Oricon ranks celebrities who dominated headlines for the fist half of 2017

6. Rino Sashihara (153)

  • Won AKB48’s “Senbatsu Election” for the third time in a row.
  • Continues to be a popular guest and host on variety shows.

7. Takuya Kimura (148)

  • Disbandment of SMAP
  • Appeared at the Cannes Film Festival
  • Main star of the drama series “A LIFE~Kanashiki Hito ~”

8. Hitoshi Matsumoto (146)

  • One half of the famed comedy duo “Downtown”
  • Isn’t afraid to voice his opinion regarding current events on his variety show “Wide na Show”

9. Blouson Chiemi (136)

  • Made her acting debut and continues to be a popular staple on variety TV shows
  • Currently one of the most popular female comedians in Japan
  • Many celebrities have tried to dress up as her on social media and TV shows.

10. Suzu Hirose (135)

  • Appeared in numerous high profile drama series’ and films
  • Large amount of CM deals
  • Has been romantically linked to actor Ryo Narita

(Via Oricon)

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    • H

      Matsumoto’s opinions are always controversial, not surprised. The other week he told Sasshi (after she mentioned when AKB started there were a lot of “ugly” members like her) that he thought 1st gen Morning Musume was hideous smh lol

      • The Dark Dudette

        :/ So he is the kind of person who makes mean-spirited comments in the name of humour and honesty?

        • Actually he is somewhat like that and sometimes not so yeah
          He is like that

    • yamakita

      #9 is cool!

      • Bubi.

        Miss Career Woman is giving Watanabe a run for ha money

        • yamakita

          She is 10x better than Watanabe!! She is actually funny!

          • Kyle

            agreed i think she’s so much more entertaining that naomi.

    • The Dark Dudette

      The first one reminds me… I was reading those netizen comments on MaiKaku several days ago and somebody commented if Yamapi would join Satomi’s religion. Its initials are SG (I think?) I don’t remember the name . I looked it up and there are articles out there claiming it is a cult. And a previous Arama post listed all celebrities who are into it on the article that had dating rumours of Satomi ( again ..lol) and Tackey.

      So is it like a ‘normal’ religious sect? Or a cult like Scientology is? Too many questions but I’d appreciate if somebody would throw some light on this . Thank you.

      • lovehello

        It’s called Happy Science and it is cult-like like Scientology. They have been targetting anime conventions, trying to promote their anime movie based on their religion. My friend went to a showing of it after we heard about it at a local US anime con. He said they were weirdly excited when he told them he was in the military and they repeatedly asked him to go to their main office to talk to them more.

        • The Dark Dudette

          Thanku for the response. I’ll look it up.

      • Bubi.

        I think you mean Soka Gakkai, which is different from Happy Science.

        At it’s core, it’s Buddhist, and a lot of Buddhists see it as a cult/militant political party that aims to establish theocratic rule in Japan. You can’t critique its teachings, no financial disclosure, people that leave are shunned, anything the religion does can be justified no matter how questionable, etc. AND its leader lives a lavish life so that’s a huge sign that it’s a money making scheme.

        • The Dark Dudette

          Thanku for the response. Religion at its core is a money making scheme after all *hides behind a wall*

          So is this cult , say, as dangerous as Scientology with numerous tours of kidnapping, ransom, pedophilia etc. Or is it just a ‘normal’ cult with the primary aim to get as many celebrity/powerful members as possible?

          • Bubi.

            “Religion at its core is a money making scheme after all” tea

            I don’t think it’s AS dangerous, but it’s not not dangerous. It hasn’t really shown anything to that level yet. A few known celebrities are Hisamoto Masami, Yamamoto Linda, Kishimoto Kayoko, Hikawa Kiyoshi, Ken Naoko, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi…and Western celebrities Tina Turner and Suzanne Vega are also said to have been members (erroneously? Not sure how they would know about it).

            • The Dark Dudette

              Thanku again. Very informative.

            • The Dark Dudette

              “Kusanagi Tsuyoshi”
              Ah. That explains why he ran around naked in a public place. Probably running away from the overlords :p

          • PigeonPop

            I’m not sure if I can consider them “dangerous” in the basic sense of the word (compared to, say, the yakuza), but they have succeeded in creating their own little sphere of influence within Japanese society. In addition to having strong ties to politics (Komeito), they have the money and connections to operate several government-approved fine art museums and educational institutions.

            To add on to what Bubi said, it’s the no-critique part of SG that’s probably the most significant. Unlike Happy Science / the Unification Church / Aum Shinrikyo offshoots etc., criticizing SG and its followers is a major taboo on big media.

            • The Dark Dudette

              “criticizing SG and its followers is a major taboo on big media”

              That makes it the polar opposite of Scientology then ,…as in the media in the US loves to crap on Scientology.

              Makes me see the whole Yamapi-Satomi affair in a new light. Considering how cult members are notorious for trying to recruit powerful people into their cult by bedding them ( *conspiracy theory time* )

              Well, at least it’s not as bad as the whole pedo+murder ring in Hollywood and the Children of God thing in Bollywood

            • Neutron

              What you meant that followers of SG are not allowed to critisize but outside of the groups especially in Japanese media and tabloids, Daisaku Ikeda and Soka Gakai was and still have bad reps and many publications and advertisements especially in trains depict Ikeda as evil and manipulator. Elites and upper class doesn’t like SG as it challenging their power by mobilizing Buddhist voters

    • The Dark Dudette

      Kasumi Arimura continuing to be relevant . Didn’t see it coming at all.

      #9 I like how Arama went for the prettiest pic they could find of hers

      • A bad pic doesn’t exist of that legend!

        • AoZora

          Sarcastic comment?
          Arimura’s whole face looks weird especially the jaw..

          • pondloso

            I think Ryan mean no.9

            • AoZora


    • Matcha

      Masaki Suda, you ba$tard!

    • Partay

      Suda is really working hard this year. I aint mad at him for that.

    • FoucaultAnderson


    • I want to be relevant :(

      Blouson Chiemi (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

    • Brett

      7. Takuya Kimura (148)

      – Kudo Shizuka’s new album

    • a chicken nugget

      Not to be that person, but **first half? lol

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    • Urara Kasugano

      if suda masaki is romaticslly linked with honda tsubasa i have no complaints :)) same with Suzu Hirose because i wqs always tbibking she would take away my favorite actors but narita is not even the guy i know that well so i am happy about that.
      i am just wondering what made Suzu so dislikable to japanese neitizens because on some interviews or comments wherever someone mentiones her, there is always a comment about her being a bitch…so i was wondering if someone coulde elaborate on that..
      thank you in advance <3