Rino Sashihara Wins AKB48’s Senbatsu Election for the Second Year in a Row

Earlier today, AKB48 held its 8th Senbatsu Election at HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata in Niigata City. Rino Sashihara of HKT48’s Team H won with 243,011 votes. She retained the top spot from last year and bested her vote total from last year, 194,049 votes.

See the full results below!


1. Rino Sashihara (HKT48 Team H) – 243,011 votes


2. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 Team B) – 175,613 votes

3. Jurina Matsui (SKE48 Team S) – 112,341 votes

4. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 Team N) – 110,411 votes

5. Yui Kashiwagi (AKB48 Team B & NGT48 Team NIII) – 92,110 votes

6. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 Team KIV & AKB48 Team A) – 78,279 votes

7. Akari Suda (SKE48 Team E) – 69,159 votes

8. Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48 Team A) – 68,126 votes

9. Haruka Kodama (HKT48 Team H & AKB48 Team K) – 60,591 votes

10. Tomu Mutou (AKB48 Team K) – 58,624 votes

11. Yui Yokoyama (AKB48 Team A) – 58,610 votes

12. Rie Kitahara (NGT48 Team NIII) – 50,190 votes

13. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48 Team K) – 47,094 votes

14. Nana Okada (AKB48 Team 4) – 43,318 votes

15. Juri Takahashi (AKB48 Team 4) – 40,648 votes

16. Haruna Kojima as Nyannyan Kamen – 40,071 votes

Under Girls

17. Minami Minegishi (AKB48 Team K) – 40,011 votes

18. Anna Iriyama (AKB48 Team A) – 36,894 votes

19. Mako Kojima (AKB48 Team 4) – 33,524 votes

20. Akane Takayanagi (SKE48 Team KII) – 33,176 votes

21. Haruka Komiyama (AKB48 Team 4) – 32,886 votes

22. Mina Oba (SKE48 Team KII) – 32,118 votes

23. Mio Tomonaga (HKT48 Team KIV & AKB48 Team 4) – 31,314 votes

24. Miru Shiroma (NMB48 Team M & AKB48 Team A) – 29,983 votes

25. Ayake Okita (NMB48 Team N) – 29,517 votes

26. Rena Kato (AKB48 Team B) – 29,333 votes

27. Saya Kawamoto (AKB48 Team 4) – 29,213 votes

28. Nako Yabuki (HKT48 Team H & AKB48 Team B) – 28,706 votes

29. Nao Furuhata (SKE48 Team KII) – 28,553 votes

30. Sarina Soda (SKE48 Team KII) – 28,369 votes

31. Saki Takeuchi (SKE48 Team KII) – 28,282 votes

32. Ryoka Oshima (AKB48 Team B) – 28,260 votes

Next Girls

33. Fuuko Yagura (NMB48 Team N) – 27,487 votes

34. Narumi Kuranoo (AKB48 Team B) – 26,152 votes

35. Yuna Ego (SKE48 Team KII) – 25,963 votes

36. Aoi Motomura (HKT48 Team KIV) – 25,613 votes

37. Yuria Kizaki (AKB48 Team B) – 25,039 votes

38. Yukari Sasaki (AKB48 Team A) – 24,059 votes

39. Shuu Yabushita (NMB48 Team BII) – 23,251 votes

40. Mai Fuchigami (HKT48 Team KIV) – 22,995 votes

41. Reina Fujie (NMB48 Team M) – 22,429 votes

42. Asuka Tomiyoshi (HKT48 Team KIV) – 21,881 votes

43. Meru Tashima (HKT48 Team H) – 21,864 votes

44. Ririka Suto (NMB48 Team N) – 21,559 votes

45. Miku Tanaka (HKT48 Team H) – 21,009 votes

46. Natsumi Matsuoka (HKT48 Team H) – 20,980 votes

47. Shinobu Mogi (AKB48 Team K) – 20,913 votes

48. Yuriya Inoue (HKT48 Team H) – 20,643 votes

Future Girls

49. Haruka Futamura (SKE48 Team S) – 20,618 votes

50. Madoka Moriyasu (HKT48 Team KIV) – 20,228 votes

51. Saho Iwatate (AKB48 Team 4) – 20,021 votes

52. Yuuri Ota (NMB48 Team N) – 19,534 votes

53. Yui Koujina (HKT48 Team H) – 19,377 votes

54. Mai Takeuchi (SKE48 Team S) -19,326 votes

55. Marika Tani Marika (SKE48 Team E) – 19,274 votes

56. Nagisa Shibuya (NMB48 Team BII & AKB48 Team 4) – 19,140 votes

57. Ayaka Okada (AKB48 Team 4) – 18,524 votes

58. Nao Ueki (HKT48 Team KIV) – 17,898 votes

59. Riko Sakaguchi (HKT48 Team H) – 16,839 votes

60. Hiroka Komada (HKT48 Team H) – 16,691 votes

61. Miki Nishino (AKB48 Team 4) – 16,548 votes

62. Nana Owada (AKB48 Team A) – 16,246 votes

63. Mei Sakai (SKE48 Team E) – 15,994 votes

64. Ryoha Kitagawa (SKE48 Team S & AKB48 Team 4) – 15,793 votes

Upcoming Girls

65. Ami Miyamae (SKE48 Team S) – 15,716 votes

66. Rika Kishino (NMB48 Team N) – 15,697 votes

67. Haruka Kumazaki (SKE48 Team E) – 15,600 votes

68. Kanon Kimoto (SKE48 Team E) – 15,057 votes

69. Megu Taniguchi (AKB48 Team A) – 14,950 votes

