          Chris Tucker

          Jeffery Epstein

          John Podesta

          Tony Podesta

          Robby Mook

          Jen Palmieri

          Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

          Laura Silsby

          Marina Abramovic

          James Alefantis

          David Brock

          Arun Rao

          James Comey

          Peter Newsham

          Bill Clinton

          Hillary Clinton

          Pierre Bergé

          Woody Allen

          Huma Abedin

          Anthony Weiner

          Donna Brazile

          Alwaleed bin Tawal

          John McCain

          Nancy Pelosi

          Chuck Schumer

          Joe Biden

          Barack Obama

          John Brennan

          Gabriel Matzneff

          Frédéric Miterrand

          Charlie Sheen

          Bryan Singer

          • Celbie
          • Cryptomystic

            James comey, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Hilary Clinton?

            WTF is this list?

            I didn’t realize brain dead Trump lovers browse this site.

            • hasawa

              1) The fact you let your political partisan view -expecting Trump to be on the list while being skeptical about Obama’s presence- show that you care more about your faves image being tarnished than children safety and exposing the truth
              2) I’m not the one who made that list. It’s a Tumblr post featuring all American celebrity allegedly incriminated into sex scandal including children. I myself added some French pedophiles like Mitterrand and Matzneff
              3) this is unfortunately an everlasting construction work. It’s up to you to add Trump if necessary.
              4) I’m frencn and don’t really care about US politics so miss me with that “yikes Trump supporter Russian spy” BS just bc I’m not far up Obama’s ass.

              • Cryptomystic

                You posted people’s names on that list that have no accusations of sexual misconduct against them because you are Trump supporting troll.

                Not a single Republican on your list, what a surprise.
                Go back to Russia and let Putin know you are doing a good job.

                • hasawa

                  This is a SERIOUS topic about pedophilia and you managed to make it all about yourself and your silly Democrats vs Republican agenda. I swear to God yall have no shame….
                  Stop flooding this thread with your nonsensical trolling.

                  • Cryptomystic

                    “This is a SERIOUS topic about pedophilia”

                    Yup, now lets change the subject completely.

                    Troll, blocked and reported.

                    • yamakita

                      Read the headline again. It IS about pedophilia/child pornography and how this famous mangaka got caught having the material.

                  • Cryptomystic

                    Fvck you and all the Russian trolls trying to destroy America.

                    • Guest

                      the US is doing a pretty good job of destroying itself. there’s no need for Russia. your xenophobia is a great example of why a racist neo-nazi like Trump won. good job!

                • Guest

                  lmao I love when Americans — the country that voted for Trump — accuse others of being from Russia because they’re pro-Trump. How about taking responsibility for the messy population and racism in your country, love?

                  • yamakita

                    Preach! Apparently, there is a great shortage of mirrors in the U.S.

                  • Sarina

                    “Take responsibility” how? Forcibly purge every Trump supporter from the face of the Earth? Some of us would love to, but that’s not how it works.

                    You do realize the majority of the country voted for Hillary Clinton, right?

                    • Guest

                      The majority of the country voted for a warhawk who was behind the Honduras coup and the Iraq war? Wow. That’s much better! Congrats Americans!

                    • Guest

                      Oh, let’s not forget she is married to a rapist she still defends to this day! So the two options Americans had were that or a neo-nazi. And yet y’all think Russia is destroying the country? LMAO

                  • iGleaux

                    Hilary won popular vote, electoral college is why we have Trump.

              • Confuse

                1) Obama? What did Obama do? Serious question. Obviously I’m ignorant in this matter.

                2) Why Trump is not on the list?

                3) Why other republicans are not in the list?

                I’m not trying to make this as Democrats vs Republican agenda but I seriously confuse why you put Obama in your list and you dont have the #2 & #3 on the list. Is there any reasons?

                It is a genuine questions so I hope you can answer it.

                • hasawa

                  Did you actually read my first answer? I did NOT made the list!
                  I just added the French personalities.
                  I couldn’t care less about Americans being bothered of seeing more Democrats incriminated than Republicans. (Imo both sides are equally corrupted) It’s not about politics, it’s about spreading awareness about the reality of pedophile rings inside power circles regardless of any artisan narrative.

          • Cryptomystic

            You notice the guy who is accused by 17 women of assault and a 13 year old of rape isn’t even on your list, Trump.

