Results of the AKB48 41st single elections are out!

Not too long ago, AKB48’s annual Senbatsu Elections finished. Now we at Arama! Japan are here to give you the results of this big event. This year, the event was held at the Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome and 272 girls took part in the event. How popular members like AKB’s Kojiharu and SKE’s Matsui Rena chose not to participate this year.

As with the elctions in recent years. First place determines the center for the next center, with places 1 – 16 being considered part of the Senbatsu line who will be the faces on the cd and promoting the song on television. Those ranked 17 – 32 are the Under Girls, Next Girls are those who ranked 33 – 48, Future Girls are girls who ranked 49 – 64, and finally, those girls who ranked 65 – 80 make up the Upcoming Girls.

The results are in, check them out below!

  1. Sashihara Rino – HKT48 Team H : 194,049 votes

  2. Kashiwagi Yuki – AKB48 TEAM B / NGT48 : 167,183 votes
  3. Watanabe Mayu – AKB48 Team B : 165,789 votes
  4. Takahashi Minami – AKB48 Team A : 137,252 votes
  5. Matsui Jurina – SKE48 Team S / AKB48 Team K : 105,289 votes
  6. Yamamoto Sayaka – NMB48 Team N / AKB48 Team K : 97,866 votes
  7. Miyawaki Sakura – HKT48 Team KIV / AKB48 Team A : 81,422 votes
  8. Miyazawa Sae – SNH48 Team SII / SKE48 Team S : 75,495 votes
  9. Shimazaki Haruka – AKB48 Team A : 73,803 votes
  10. Yokoyama Yui – AKB48 Team A : 63,414 votes
  11. Kitahara Rie – NGT48 : 61,566 votes
  12. Watanabe Miyuki – NMB48 Team BII / AKB48 Team B : 55,715 votes
  13. Matsumura Kaori – SKE48 Team KII : 53,667 votes
  14. Takayanagi Akane – SKE48 Team KII : 52,609 votes
  15. Shibata Aya – SKE48 Team E : 49,199 votes
  16. Muto Tomu – AKB48 Team K : 44,637 votes

  17. Kodama Haruka – HKT48 Team H / AKB48 Team K : 43,985 votes
  18. Suda Akari – SKE48 Team E : 43,665 votes
  19. Minegishi Minami – AKB48 Team K : 35,506 votes
  20. Oya Masana – SKE48 Team S : 30,021 votes
  21. Tomonaga Mio – HKT48 Team KIV / AKB48 Team 4 : 28,197 votes
  22. Kizaki Yuria – AKB48 Team B : 26,994 votes
  23. Tani Marika – SKE48 Team E : 26,051 votes
  24. Furuhata Nao – SKE48 Team KII : 25,650 votes
  25. Takahashi Juri – AKB48 Team 4 : 25,421 votes
  26. Kojima Mako – AKB48 Team 4 : 25,117 votes
  27. Oba Mina – SKE48 Team KII : 24,708 votes
  28. Kato Rena – AKB48 Team B : 24,569 votes
  29. Okada Nana – AKB48 Team 4 : 23,237 votes
  30. Takajo Aki – AKB48 Team K : 22,502 votes
  31. Fuchigami Mai – HKT48 Team KIV : 22,487 votes
  32. Tashima Meru – HKT48 Team H : 22,191 votes

  33. Anai Chihiro – HKT48 Team H : 22,146 votes
  34. Shiroma Miru – NMB48 Team M / AKB48 Team A : 21,577 votes
  35. Fujie Reina – NMB48 Team M : 21,388 votes
  36. Jonishi Kei – NMB48 Team N : 21,135 votes
  37. Sakaguchi Riko – HKT48 Team H : 20,936 votes
  38. Futamura Haruka – SKE48 Team S : 20,590 votes
  39. Uchiyama Natsuki – AKB48 Team B : 20,437 votes
  40. Yagura Fuuko – NMB48 Team M : 20,354 votes
  41. Ota Aika – HKT48 Team KIV : 19,921 votes
  42. Okada Kanna – HKT48 Team KIV : 19,739 votes
  43. Moriyasu Madoka – HKT48 Team KIV : 19,401 votes
  44. Mukaichi Mion – AKB48 Team K : 18,392 votes
  45. Miyamae Ami – SKE48 Team S : 18,245 votes
  46. Kojina Yui – HKT48 Team H : 18,085 votes
  47. Tano Yuuka – AKB48 Team K : 18,048 votes
  48. Kimoto Kanon – SKE48 Team E : 18,021 votes