70. Nagisa Sakaguchi (AKB48 Team 8 & AKB48 Team B) – 14,913 votes

71. Suzuran Yamauchi (SKE48 Team S) – 14,550 votes

72. Yuka Akiyoshi (HKT48 Team H) – 14,544 votes

73. Miyuu Omori (AKB48 Team 4) – 14,177 votes

74. Natsuki Kamata (SKE48 Team E) – 13,882 votes

75. Sumire Sato (SKE48 Team E) – 13,657 votes

76. Minami Kato (NGT48 Team NIII) – 13,571 votes

77. Akari Yoshida (NMB48 Team N) – 13,512 votes

78. Miho Miyazaki (AKB48 Team A) – 13,366 votes

79. Yuzuki Hidaka (SKE48 Team KII) – 13,204 votes

80. Anna Mirashige (HKT48 Team KIV) – 13,058 votes

  • Comments

    • surfboardt

      Pleasantly surprised at the increased presence of newer AKB48 members in the senbatsu tbh (As opposed to senbatsu taken over by sister groups after the old gen members graduated).

      Even though I don’t actively follow AKB48/48G anymore, it’s good to see that Haruppi finally made it in senbatsu.

      • K.Y.

        And Murashige* Anna.

    • starkkid

      175k votes wasnt enough to crown the true queen ;__; i feel like it’s never enough

    • failedbackflip

      Sasshi is unbeatable

    • i’m quite sure that the Japanese think “being everywhere and being popular” is a valuable quality of an idol. they are mixing up the idol culture with stardom. this is what happens when your group goes national and the hype kicks in for certain members.

      real idols with real idol qualities in the AKB senbatsu:
      2. Mayu Watanabe (AKB48 Team B) – 175,613 votes – hyped
      4. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 Team N) – 110,411 votes – hyped
      5. Yui Kashiwagi (AKB48 Team B & NGT48 Team NIII) – 92,110 votes – hyped
      6. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48 Team KIV & AKB48 Team A) – 78,279 votes – hyped
      7. Akari Suda (SKE48 Team E) – 69,159 votes
      9. Haruka Kodama (HKT48 Team H & AKB48 Team K) – 60,591 votes
      11. Yui Yokoyama (AKB48 Team A) – 58,610 votes
      12. Rie Kitahara (NGT48 Team NIII) – 50,190 votes
      13. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48 Team K) – 47,094 votes
      14. Nana Okada (AKB48 Team 4) – 43,318 votes
      15. Juri Takahashi (AKB48 Team 4) – 40,648 votes

      • toak

        lol what is this. are you an orthodox idol fan who can’t deal with members having personalities?

        • Hermione48fan

          lol I know you are defending Sasshi, but all these members have their own personality and character, they are not puppets, so don´t bash them.

          • toak

            I agree, but they mostly fit a specific character ideal, and it’s sad that someone gets so into this idol idea that anyone who’s not a perfect pretty doll is not worth anything

            • Hermione48fan

              I don´t agree with the op, but even tough I like Sasshi and I know her qualities, in my opinion. I just don´t understand how she became so huge even with her huge scandal and other members who had less important scandals take a huge drop in their popularity. Is just weird. There is probably something I´m missing and if wotas don´t care anymore about scandals, then they shouldn´t freak out if other members like Aanya or others get caught with a man, because the most popular girl had a scandal. And then in the documentaries they must not talk about love ban anymore as before. In the end, the whole thing is pointless. So why talk about it. So when other member is caught in a scandal and male wotas make a huge reaction against her or go to their handshakes and call her names, I find it a bit hypocrite because then top members get away with it. I don´t agree with these type of behaviour some male wotas have with the girls.

              • toak

                They’re not the same fans. Fans are different. If you’re a fan of a typical orthodox idol then you probably care more about the conservative ‘rules’ of idoldom. If you’re a fan of Sasshi then you’re a fan of her for her personality and entertainer skills and atypical qualities. She’s also gained lots more fans who don’t care about idol rules through her years in mainstream TV.