            And lets not even put Roy Moore on your list Russian troll.

          • vorpax

            Stop spreading misinformation.

            • hasawa

              Truth hurts.

              • Cryptomystic

                The truth?

                You are a TROLL you piece of sh1t.

                Accusing innocent people of child molestation. Please go FVCK yourself.

              • Jeffrey Mejia

                late reply, hey you Trumpanzee, you left out your god-king Dump!

          • yamakita

            I do love the fact that Bryan Singer is mentioned twice.

        • Keny

          I dont know if there was more in japan but in hollywood , abusers and pedophiles get busted left and right lately.

    • Sakura94

      can’t they just make him draw mangas as punishment for his crimes ? , like how their is those who write novels in jail , can’t he draw mangas ? .. off course his crime is unacceptable but he does have talent and I don’t want to see it go to waste , he should make up for his crime by drawing more mangas and continue the sequel

      • hasawa

        Pedos should not have special treatment bc they happen to be artists.
        Kenshin being discontinued won’t affect anyone’s life, which is not the case of countless children being abused whose innocence has forever been stolen.
        This narrative reminds me of these pigs defending Polanski bc he was a “talented” producer even tho he sodomized a 13 y.o girls…

      • Guest

        Wtf??? No! That isnt even a punishment and there are plenty of people who can draw manga, he needs to be locked away and punished! Are you really putting a manga over children who were traumatized for life in the making of these disgusting videos? I sometimes cant believe people…

      • What the fuck are you even on about
        No you dont get to do what you love for being a child molester. You go to jail and thats already the lightest punishment to be perfectly honest . Ppl like this deserve to get castrated

      • light

        Drawing mangas as punishment? Are you serious….?

      • TakeThat

        If this your only concern you have some serious problems…. this piece of shit purchased CP, knowing children have been abused and you only care for his shitty manga??

      • Midori

        Listen…I loved Rurouni Kenshin. I collected all the manga, artbooks and a bunch of other merchandise, which I’ve already packed away and it will either rot in my attic or I’ll burn it. This man is a PEDOPHILE. He gets off on little girls getting RAPED. Think about THAT and stop worrying about “his talent going to waste”. Like wtf…

        • Sell it. And then donate the money to charity. That’s what I’m gonna do.

          • Midori

            Ah, that’s a good idea!

            • who would buy your stuff tho? since the mangaka’s image is tarnished.
              i say, go burn it.

              • Midori

                Yeah, I thought about that too. xd And to be honest, I don’t even WANT anybody else to find enjoyment in his works and then maybe start supporting him, because they don’t know what a horrible person he is.

                • True but you bought it fair and square the first time and the money won’t be going back to him if you sell it. Even if the mangaka’s image is tarnished there are still people who love (gag) his work. Use them and get their money. I mean, they would be the only people to buy it.

              • iGleaux

                The demonic idiots defending him.

        • Jeffrey Mejia

          late reply, wow what a drama queen. how did you even know he was watching girls getting raped eh? what if they were just in the nude? do you have omniscient shinigami-eyesight? tsk tsk tsk

          • Midori

            What if they were just nude? Oh, you’re right, that’s not so bad! I mean, a grown ass man jerking off while watching little naked girls. Ah, not so bad, right? No big deal, right? In the end female bodies only exist so that men can get their dicks wet.

            Do you think you’re smart? Does it feel good playing devil’s advocate? Let me tell you something, Jeffrey: you’re not smart, you’re not edgy, you’re just a horrible man, who defends another horrible man. How about you sit done and ask yourself why the hell you’re defending a fucking pedophile?!

            • Jeffrey Mejia

              Exactly because I am a human male, same as him, and you know, pals before gals.

              Hah, how presumptuous, you know nothing at all about me or Nobuhiro Watsuki personally and you even have the gall to condemn us as horrible human beings?

              Do you even know anything at all about contemporary Japanese society and culture?

              For the longest time, human nudity was a fact of life for them, and porn featuring nude humans is merely and simply perfectly de rigeur and par for the course for them.

              This naturalist attitude extended also to sexual intercourse such that they view it simply as another fact of life that they lack whatever right-wing religious or left-wing feminist guilt and/or shame about it.