  49. Sato Sumire – SKE48 Team E : 17,579 votes
  50. Sasaki Yukari – AKB48 Team A : 17,466 votes
  51. Matsuoka Natsumi – HKT48 Team H : 17,387 votes
  52. 52. Goto Risako – SKE48 Team S : 17,330 votes
  53. 3. Isohara Kyoka – SKE48 Team E : 17,278 votes
  54. 54. Kotani Riho – NMB48 Team N : 17,132 votes
  55. 55. Soda Sarina – SKE48 Team KII : 17,071 votes
  56. 56. Umeda Ayaka – NMB48 Team BII : 17,019 votes
  57. 57. Mogi Shinobu – AKB48 Team K : 16,867 votes
  58. 58. Shibuya Nagisa – NMB48 Team BII / AKB47 Team 4 : 16,386 votes
  59. Kato Yuuka – NMB48 Team N : 15,729 votes
  60. Yabishita Shuu – NMB48 Team BII : 15,666 votes
  61. Azuma Rion – SKE48 Team S : 15,539 votes
  62. Kato Rumi – SKE48 Team E : 15,474 votes
  63. Yamauchi Suzuran – SKE48 Team S : 15,157 votes
  64. Yoshida Akari – NMB48 Team N : 14,933 votes

  65. Saito Makiko – SKE48 Team E : 14,916 votes
  66. Kitagawa Ryoha – SKE48 Team S / AKB48 Team 4 : 14,674 votes
  67. Omori Miyuu – AKB48 Team 4 : 14,669 votes
  68. Umemoto Madoka – SKE48 Team E : 14,605 votes
  69. Nagao Mariya – AKB48 Team K : 14,585 votes
  70. Kamada Natsuki – SKE48 Team E : 14,545 votes
  71. Ishida Haruka – AKB48 Team K : 14,319 votes
  72. Ueki Nao – HKT48 Team KIV : 13,961 votes
  73. Kumazaki Haruka – SKE48 Team E : 13,777 votes
  74. Tanigawa Airi – NMB48 Team M : 13,744 votes
  75. Owada Nana – AKB48 Team A : 13,685 votes
  76. Takeuchi Mai – SKE48 Team S : 13,549 votes
  77. Ishida Anna – SKE48 Team KII : 13,269 votes
  78. Shinozaki Ayana – AKB48 Team K : 13,170 votes
  79. Ichikawa Miori – NMB48 Team BII : 13,165 votes
  80. Motomura Aoi – HKT48 Team KIV : 13,116 votes


  • Comments

    • shinryu

      they made a lot of money, (2.700.000 votes!!?? like wow) I would like to go and empty the wotas trashcans to collect the CD’s LOL

    • Maknae

      Surprisingly I liked the final results. Senbatsu line-up is better than last year’s and I’m happy to see Takamine ranking higher :’) Here’s hoping that the song is at least an audible one, I don’t want to expect too much bc it’s AKB but if even the mediocre summer single had its formula changed this year then… who knows.

    • logan

      justice 4 takamina

    • Guest

      Yay for Kitarie and Milky, boo for Yukirin not winning

    • toak

      That beatdown.. 165k for number three, 167k for number two, 194k for number one. The others did try, and new vote records were set, but still effortlessly the queen.

    • K

      Ewww at Sashihara winning lol.

      • cho

        lmao this

      • Ai

        What’s wrong with Sashi? She’s blunt and know who she is, turning her negative traits into her strength. She’s actually one of the smartest member in the 48G. If you seen her on her shows and interview she understand the industry quite well. She also produce HKT concerts and train the girls in varieties. Even HKT members say they own Sashi.

        • lwavesurfer

          Our troll queen.

    • Vivaldi

      I can’t wait for yet another Koi Suru Fortune Cookie clone.

    • shirogane

      Happy for Kitarie and Sae. Did Sasshi even try to win this year? all I remember her doing is pushing the other HKT girls.

    • DoSHachiko

      I was pretty happy Tani Marika ranked as an undergirl…I would have loved to hear her speech…
      But nope. FujiTV was being jerks and had their commentators making predictions or playing VTRs over their speeches. :<

    • Ryusei

      I’m so happy for takamina her last election and her highest position ever so happy about that also yukirin, mayuyu, sae and kitarie so glad for them

    • chill

      don’t know who’s the winner lol i only know Mayu & Kojima.

      • elsupertai

        The center girl from “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

    • yacchaitai

      Sasshi isn’t very interesting, i don’t understand why old men like her so much. Congrats to her anyway.

      • erika

        that and HKT fans and DD worship her for pushing the group so hard.

      • Guest

        Nah she is funny. She’s quite good at talking if you watch her on varieties, not just AKB but on alot of non idol shows. She even trained HKT members in varieties.

        • merkypie

          That top tweet or whatever is mistranslated.

          ” If Santa was to come to my home, he’d be an illegal intruder “

    • BOOBAE

      I was rooting for Yukirin..I still don’t get why Sasshi won(again)

    • Hum

      I have very little interest in AKB usually but these elections are so fascinating. I’m not really familiar with her except for her sex scandal(?) but why is Sashihara so popular?

      • Anon

        Their management pushes her

        • toak

          Lol more like the opposite in recent years, as she said, winning SSK is the one and only chance she’ll ever have of centering a song.

      • toak

        Best talker. Genuine mainstream popularity as she’s on shows with top tier tv personalities.

        • kemeko

          that only makes her more visible, doesn’t explain her popularity when shows with akb48 on them have low ratings. she and mayuyu have the most manic fanbases when it comes to elections.

          • toak

            she’s on non-akb shows with big audiences and is liked by the general public. that’s a lot of casual votes. then she also has a loyal fanbase, yes.