              • aaa

                She has the personality that general public like. She’s not Wota’s type but general pubic’s type. Girl next door, easy going, funny but not stupid, can be funny but professional way. I watch her work with subtitle and I admit that she’s very very good at it. She gets some love from Johnny Wota too. I had seen Jani-Wota bought CDs to vote for Sasshi.
                If you understand Japanese, or somebody make a clear subtitle to you. You’ll understand why general public love her so much. Understand their native language or reach more Japanese variety show is the best way to judge the idol.
                I’m not her fan but I watch some translation and I really like her compare to other AKB girls.
                Sasshi is one of the very few members who’re popular without 48G name. AKS need to rely her a lot in order to keep sponsors.
                Orthodox idol is only work for Wota. General public has different taste. They’re not super crazy with pure-innocent. Sasshi’s not that type and she proves to be hard-working, not perfect but still professional. Her variety skill is not the idol level anymore.The truly successful is not to aim Wota’s heart, but general public’s heart. General public is the group of people who can judge the future of that idol’s true success.

                • Hermione48fan

                  I understand that, but there are other AKB girls who have the same qualities as Sasshi, I guess it has to do with the appeal and luck too, because some of them get super popular and others don´t get super popular. Is just like this.

                • O

                  Wotas do like her, though. That’s why she wins. She’s one of them.

        • i don’t know what you are talking about.
          it makes no sense, i like Noepii.

          i like all kinds of young idols who are genuinely enjoying being an idol and it’s not just a side-job for them among other things.


          • toak

            Sasshi is a hardcore idol fan at heart, not sure what you’re on about. Just because she’s got many jobs doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy the idol part. If anything the person who voices most desire to get away from that is Sayanee, who’s on your list. And how exactly is it a side job for Jurina?

            • i have a “who has idol qualities” list there not a “who doesn’t have side-jobs” one.

    • lwavesurfer

      It’s getting more predictable now.

      • K.Y.

        Next year won’t be predictable at all. Most senbatsu members won’t participate.

        • lwavesurfer

          I really hope so. Senbatsu has been boring with the same winner for two years.

    • tyuu

      i think it’s amazing someone as hideous as sasshi with a scandal that would normally shatter an idol’s career can win and by such a large margin

      get money

      • Rey

        I don’t think her situation has improved the idol landscape at all (Morning Musume’s most talented singer still gets bashed for being “ugly” and is towards the latter half of the popularity scale) but it’s nice to witness an anomaly like this lol.


      • mayshae

        i won’t call her hideous because she looks like my 47 year old auntie. can’t imagine my 47 year old auntie whose husband called the police on her after she tried to strangle him getting 200,000 votes.

    • sasshi

      cackling at yukirin having the biggest vote drop in history – 70,000!

    • james

      nobody care.

      • 阿部ちゃんの妻です😘

        true haha

    • How is it predictable that Sasshi won this year when this is the first time this happened?!
      Not even an AKB fan, just had to ask this because that’s…….idk…..dumb.

      • a

        ummmmm my girl…. this is the third time she’s won. 2013, 2015 and this year, 2016.

        • toak

          She may mean just that- no one’s won three times, or twice in a row, before.

          • merahbata

            for twice in a row, Ve from JKT48 already did this. Ve is the first one in 48G who win twice in a row.

            • 阿部ちゃんの妻です😘

              the level of votes are different lmao. not to mention the jkt48 votes are cheap dirt lolll

              • merahbata

                I’m not talking about the ‘vote quality’ but about said the right fact in 48G history. But yeah, sometimes I was wondering why does JKT48 stay loyal as the legal sister of AKB48 when a lot of AKB48 fans put no effort to respect them. Even AKS don’t give them the damn original songs. Why don’t they follow the other foreign sister who bravely and ‘ethical questionably’ trying to get their independence. I hope JOT has the ball to take the challenge.

                • Misa

                  I remembered members expressed their wishes to perform UZA and release it as a single. The fans support it too but until this day the chances for UZA by JKT never show up. Indonesia is one of the countries which has very strong ethical morals, so doing questionable concepts will have the media and majority of the Indonesian society lash JKT with bad labels and putting a bad image in them (bc in these 4 years they have and is still going clean in their reputation). Most of the Indonesian society are not ready for things that are ‘extreme’ in their eyes, which is probably one of the reasons why things like Seifuku wa Jama Suru or other darker things wont be accepted by the Indonesian society in a flash bc they’ll see with the mindset, “why are they doing it differently and “wrong”?” This type of society really hates change.

                  So, its not like JOT didnt notice it. Who knows, JOT did have a plan of giving JKT heavier stuff, but they saw the risk being too heavy when it comes to the reception so they dropped it. Hopefully, maybe JOT will let JKT be more free with the concepts they do once their popularity grows stronger.

        • Well, it’s only 3 times.
          And somebody broke the “monotony” in 2014. lol So it’s not completely predictable.

          • 阿部ちゃんの妻です😘

            almost everyone predicted her victory this time thou. like not surprising at all

            • In hindsight, I shouldn’t have commented because I don’t particularly care but Sasshi was on tv a lot last week so I wanted to say something. :|

    • Sakura Harano

      Wasn’t there a rumor at one point that Sasshi had a lot of rich fans from China? Although I think they wouldn’t care because they see all the money coming in.

    • l3012

      And against some of the predictions, my oshimen got #10! Congratulations, Tomu!

    • iGleaux

      I like her so congrats.

    • 阿部ちゃんの妻です😘

      the only one with talent topping ssk in twice a row. congrats for her