              Because of this they also have traditionally no hard and fast age of sexual consent and only set it at 13 in the 1980s because Western Whingers like yourself badgered them about it.

              Even today, even though on paper, prefectures across Japan set additional restrictions so that sex with anyone below 16-18 is technically a crime, actual practice is that the authorities usually ignore unless someone complains about it.

              In other words, if there’s no actual “victim” who comes forward, they won’t prosecute it.

              What you call “child” porn and prostitution — which is mostly of the vanilla variety anyway, Hugh Hefner Playboy-style — was perfectly legal — because it was accepted in their own society — until 1998, again because of you Western Whingers, and when they criminalized it, they only criminalized commercial production and not personal possession.

              Even today, there is still a perfectly legal “Junior Idol” softcore porn industry popular in Japan — the original “child” porn industry that used to feature HH PB-style nudes as a standard — that now features the same young girls instead in skimpy clothing in the style of lads mags (FHM, Maxim, Details, etc) in your own Western countries, and where the most popular girls go on to become full-fledged celebrities in their own native entertainment industry, such as Saaya Irie and Ai Shinozaki to name a couple .

              Japan only criminalized personal possession of such material in 2014 because Japan won the hosting rights to the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo and being extremely always image-conscious in public, they didn’t want the usual grief from you Western Whingers.

              The fact that the laws were changed only due almost entirely to outside pressure, not due to inside pressure at all, shows that their own society still really has no problem with it at all, and that it only pays lip service for show to you Western Whingers.

              Considering this, how can anyone condemn at all this man for doing something that was still perfectly acceptable, if not technically legal, in his own country eh?

              To use a thought example, what if the USA suddenly overnight outlawed all porn of anyone below 21 in order to appease, say, the Muslims and/or the feminists. And a popular comic artist in the USA got busted for possessing copies of simple nudie mags (not even any actual sexual intercourse) like Playboy/Penthouse? Because this is exactly what happened to this man.

              If there is no victim, there should be no crime, and of course there is no criminal, and if you are not a criminal, what basis do you have for considering someone as horrible eh?

              And how can there be victims in this specific instance, when human nudity and human sexuality are considered facts of life in Japan, such that they have their own native “porn” industries with young girls, equivalent to your own porn industries in your own countries.

              Would you consider the girls who star in Playboy etc. to be victims? Because Japanese society consider the girls who feature in the material for which this man was arrested in the same way that your own country the USA considers the girls who star in Playboy etc. NOT VICTIMS.

      • Orenji

        No. You are too old to be this stupid.

      • 6+ other people already told you off but since I’m angry….Are you stupid???

      • Tea T

        Wth?? Are you serious!?!?!? This outrages me so much! Can’t believe you wrote that comment, disgusting.

      • Shinra-Electric

        If your daughter was one of the victims would you be happy if he got to draw some manga as a punishment? GET A FUCKING GRIP!

      • Jasmine Maris

        Get your disgusting self outta here you troll.

    • hasawa

      I have absolutely no word about ppl having the guts to defend this guy. Even from the French website where I’ve read this new first ppl were comparing addiction to kiddie porn to drug, like…. ?????? Drug addicts are the sole victims of their addiction while children are victims of disgusting pigs!! And don’t even get me started about those comparing this to homosexuality… pressing me to remind to them that kids could NOT CONSENT…. Like how in the world do I have to remind people in 2017 that pedophilia is not “a sexuality like any other” and that it is intrinsically predatory???
      I swear to God, the reactions of pedos apologists are almost as scary as the new itself…

      • Dalooshe

        I’m just as disgusted by those apologists as you are, and imagine this is people hiding behind anonymous names. I can’t believe how terrible this earth we live on is becoming- or more like exposing what and who we’ve been living with and somehow still come out alive.

        When I first read the news at MK, my heart was torn for the young victims (and all children) in the videos this lowlife paid for.

      • Well this is what happens when society wants to be PC and accept everyone and their differences.

        • lovehello

          What an ugly, compliant thing to say. This has nothing to do with a PC society. When pedophiles started to claim that they were a “sexuality” and therefore a part of the LGBT+ community, that was gross people trying to claim to be the victims. That is a tactic abusers use to get people on their side and we vehemently denied and rejected that they were a part of our community. No one but pedophiles and their apologists think they merely have an “addiction” or are part of the LGBT+ community. Quit being willfully ignorant; you’re going to give me a hernia

          • I didn’t say I agreed, but look at the way things are going.

