REOL to Disband in October

EDM unit REOL have released an official announcement on their website revealing that they will disband in October. Their Osaka show is set for October 20 at Zepp Namba, while the Tokyo show—their final show as a unit—is set for October 22 at TOYOSU PIT.

The trio consists of vocalist and lyricist front-woman Reol, composer Giga P and filmmaker Okiku—with each commenting on their disbandment:

Okiku mentioned that it was initially her idea, citing a lack in personal creative growth.

I suggested my withdrawal from REOL to them,” said Okiku. “When I did that, Reol and Giga told me that REOL couldn’t exist without me, so we decided that now would be the best time to disband.

Giga P credits creative differences that led to their mutual decision to disband, but their relationship as individuals have not changed.

When I considered the possibility of even greater creative differences arising between us if we continued REOL like this, I agreed with the decision to disband the unit,” said Giga P. “After disbanding, we each hope to continue to improve our individual skills and develop our respective fields of work.

Reol commented that trio spent a lot of time discussing ways they could continue before coming to their final decision.

Without the three of us, the unit REOL can’t exist,” she said. “I will use all the experience I gathered from REOL and grow as an individual musician just as much as the others.

Before forming REOL each member had solo careers starting on video streaming site niconico. The trio officially came together as REOL in March 2015. Their first and only album released under the unit name REOL “SIGMA (Σ)” was introduced in late 2016.

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    • So they’re really just gonna drop the best album of 2016 that’s still gonna be the best album of 2017 also and then just disband like that? That sucks man :(
      I hope Reol and Giga P continue to work together cause the whole album was magic from start to finish. Her voice is so captivating and magical… Sigma will forever be one of the best albums in my opinion.

    • Ffs.

    • Nervi Taralin

      Utaite news hit arama, but news is about disbandment :( i just got hooked on Sigma smh

    • Paddy Alfan

      Apparently giga-p lying about having a giga-phyton

    • ProllyWild


      • Nervi Taralin

        Are you just saying who is this artist no one knows If not i will gladly help to answer XD

      • Lemon

        Basically a Utaite + two other creative people that managed to get signed.

    • surfboardt


    • W O W
      TF, I WAS JAMMING TO THEIR SONG JUST NOW. I lowkey their label wanted them to do mainstream sound and they disagreed which led to this :/

    • SlyMoonFox

      Man this sucks. I really loved every single song on the album which is just rare.

    • Lemon

      what the fuck. they were supposed to be the saviors of j-pop!!

    • Totokoko

      Well that didn’t last long, they had some good songs and bad songs. Even so, I was interested on what was coming next at least. rip

      • Nervi Taralin

        I’ll die if After the Rain also disband T^T hopefully not coz they still have time for solo album anyway

    • I just found their band and became obsessed, I’m casually looking them up now and find they are disbanded!? my luck x0

      • Nervi Taralin

        Reol just released new solo single, guess who she work with www yup still w/ gigaP