TC Candler Releases Its Lists of the 100 Most Beautiful and Most Handsome Faces of 2017

TC Candler is back with their annual lists ranking the world’s beautiful people. Filipino-American actress / model / singer Liza Soberano topped this year’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces list, while V, of the KPop group BTS, topped the 100 Most Handsome Faces list. Even though no Japanese celebrities topped these lists, there were some sprinkled in. See who they are below!

The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017

21. Minatozaki Sana

34. Ishihara Satomi

38. Komatsu Nana

84. Niki Niwa


The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017

42. Tereda Takuya

66. Jin Akanishi

81. Yamazaki Kento

96. Iwata Takanori

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    • Aquamarine

      Terada* Takuya getting the recognition he deserves.

      He’s talented, beautiful as a person and as a bonus extremely handsome.

      Let’s make 2018 amazing for Cross Gene <3 Look forward to their comeback please.

    • Taima-kun
      • JP

        She had many clones…
        Her beauty is hers not alone.

        • T

          She’s beautiful but this look is very common.

      • haxille

        She’s beautiful but yeah, I feel like it’s pretty common. She has this New York girl vibes or a fashion model.

      • Pipe’sIDIC

        I think Liza looks a little bit like Meisa Kuroki. They could be sisters.

        Maybe that’s why Jin’s happy he’s no. 66.

    • liuuu

      LMAO how they made this rank?based on what?vote?is this official?
      Let’s be honest, come to japan. Akanishi is not even relevan anymore there.

      • Me

        this. I always wonder where the official to vote?

      • luna326

        I don’t even know where TC Candler came from, but kpop fans would hype this list up every year lol Now probably even more since one of the BTS members made top of the list.

        • I feel like they put so much KPop on there because the fans hype the list.

        • Mela

          I never take this poll seriously, based on the list I bet most of the voters are those super dedicated kpop fans. Sana is cute, but I doubt she could be top beauty in japan entertainment industry.

      • King Hide

        and Jin Akanishi even put his rank from this random youtuber on his bio also he seemed proud of it lol

      • Mela

        He may be not relevant anymore but I’d still choose him over the #1 in the list.

    • Carmille Lozano

      Kpop artists are always on the list no surprise.🙄 Although I’ll admit the BTS member is good looking lol

    • Asha

      Liza Soberano topping the list again. Seeing kpop stans seething about it is what is priceless. >:)

    • airi

      This list doesn’t make sense,only kpop fans vote for it…on what criteria do they measure beauty in this list…lmao

      • Kanjo Maru

        That explains why the top Japanese people on each list are indistinguishable from Koreans.

      • Alva Starr

        Kpop fans were spamming the site’s Facebook for months, nominating people.

        • airi

          Exactly and I don’t think bts v is the most handsome face,even Koreans wouldn’t agree with that ,Koreans would still nominate Wonbin for it….n ppl like zayn malik are ranked so👏👏so baseless

          • AAA

            sry but zayn malik looks ugly af. like a gay ape

            • airi

              😂😂😂thats okay but I think he and many other guys have better face than V😕…v is just a cute face

          • Karen Khoo

            Imo, Korean men like Song Seung Hun and Jang Hyuk are the real definition of manliness type of handsome.

            • airi

              Song seung heon n jang hyuk are so hot👌👌extremely handsome

    • eplizo

      WHY do people keep paying attention this fucking list? It’s literally just a random ass blog off the interenet and Asia ran with it cause it gives Western validation. It’s so odd lol.

    • Nels Nellis

      lol come on he had a pretty face him give him that lol, his last album did ok hit #4 on the weekly chart and sold about the same than the previous one. But I yeah I guess his bad reputation catch him up and and now that his fan base are getting older it might be hard for him to create new followers sincee he is not really loveable for typical Japanese. For example I guy like Yamashita is still more appreciated in Japan coz he tend to act humble and relax.

      • liuuu

        you talk about Jin?
        I didn’t say Jin looks bad. he is pretty, yeah but kinda irrelevant now.
        Yamashita? You mean Yamapi, right?Yamapi still pretty much popular though and i think he looks better than Jin.