            • Ashley (not really Ashley)

              Uhhh no one is trying to make pedophilia acceptable except for pedophiles lmfao we’re trying to give social and political rights to those who deserve it, stop twisting things

              • But how is this any different to what LGBT people did before? At first that was an illness and now it’s accepted and promoted. It’s a very slippery slope and it can already be seen that things are going in that direction.

                • Missa

                  Except it really can’t? Because your average person, who doesn’t spend their life sucked into the hellhole that certain portions of tumblr have become, still has the common sense to recognize that the right for consenting adults to fuck whoever they want and not be vilified for it is a lightyear away from the right for an adult to abuse a child. Pedophilia is still viewed as one of the worst crimes in existence and that’s not going to change just because a bunch of pedophiles and apologists get together and start screaming in a few corners of the internet.

                  “Slippery slope” is a logical fallacy for a reason, and the “overly PC culture” only exists in the minds of assholes who hate that they can’t get away with being discriminatory at their leisure anymore.

                  • This literally sounds like people who said that LGBT people shouldn’t be accepted because they will indoctrinate children and destroy the family decades ago. Hell, there are still people who say this. Kevin Spacey was brought up by some to prove their point.

                    • Missa

                      Sure. If you strip all context from the conversation and ignore the part where one of these things involves the LITERAL RAPE OF CHILDREN rather than fear-mongering hypothetical scenarios that had no substantial evidence to back them up, you can definitely see it like that.

                      Honestly, Ronald. What the fuck.

                • “But how is this any different to what LGBT people did before? At first that was an illness and now it’s accepted and promoted. ”
                  Huh…? It was those who OPPOSED LGBT who talked about illness. When has a LGBT person say otherwise? Certainly not today.
                  Also, LGBT immediately OPPOSED and ousted pedos in their community in the 70s. There was no “slope” even back then.

                  • What I’m saying that LGBT people were seen as sexual deviants before, the same as pedophiles now. With the way people are being more open to things and the way that pedophiles are trying to get their way, who is say that pedophilia won’t be accepted in the future?

                    • WorldGN18

                      I think I’m actually one of the few people that actually gets what you are saying, people trying to sound all cool and open minded are usually the ones that don’t see things beyond their reality

                • Pastel Wolf

                  Are you seriously that stupid? Did you even read the comment you replied to? Homosexuality is NOTHING like pedophilia because KIDS CAN’T CONSENT!!! It’s like comparing doctors who perform assisted suicide to serial killers fml you are stupid

            • Khooni

              I want to have faith in the people running this site but this thread is making it very difficult. One contributor/author compares the LGBT movement, a human rights issue, to apologists of pedophilia, an actual crime. Another defiantly puts Obama and the Clintons on a list of outed predators without bothering to fact-check or put up any reliable source.

              What’s wrong with you guys? Maybe deep down you are wonderful people but all your comments are bizarre and revolting.

        • pooperscooper

          Hell no it is not LOL you can get the hell out of here with that asspull of a statement. This is coming from a terrible culture of people being unwilling to accept that their “nostalgia” can be somewhat soiled and being unable to accept that they were/are putting money in the pocket of scummy bastards like Watsuki. Even with the news of Kevin Spacey hitting the media as well as older, famous cases of celebrities engaging in pedophilia (classic example would be R. Kelly all the way back from the early 00’s to even now with rumors of him being the leader of an underaged sex cult), there are still people who defend them solely because they’re fans of their works and because they’re afraid to face the fact that they’ve been financially supporting these people.

          Jesus fucking Christ, I know PC culture has been ridiculous once in a while lately on the internet, but trying to blame PC culture, which exists to address political and social issues (which pedophilia would clearly be underneath if you knew how to put 2 and 2 together), for pedophilia apologists or supporters clearly shows you know nothing about the very concept you’re trying to condemn. Better yet, I’ll do you a favor of leaving this website and blacklisting it from my browser if a contributor like you is going to say some stupid shit like that above.

          • This has nothing to do with being a fan.

