Male Teens Choose the “Coolest Johnnys”

Another day, another Johnnys ranking because, why not? This time, it’s the “Coolest Johnnys” as voted by 679 male teenagers.

On the Sep 6 broadcast of AbemaTV program “Magigachi ranking”, the ranking on “Johnnys talents that even guys think is cool” as voted by male teenagers is presented. It’s a variety show which features survey results from male and female teenagers hosted by Takeyama Takanori.

The results probably differs just a bit from the usual results given the demographics of the survey. Check out the ranking below. Do you agree with the teenage guys’ choices?

1.  Yamashita Tomohisa
2.  Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
3.  Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP)

First place is Yamashita Tomohisa who is currently starring in the drama series “Code Blue Season 3”. “Everything is cool” “very cool” “cool style” “With his looks and personality, he gets rumored with actresses” were among the reasons for being chosen.

Second place is Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS), who appears in the popular variety show “Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ!. “His reflexes are good.” “He seems like a ‘chara chara’ person but is also a cool guy” “A blonde person isn’t cool but blonde hair suits him well” were the reasons given.

Third place is Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP ). “He looks mixed”, “Even as a guy, I admire him” Some has comments on his acting too “Facial expressions can easily change as a movie villain”.

4. Sakurai Sho (Arashi) – “Goodlooking”, “smart Keio boy”, “perfect in news and variety”

5. Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO) – “In Johnnys, the first I knew of is Arashi. They appeared together in a music program and I saw TOKIO. I learned his name and thought he is really cool”, “tall height”, ‘In DASH Village, he cooks really well”.

6. Okada Junichi (V6) – “I like him in Johnnys the most. His action scenes in movies are cool.”, “The action scenes in ‘The Library Wars’ is cool.”

7. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) – “goodlooking”, “Not only his face, but his behavior is also cool.”, “Always cool and does everything smoothly”

8. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN) – “He is cool in dramas.”, “I admire him”, “If it’s an ordinary perosn, it’ll look cheap but he looks cool doing sexy poses in music programs and such.”

9. Kimura Takuya – “Good in singing and acting. Even as a guy, I like his backhug scenes in dramas.”, “cool style”, “manly”, “I want to be an ojisan like him”

10. Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubasa) – “Handsome”, “Cool”

11. Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8)
12. Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)
13. Murakami Shingo (Kanjani8)
14. Nakai Masahiro
15. Domoto Koichi (KinKi Kids)
16. Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO)
17. Ikuta Toma
18. Okura Tadayoshi (Kanjani8)
19. Higashiyama Noriyuki
20. Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2)

(via Modelpress)

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    • Urara Kasugano

      did not expect Tegoshi to be in top 3, but i respect that. As for Yamapi, he is truly a very good looking guy and code blue totally gives him more popularity. Yamada is my ichiban in Hey! Say! Jump, so i am happy with that. As for always, my Shochan being in the top 5, with J and Kame banging everyone with their looks.
      while being my kamioshi, Ninomiya not being in this list is kind of sad, but then again i don’t see any reason for guys thinking he is a cool guy xD (sorry neen)

      • AoZora

        Who is J? Is it Jun?

        • Atsujun

          Yes. Nino popularized this nick for Jun a while back. stopped using it because J’s circle of friends started to call him that too. It has evolved to MJ now

          • AoZora

            ohk :)

      • Mei

        fr, yamap is hella fine

      • An

        I feel that Nino is more on the cute type XD

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      Tegoshi Yuya and Yamada Ryosuke?
      I get Yamashita Tomohisa but I never would’ve thought these two would round off the top 3. Especially Tegoshi, after his scandals in the past few months.
      I was hoping Nagase Tomoya would be in the top three but never mind. Some good actors & personalities in that list.

