Oricon’s OnlyStar Magazine Releases Its National Favorability Rankings for 2015

OnlyStar is a magazine owned by Oricon. They recently surveyed 400 people to measure the favorability of various male and female acts. These results were then broken down into 4 categories: female soloists, male soloists, female groups, and male groups. aiko topped the female soloists category, while Masaharu Fukuyama topped the male one. Momoiro Clover Z topped the female group category, while Arashi topped the male one. See the rest of the top 10 for each category after the jump!

Female Soloists:

1. aiko

2. miwa

3. Namie Amuro

4. Nishino Kana

5. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu



8. Superfly

9. Becky♪♯

10. Utada Hikaru

Male Soloists:

1. Masaharu Fukuyama

2. Moriyama Naotaro

3. Ken Hirai

4. Nishikawa Takanori (T.M.Revolution)

5. Hata Motohiro

6. Naoto Inti Raymi

7. Koshi Inaba


9. Keisuke Kuwata

10. Hikawa Kiyoshi

Female Groups:

1. Momoiro Clover Z

2. Perfume

3. AKB48

4. E-girls

5. Nogizaka46

6. Morning Musume ’15

7. Ikimonogakari


9. Shoujo Jidai

10. Kara

Male Groups:

1. Arashi



4. Kanjani8


6. Kis-My-Ft2

7. Sandaime J Soul Brothers

8. Mr.Children


10. NEWS

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    • What

      With the way things are going recently, I’m kinda surprised that Exile is higher than 3JSB. Also surprised that Flower isn’t there either..

      • yourcoffeesucks

        I think a lot of ppl thing e gis is the group and flower, etc. r the subunits

      • merkypie

        When people think of EXILE, they think of EXILE TRIBE. So they’re including all the male acts under the EXILE name. Doesn’t help EXILE TRIBE actually has released music.

    • Nice to see Nogizaka46 in at 5th! But with great popularity come great hatred; I hope Maiyan doesn’t get hated on anymore…

      • PrfmNogiMusume

        Nogizaka46 is really good. I love AKB48, but Nogizaka46’s songs’ quality is way superior overall and their different concepts too. I don’t know some of the groups from the list, but, in my opinion, Perfume, Nogizaka46 and Morning Musume ’15 deserve to be part of the Top 3 together since their music is greater than ever (at least when compared to their most recent albums/singles).

        • I started following Nogizaka46 only after watching Nogibingo! but their tracks do give off an aura of better quality than your staple 48G releases. Their concepts and styling is what pulled me towards them. Waiting for Taiyou Knock to release in a month or so.

          I quite liked Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai and Juujun na Slave from AKB48, so I’m more than happy with their recent releases. Purfume’s Pick Me Up fell flat for me whereas I thought Relax In The City was a lot better; mixed opinions there. I don’t follow Morning Musume ’15 so I can’t say anything.

          • I agree about Nogizaka46’s quality compared to the other 48s. Maybe this is why they do better digitally than all of them besides AKB?

    • Anon

      They should really stop categorizing Ikimonogakari as a female group. I blame NHK Kohaku for this.

      • It all depends on who the vocalist is or who how many singing members there are.

    • mamoswine1

      glad to see 2 from 48 in there where is C-UTE? theyshould be in there so MM would not feel alone

    • chaosmyth

      tv garbage lists

      • guest


        • chaosmyth

          nope just being honest

          • moma

            Why is the list garbage then? It mostly looked about the same on talent placement compared to Nikkei Talent Ranking… except for Perfume not topping (imo perfume>>>>momokuro). What make it a trashy list?

            • chaosmyth

              what so good abt lip-syncing singers?

              • moma loves feeding the troll

                They only lip-sync because Nakata is a control freak and they are performing his vocaloid/autotune creations. Factual: A~chan can sing as good as Utada Hikaru while the other two can sing live well.

                What’s so good about lip-syncing singers? Their dedication and discipline. Sorry you are too narrowminded and ignorant about dedicated talented performers.

                • chaosmyth

                  Then they can switch to other producers or produce their own music
                  yes, dedication & discipline to mastering the technique of pretend singing it live.

                  • moma troll loving

                    Of course they won’t when they are idols. Duh. It doesn’t make them any less talented that they are profitting from being one. They and a lot of listeners, professionals as well as laymen, find their manufactured music high in quality despite the lip-sync. The fact is they are proud of the music they performed with synchronized moves upon 5inch louboutin.

                    You’re just a stupid, ignorant troll who is a pretentious music fan. Highly biased on only your favs and prejudiced towards idols. You don’t know what talent & quality is even if it hit you like a tonne of bricks on top of your head.

                    • chaosmyth

                      Aren’t they called themselves Artist tho, however lip-syncing is a crime against music
                      Thank you for personal attack

                      • moma

                        They called themselves idols from day one and is surprised to be considered artist.
                        Lip-syncing is not a crime against music when it is pretty much a necessity due the music they are performing. Only music snobs think it as a crime.
                        You’re most welcome.

                      • chaosmyth

                        Still it is a low level quality from the singer and what’s the point having a mic on the cheek if youre not gonna sing it

                      • moma loves dumbtrolls

                        The high quality electronica music doesn’t allow A~chan to fully utilize her vocal prowess. That doesn’t mean A~chan vocal talent is “low quality”. Maybe you’re to obtuse to understand that there’s give and take in music production and performance especially for idols.

                        Mic on cheek? Its called a performance. Duh. They do sing it but their true voice is overwhelmed by the recorded music, which is sung by them in the first place. You’ve completely ignored that they need to dance complicated choreographies on high heels while doing it.
                        Lol. You’re hating on them lip-syncing as if they are MilliVanilli.

                      • chaosmyth

                        Many high electronica music acts performs with the singer singing live. I’m okay with playback track, but the real voice shouldn’t overwhelmed by the recorded voice, use it as backing vocals.
                        Their dance is not that hard, only focus on hands & legs movement

        • H

          Not a troll I guess, but judging from the posts I’ve noticed they have a pretty judgmental and negative outlook on life.

    • yourcoffeesucks

      Omg surprised to see snsd there.

    • isanta

      7-10 places in solo male artists surprised me positively :)

    • k

      the only thing that surprised me is utada making it in the list. for an artist as big as she is and has released as few singles/albums compared to her contemporaries and being on hiatus since 2010 (excluding the one tie-up song), that is fantastic.

      • Utada’s often on list like this, despite of her hiatus. There really is a clamoring for her still. She left people wanting more in a way that most of her peers didn’t. Instead, some of them oversaturated the market and made people grow weary of them.

      • Haru

        Well I mean she was voted the most influential artist of the CENTURY at the end of 1999 with only 4 singles and an album. People love her music.

    • phililen3

      Masaharu Fukuyama at no.1? No! I am SHOCKED!!!

    • N

      As an AKB48 fan outside of Japan, I thought they had reached peak saturation and the public (outside of the wotas) was starting to turn on them. Surprised to see them ranked at 3. I guess I was wrong.

    • yamakita

      As a college statistics professor may point out, the sample size is too small!