        • nocci56

          you’re fucking stupid and disgusting lol

      • Midori

        Not surprised. I mean, just a few days ago a French jury acquitted a man of rape after he forcibly impregnated a then 11-year-old black girl, agreeing with the defense’s argument that the girl had consented (http://afropunk.com/2017/11/11-year-old-black-french-girl-impregnated-22-year-old-man-jury-says-consenting/) and also a while ago, France held a festival for Woody Allen. So France seems to love pedos.

        • hasawa

          My French ass approve this statement.
          France elites are very fond of its pedos :
          – people defended Frédéric Mitterrand who admitted in a book that he went to East Asia for sexual tourism and had sex with very young boys
          – people defended Polanski saying he was too talented to be punished and that story was “long ago”
          _ Gabriel Matzneff made a whole propaganda in favor of pedophilia in his books and even admitted having sex with very young boys and girls (between 12 and 16 y.o) and some journalists STILL DEFENDED HIM
          – Daniel Coen Bandit (politician) said that “having a 5 y.o undressing you was incredible”

          The story you mentionned made quite a big fuss here. The population was quite shocked… But the French justice is corrupted to the bone and doesn’t match with the actual popular opinion. It helps covering pedophiles and freemasons since decades now, so I’m not surprised. A Minister is trying to lower the age of consent to 13 y.o atm…. (as if there wasn’t more important issue in the country.) The pedophile agenda is real.

          • Is being a pedophile is not a crime at France? :O

            • hasawa

              lol It is ….unless you’re a freemason, a politic, or an “intellectual”
              Hell! Our new president Macron started dating his now wife at 14 while she was 39(!!!!) and during all the election campaign medias were trying to pass their romance as progressive… fuckin pigs~

              • Leave her whole family for a 14 years old boy? I try to understand how can this happened but I couldn’t. OTL

                • hasawa

                  Lol Macron have no “complicated past” : he’s from a privileged social background, former bankster at Rotchild and is now destroying the country destroying labor laws abd shit lel. He’s one of the most unpopular president of France. The fact he’s the youngest is just a cosmetic argument medias have shoved down everyone’s throat to pass him as modern and progressive while he’s just a puppet of European elites.

                  • What I mean by complicated past is ‘complicated love life’. ^^’

                    Not many people fall in love with their teacher, the said teacher leave her family for him, opposition of the relationship from the parents, separation, being 25 years younger and etc..

                • yamakita

                  The jury is out on whether he will be a _good_ president. Being the youngest doesn’t mean you will be effective. In fact, probably quite the opposite.

                  • No doubt about that. But the fact that someone that young could be a president of a country is an achievement itself.

                    I dont know him and I only google his name when hasawa mentioned him. So I’m in no way like or support him. ^^’

          • girlymatsu

            This is so fucked up. Point 4 being the most pukeworthy ewww, that quote ugh. Fuck these pedos and their defenders

      • Pastel Wolf

        pedo apologism has become sooo popular recently. Just TRY and criticize even fictional works, like Made in Abyss and people will be all on your talking about how you are close minded. I honestly can’t comprehend it.

    • Midori

      I’ve no words. I’m just deeply shocked and disturbed; I know I shouldn’t be with all the things that have been going on since a few weeks, but…already packed away all my Rurouni Kenshin manga, because I can’t even look at them anymore without feeling sick and angry that I ever gave this piece of shit my money.
      Lock him up and throw away the key!!! I never want to see him or any of his artwok ever again!!!

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        time for manga bonfire

    • Still striving for relevancy..

      so shocked :(

    • SlyMoonFox

      Every rapist/pedo/criminal regrets their action when they get caught. No sympathy for people like him I hope he rots.

      • sarah

        ” I”m so sorry.. ( that I got caught, cause now I gotta fucking act like i’m disgusted in myself when really i’m mad I got caught and have to act like I am.)”

        Those apologize are not even worth shit on the floor.

    • eplizo

      I was shocked when I heard this yesterday, but I’m still also somewhat unsurprised? Idk. Either way, I hope he rots.

    • Ichiberry

      Fuck :/

    • I have been raging about this all night and all day. I can’t believe people are actually trying to defend him. I’m even mad at people saying “I’ll separate the work from the creator”. I’m just ANGRY.