      • eternal_sky

        Yamapi is no doubt more popular and appreciated in japan. The reasons because he actually sing nice bob songs despite his limited singing ability and his dramas are well liked and received by the public. And he didnt act humble. He is really humble and polite irl. Thats the most consistent thing people behind the scenes keep talking about him. if everyone says the same thing, its not an act but an actual personality.

    • Nels Nellis

      Well both list are full of goodlooking people :)

    • 정으진

      Yamazaki only 81??

    • Asha

      A little googling would actually tell how they make this list.

    • memo

      lol Sana is ranked at 21 and today is her 21 birthday!!! OMG! i have no words..

    • hy55

      hopefully next year Mina gets higher, she’s really gorgeous!! i felt pity that Tzuyu is the member who always gets the attention.

    • Alva Starr

      I looked at TC Candler’s Facebook many months ago and people were spamming the page with Kpop nominees.

    • Carmille Lozano

      I’m sorry but how is Sana above Ishihara?? Ishihara is so pretty she’s considered one of the desirable faces of Japan. Don’t get me wrong, Sana is pretty, but the fact that she’s above her means this is a kpop biased list.

      • airi

        Even masami nagasawa,aragaki yui this list is nonsense,I love Sana but she’s just a pretty face

        • Karen Khoo

          I know right I’m shocked that Gakky is not there!

        • memo

          lol i’m actually laughing right now! you said “SANA is just a pretty face” well hun this was the main thing here! best face lol

          • airi

            Yes she has a pretty face but this poll was like most beautiful face and I think there are people who have a more well featured face than her n when I told that I had Aragaki yui,masami nagasawa,aishwarya rai ,Miranda Kerr etc etc in my mind..,,,Sana is my favorite in twice✌

      • memo

        you think this is not fair then where are you from all of this voting thing?? this is all about voting

        • churi

          there were like 5000 votes basically. not even that great of a sample

      • Mela

        Sana is cute and lovable. But I don’t think she could be top visual in japan entertainment industry, especially without kpop style.

      • Hermione48fan

        according to your logic, Sana is japanese as well so why she can´t be above Ishihara?. The list maybe is Kpop biased but is funny how you didn´t mention others instead of her who are above Ishihara.
        What is wrong with Sana, she is gorgeous .

    • MJBeatle

      How relevant is this ranking? This is probably the 2nd time that I’ve heard about this ever since Nana from the KPop group, After School, won 2nd place. This time, once again another person from KPop ranked first….

      • Nana actually won #1 twice the following years. :O

    • surfboardt

      I already don’t take TC Candler seriously at all given the previous years, but apparently, PewDiePie is like #7 or something, and I’m just like

      If rapidly aging spoiled milk going through a midlife crisis is attractive, sure lol

    • WTF is this rating ?? Based on what ?
      As a fan i may be happy to see my fav on the list but there is no way # 1 is the most handsome O_o
      Not hating but there are dozen more handsome than him U.U i guess it is the K-pop frenzy.
      This is totally random

    • Mayanee

      Ishihara I can understand.
      I wonder why popular younger actresses hardly make it into the list though. Nana has made it however I thought more about Nikaido Fumi or Takahata Mitsuki.

    • Karen Khoo

      I’m shookt that BTS’ V is at #1 but Yamaken at #81.
      There are Mackenyu, Takeuchi Ryoma, Sugino Yosuke, Ikuta Toma and lots more who are better looking!

      • IKR Regardless Number 1 Is invalid in so many ways since we do not know the base of this ratings If i would name some better looking the list won’t stop . I will get only hate from Army and Kpop Frenzies.

    • john wayne

      if you’re upset w/ the list, blame the japanese entertainment industry… They don’t cater to an international, world-wide audience… They market for the japan population…..whereas, korea markets to the world…..their movies, music are marketed for the international audience….thus their popularity….

    • WorldGN18

      Is it me or there was no Chris Evans!? I laugh so hard when I saw that V guy at number 1, seriously not my type.