Recochoku Reveals Its Best Selling Artists and Songs Ever and Announces Service Changes

Digital music service Recochoku was established on July 3, 2001. During its 15 years in service, the company’s main products have been Chaku Uta downloads (ringtones) and Chaku Uta Full downloads (full songs). Times are changing however, and Recochoku has decided to discontinue these products as of December 15.

Recochoku is not ending though; it will continue to sell music that is compatible with smartphones and personal computers, as opposed to Japanese feature phones. The rise of smartphones and the decline of Japanese feature phones is the probable reason behind this. Chaku Uta sales have declined to the point where it is very rare for one to receive a digital certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan. One from 2008 was certified in October of this year, with the next to last certification coming in March 2015 for a song from 2006. In 2014, the RIAJ combined Chaku Uta Full downloads with PC downloads to create a unified digital single certification.

The total number of Chaku Uta and Chaku Uta Full downloads topped 1 billion in 2008, and 1.7 billion by the end of this November.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary and to mark the end of the Chaku Uta / Chaku Uta Full era, Recochoku has released its ranking of its best selling artists and songs. The ranking covers the period of 12/3/02 – 11/30/16. It counts Chaku Uta downloads, Chaku Uta Full downloads, and Chaku Uta Full Plus downloads (ringtone + full song packages).

EXILE tops the artist list, followed by Koda Kumi, with Ayumi Hamasaki rounding out the top 3. GReeeeN’s “Kiseki” tops the song list, followed by Thelma Aoyama’s “Soba ni Iru ne”, with GReeeeN’s “Ai Uta” rounding out the top 3. Check out more of these rankings below!



2. Koda Kumi

3. Ayumi Hamasaki


5. Kobukuro

6. Ai Otsuka

7. GReeeeN

8. Utada Hikaru

9. Nishino Kana

10. Mika Nakashima

11. Ketsumeishi

12. Namie Amuro

13. Arashi

14. Kato Miliyah

15. Ikimonogakari


17. Shonan no Kaze

18. AKB48

19. BoA


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1. GReeeeN – Kiseki

2. Thelma Aoyama – Soba ni Iru ne feat. SoulJa

3. GReeeeN – Ai Uta

4. O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei

5. Kobukuro – Tsubomi


7. ayaka – Mikazuki

8. AI – Story

9. EXILE – Lovers Again

10. Shonan no Kaze – Junrenka

11. Remioromen – Konayuki

12. Utada Hikaru – Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-

13. Ai Otsuka – Planetarium

14. Ketsumeishi – Sakura

15. Kobukuro – Sakura

16. EXILE – Tada… Aitakute

17. Ai Otsuka – Sakuranbo


19. Koda Kumi – Koi no Tsubomi

20. EXILE – Ti Amo

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    • Taima-kun

      Ai Uta > Kiseki

    • Jo

      Thelma Aoyama – Soba ni Iru ne feat. SoulJa
      This song was huge hit in 2008-2009

      awww and this too

      this list brings back so many good memories

    • What

      12. Utada Hikaru – Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-
      13. Ai Otsuka – Planetarium

      My Hana Yori Dango feels…

    • ChaiChai

      Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ai Otsuka, Mika Nakashima, Remioromen … ahhh those were the golden days. Seeing these names listed together feels kind of nostalgic.

    • Monumental hits

    • mamoswine21

      Greeeen hell yeah!!
      Happy for AKB48 but where is Morning Musume? Did they even chart on Digital Service? just asking

      • They don’t do well digitally.

        • Alberto Moreno

          In the songs category, in the videos one they do a lot of better.

          • That category is irrelevant.

            • Alberto Moreno

              If you say so, then the YouTube ranking is also irrelevant.

              • Then where are the certifications for the sales?

                • Alberto Moreno

                  The music videos are part of the whole single certificacion, for both physical and digital. But have to mention that RIAJ DOES track music videos.

                  • It is not part of the digital certification.

                    • Alberto Moreno

                      Yes, you are right, I discovered the source I checked was from 2003, and found the RIAJ report where it mentos the standards for the certificacions, and confirms what you said. But still doesn’t make the digital music videos irrelevant, RIAJ tracks them, that’s for sure, and those rankings have an impact in the market too, probably the music videos will be added in the future as standards for Digitial Music Certificacions, but even of they don’t it’s clear that it may show the popularity of a song, even if it’s trough a video.

                      Merry Christmas BTW. :)

      • Alberto Moreno

        They rank, but in the videos category, and since the ranking is just for Chaku Uta songs, you can’t expect them to rank there, specially since they didn’t have a hit until Utakata appeared this year.

        • How was that a digital hit?

          • Alberto Moreno

            Video Music Ranking, they got #1, and for me the best way to prove if a song was a hit is in the music shows, just look at how many times that song was performed this year, after the single promotion of course.

            • That’s is a really off way of measuring things.

              • Alberto Moreno

                And never said it was a way of measuring, in fact I think the performances for the song after the promotion are post-measuring.

                • LOL, ok.

                  • Alberto Moreno

                    Ok dude.

    • Bruno J. Silva

      Koi Ni Ochitara – Crystal Kay. ♥

    • Lady Sara

      So happy to see EXILE tops the artist list