      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        Me too but nothing upset me more as what I read in the Anime News Network forum about this scandal. There were legit people trying to equate this to having a sexual preference. It’s like someone wrote on there: then people wonder why people look at anime fans strangely and think they might have serious issues? It makes anime fans look bad when you have some sick fucks like the person above and his supporters trying to defend his ArT !1!1!. Kinda makes me wonder sometimes if it true that anime can potentially sometimes attracts weirdos and people with serious serious issues in the fanbase/audience.

        • Omg, that forum, I read it too. I almost threw up.
          Art is not worth any child’s livelihood and well-being.

          • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

            No it is not. Children are very innocent and sometimes too trusting. For someone to DELIBERATELY break that trust and hurt a child. There are literally no words. The trauma that the child endures changes them forever and follows them forever. I can’t…This is exactly why I refuse to have children because I refuse to bring an innocent being into this ugly ass world.

            • Same. I would rather adopt children so I can provide a safe home and family for them.

              • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

                Awww how nice of you ^^<3. It's all about being vigilant. I know people say it is bad to be a smothering parent (and it can be true sometimes) but honestly it is better to be safe than sorry. Parents need to be HAWKS when it comes to their kids.

      • I’m with you on that. You just CAN’T separate it.
        Just think, the fans who loved his work and believed he wouldn’t do something so disgusting — the money they used to buy his products went into his pocket that could have — ugh, I don’t even want to think about.

    • Liokt

      Man… This man came to my country once, was devoted like a God… We sang “1/3 Junjou na Kanjou” for him… I feel bad, really bad. Very sad and disappointed. “Rurouni Kenshin” was one of my favorite anime/manga in all time, I was so proud of saying it to everyone. I’m honestly shocked and somehow betrayed.

      • chocoapples

        Well, you know. Rurouni Kenshin treats women and kids with respect and was (and still is) a healthy series because it has an editor who helped Watsuki with characterizations and story development to some extent. Watsuki himself, on the other hand, doesn’t have an editor for his own life.

        It breaks my heart (and I’m still rather can’t fully accept it) to think that, all the money I spent on buying Rurouni Kenshin comic releases (and merchandises etc.) might play a part in maintaining child pornography black market because Watsuki is one of the consumer.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Damn. Sad for the children, sad for the people who had a lot of memories and investment in this guy’s work. :/

    • sarah

      People are actually defending this shit like ” Well he wasn’t doing it for real.” FUCK YOU, FUCK YOURSELF WITH A JAGED GLASS DILDO SOFTLY.

      You know you can love the work, but don’t fucking deny the fact it’s wrong and try and justify this shit. You give someone an inch they will want a mile. The second we allow people who possess these things get a ” Well you weren’t hurting anyone.” is the day that they’ll think ” How far can I take this?”

      It fucking sucks, but fuck him throw the book with glass from the jagged dildo.

      • Sakura94

        woow sarah , chill .. you making yourself look like joke .

        anyway that guy got catch and got what he deserve so SHUT THE FUCK UP and sit down .

        • pooperscooper

          I love how you try to tell Sarah to chill, but then proceed to behave in the same manner as Sarah. You can’t try and call someone else a joke while you’re looking like a fool yourself.

        • sarah

          Nah, man I don’t chill when it comes to disgusting pedo’s. Why don’t you get off your ass and run around the block you fucking joke. Don’t sit on your ass telling me how I should feel about something.

          Sakura ( your name is a joke) 94 chill out.

          • Jeffrey Mejia

            Late reply, but are you aware that possession of child porn legal in Japan until 2014 and they only cracked down on it because of Western whiners like you? hahaha, what do you have to say about that eh?

    • Sakura94

      why do people think children can’t give consent ? I remember girl who was 14 selling her virginity to feed her family , off course those who buy her would be considered as pedophilia but doesn’t that girl consent to it cuz she accept the money or made the offer ? .. also some countries have consent age in 14-16 rang of age , so not everyone have 18 years as age of consent .

      • pooperscooper

        Countries may have consent ages lower than 18, but that doesn’t mean people are flying off the handle, telling teens to “be free and go have sex since you’re of age now.” Neither does it mean every single 14-16 year old are just going to all of a sudden start having sex solely because they’re of legal age. Sex should still be treated as a responsibility. But it goes to show just how lackadaisical you might treat sex though if you’re trying to argue that it’s fine that a kid can consent by using the anecdote of a 14 year old selling her virginity to provide financial aid to her family, which even still raises flags.