            • Guest

              except “casual votes” are COMPLETELY irrelevant in AKB election and don’t explain nothing

              • toak

                Not true – even the biggest bulk buyers are a drop in the ocean when the numbers go above 100k.

          • Ai

            She’s not only on AKB shows. She total over 164 TV appearances just half this year alone on many non idol talk shows and making top 10 rankings for the most tv appearances in general. If she doesn’t have variety skills, she wouldn’t be able to get that many jobs. Tamori, one of the big 3 comedian of Japan, even praised her and said she’s his favorite member. (Sashi is also one of the regular features on his popular Waratte Iitomo show)

            • Guest

              Waratte Iitomo has been canceled for like over a year now?

              • Ai

                Sashi WAS also one of the regular features on his popular Waratte Iitomo show

                The point was she was on a very well known show :P

      • hhhh

        She’s good at what she does. She wrote a book, which you can read in English over here:

      • Hah

        There are a few girls who push the image that they’re wota/otaku/etc themselves to connect to fans. One of Sashihara’s original idol character traits or whatever was that she was a wota for other idols. She definitely really is, though. I think there was an instance where she was on a show with Morning Musume and she knew a bunch of weird, random stuff about them. It wasn’t just a gimmick to relate to the fans, so I think that probably appeals to some wota, the fact that she’s “like them” somehow. She’s also really dutiful (working so hard to build up HKT48 and push her HKT48 kouhai), but she has a bold/idgaf side to her personality too (her sex scandal, calling out rude fans out social media). And she’s a good talker.

        I don’t have strong feelings about Sasshi (I guess I like her more than most of the girls at the top of the sousenkyo), but she’s an interesting person. Some of the other top girls come off as very calculated – they’re idol characters, not really people. She seems pretty raw and open in comparison.

    • erika

      these elections have pretty much just turned into battle of the stans with the most money to blow and can’t be taken as real reflections of popularity.

      • F

        I don’t think it’s even meant to be so meaningful. It’s a gimmick to inflate their sales and to make money. The wotas just buy into it exactly the way the people in charge want them to.

        • erika

          nah, i was just leaving that comment as sort of a disclaimer for the commenters here unfamiliar with it, wondering why so and so didn’t rank as high or why this person is popular, etc.

      • Guest

        turned? they been like that since day 1

    • Nekozuki’15

      I always wonder what the current H!P version of this would look like but then again I can’t imagine how difficult it is for the girls to be ranked like this.

    • Killakill

      I just realized Myao didn’t rank at all this year, ouch

    • Hah

      Nice to see TakaMina, KitaRie, and Sae all back up there. They’ve worked hard for a long time and deserve those rankings.

    • mamoswine1

      this event always skyrocketed ratings because of unpredictable outcome and drama. This event is akb’s tool in shaking the entertainment industry. no ther idol group have done this before oh well haters gonna hate. think better ways to make your idol group more interesting instead of doing useless stuff over and over again

      • shin

        but AKB have sucks ratings.

        • mamoswine1

          really? have you read it properly or are you just plain dumb and blind? I’ve said THIS EVENT SKYROCKETED RATINGS, I didn’t say any rating other than that. Please use your brain sometimes instead of trolling me okay. Or are you butthurt by my statemet that some other idol group should do something interesting instead of doing shitty stuf over and over again then will complain that AKB are always hogging the scene

          • H

            Are you okay? You always seem so angry and vitriolic whenever I notice your comments. Sometimes people are going to disagree with you or say things that you think are uninformed. For your own sake, you don’t have to let it get to you so much. It’s okay to disagree without getting angry or resorting to name-calling or vitriolic rambles.

            It’s great that you’re passionate about something, but come on.

            • surfboardt

              Don’t mind mamo. This gif summarizes him/her since the LJ days:


              • mamoswine1


              • H

                Haha, I was around in the LJ days but never noticed them then. It seemed like the community was constantly losing their shit and wanking back then, so I guess they blended in better.

            • mamoswine1

              thanks for your concern

    • Syed Khairi

      Sashi win HAHAHAHAHA. I LOVE IT.

    • merkypie

      this dumbass shit took 4 hours of fujitv time from me.

    • Sasshi fans are way too strong. I’m sad for Paruru, she lost a couple of places. I didn’t think Matsumura Kaori or Miyuki would figure in the senbatsu spots but I guess Kaotan has loyal fans and Miyuki’s are just forgiving.
      Happy for YokoYui and Kitahara! It’s a good start for NGT48!

    • Shinra-Electric

      I enjoyed Trashiwagi’s fake smile as she came 2nd. So delicious! :D Sashi4lyfe!

    • Shinra-Electric

      I don’t understand how the dull robotic Mayu ever came 1st place at all?

    • l3012

      Muto was top 16, life is good.

    • yuki


    • j d

      Sashihara supremacy.

    • hatersgonnapotate

      justice for paruru, gurl u deserve so much better love u my baby

    • rie

      So I’m glad that Takamina got the highest placement she ever has, but this is her last election–her not getting first is a travesty.

      And I wonder how Yukirin getting 2nd will be affected by that scandal she just had with the dude from Johnnys? I guess we’ll find out.