        Such as, is she aware of STDs/STIs and would she even be able to afford treatment if she contacted one? Oh or better yet, if she ends up pregnant, what would happen to the baby? Or if we really wanna get technical, is 14 even the age of consent within her own home country? Because it doesn’t matter if consent age is 14-16 if they can’t even financially support themselves before the age of 18 and most ppl are smart enough to know that for themselves to wait until they reach 18 to have some kind of monetary support in case something happens to them.

      • hasawa

        Kids can’t :
        – drive
        – vote
        – work
        – drink alcohol
        – hold any administrative responsability

        …but somehow should be expected to have consent regarding sex?

        • Jeffrey Mejia

          Are you aware of the ages of consent in the world, even and especially in your own allegedly-native France?!

          • hasawa

            Yes am I. But the real question is: WHY ARE YALL SO PRESSED FOR KIDS TO HAVE SEX?? I stg yall fucking disgusting.

            • Jeffrey Mejia

              Are you aware that the kids in your own country are already extremely sexually active and sexually objectifying each other right now, even as we speak, figuratively speaking, absolutely regardless of whatever opinions, either for or against or neutral, you and I may have about it? In the final analysis, our views on the matter, whatever they are, are ultimately and inevitably irrelevant and inconsequential. Humans are after all warm-blooded mammals, so they’re going to do it like in the shows on the nature channels. Especially the young. In which case, one might as well accept the reality of the facts on the ground for what they are and not what one would like to believe them otherwise to be eh?

      • Sarina

        Even if a grown woman was in that position, that still wouldn’t count as true consent anyway because it’s a life-or-death situation. Although it’s not acknowledged as such in countries without the Nordic Model approach to prostitution, they’re basically cornered into making that decision.

      • Pastel Wolf

        hoooly fuck die

      • TakeThat

        “the 47-year-old Watsuki (whose birth name is Nobuhiro Nishiwaki) had purchased videos featuring naked 15-year-old or younger girls (the Japanese term used in the report is juudai zenhan, which can refer to any age between 10 and 15)” Source:https://en.rocketnews24.com/2017/11/22/creator-of-rurouni-kenshin-anime-manga-admits-to-possession-of-child-pornography/

        Your filthy mangaka fapped to real underage girls who were naked. Ever heard of junior idols? Look it up, these pictures are straight CP and everyone who is supporting this shit should be put in jail. Those poor girls are abused and can’t consent. They’re sold by their parents.

        • Jeffrey Mejia

          Late reply, but Junior Idols are 100% legal in Japan right now. What do you have to say about that eh? And the girls are supposedly abused and can’t consent? Are you even aware that this is how Japanese female celebrities like Saaya Irie and Ai Shinozaki started out?!

    • Shinra-Electric

      Nonces should be strung up. There’s really no other discussion regarding them that’s valid.

    • Jurippe

      Holy shit. Full Stop.

    • MoocowPoorchick

      Let’s see how much money it’ll cost him to buy his way out of this or how fast the japanese public is willing to look past this, because they dig the manga. I’m so sick of people like that.

    • haha

      Oh man, I’m speechless. This will always be at the back of my mind whenever I read/watch Rurouni Kenshin now….

    • Passerby

      I was a fan of his work and no one can replace all the fond memories that the series provided my childhood. Upon learning about this, I am totally appalled. As someone who went through molestation as a child, this is deeply disgusting. Those memories from RRK will be what it is…a memory. I won’t see it the same ever again and will never see it as positive. I will stop supporting his works and completely abandon the series.

      On another note, I was disturbed with Kaoru and Kenshin’s age gap before. Kaoru was 16 and Kenshin was 29. This makes me even more disgusted it now.

      • Jeffrey Mejia

        late reply, but even in modern Japan today, the marriageable age for Japanese girls to any guy is 16! What do you say about that eh?

    • Alba Urbano

      i don’t know what shocks me the most, this disgusting thing about the creator of a very good manga or the comments made by the contributors of this website smh

    • WorldGN18

      I’m not a fan but people should indeed separate the author from his work, I think that people been all like “let’s go burn all his manga” are being a little extreme, plus is not like he was making child pornography, he was a consumer, pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder so I hope that he actually feels disgusted with himself and go seek professional help.