    • yurisakura

      “With his looks and personality, he gets rumored with actresses”

      sdfghjskdfsdf WHY DOES THIS MAKE ME LOL those teenage boys thinks Yamapi getting rumored with actresses is also admirable? XD

      • AoZora

        Maybe they think actresses are more interested in dating Pi and hence he gets to date all those pretty actresses….:P

      • liuuu

        I will admired him for that too LOL
        he had some pretty girls as rumored ex.
        and his recent – Ishihara Satomi is very pretty too. lucky guy.

        • Saya

          I really want them to be a thing. I love them both and they were so great in 5 to 9 together, they match so well in terms of success too.

    • zephyr

      Had to look up what ‘chara chara’ means lol

      I’m glad that Okada is on the list <3 Toshokan Sensou movies have definitely made me fall for him.

      • Reileen

        chara chara is so hard to defune! It’s an image that means a lot so it’s left as it is

        • zephyr

          After reading AoZora’s comment, it does indeed seem really hard to define the word so it’s perfectly understandable why you left it as it is!

      • AoZora

        Found the meaning of chara chara –
        salon-tanned skin
        brown or blonde-tanned hair
        always hitting on girls (nanpa)
        always going to random dinner dates (gōkon)
        wears various accessories
        from a girls perspective, charao are: easy to talk with, fun, easy to be with; however, likely to cheat

        • zephyr

          Oh WOW…. I thought it was just something along the line of being flirty/a smooth talker, didn’t know it also includes appearances as well. Thank you for enlighten me!

          • AoZora

            I had to Google it out to find the meaning lol.. :p

        • Basically like the guys in host clubs

          • AoZora

            yeah.. You are right :)

    • Midori

      Didn’t expect Sho to be higher than MatsuJun! o.O

    • Agreed on Yamapi as despite his personality is shy and reserve, he is actually really competitive — good at sports and also good at educational games like the NEP League. That is why I enjoyed it the most times when he is promoting his dramas by guesting at these games shows.

      And LOL at Ko-chan being #15. People always mistaken his image as a cool guy but he is nothing but a grumpy ojisan in front of his fans. ♥

    • angel223_

      I’m just so happy that Kame is at 8.
      Not surprising to Yamapi, Yamada and Tegoshi..

    • AoZora

      Cheers for Pi and Kame… They are my favs…. :)

      • AoZora

        “I want to be an ojisan like him” comment for Kimutaku lol…. They have already graduated Kimutaku to an ojisan………………..:P

    • HevRev

      Pi, Tegoshi and Yamada… really?

    • liuuu

      Wow Tegoshi #3 and bet Nagase and Sho is something new. I mean he never go with the “cool” image at all. I guess thanks to itteQ..
      not surprising about Yamapi and Yamada. Both of them have the most fanboys in johnny’s junior as well.
      Yamapi aged pretty well too. he looks very fine as he get older.

    • Rika

      Serious question: How come Yamapi is still leading so many polls? I mean, to me it feels that he got kinda irrelevant since he went solo or is he really that popular in Japan?
      I kinda like the guys’ lists better than what the fangirls normally say. Though I wouldn’t call Tegoshi and Pi cool? (but maybe there is something I miss or don’t know)

      The top 5-11 though, hell yeah! :D

      *lol* at Sho though. He is awesome, but it doesn’t matter what the poll is about, he will always be in the top 5.

      Oh, and major!LOL at the Yamada looks mixed comment! He is just wearing contacts!

      • liuuu

        Yamapi solo music career kinda dead now but his dramas mostly doing pretty well. I guess his popularity more because his dramas now

        • Circle

          he is always known for his dramas since the beginning of times. starting from nobuta to kurosagi to prodai to code blue & etc..

          • liuuu

            yes i know. I mean in the past he was active both music and acting but in the last few years i think his popularity mostly come from his dramas since he didn’t release new solo song and didn’t appear on music show.
            Well, he did that duo stuff with Kame this year.

          • TY JH

            I know YamaP since nobuta era but never become his fan until I saw his stage in 2013 and feel that he is my definition of what idol should be, so I’m his fan until now……guess? i’m the minority ^O^

        • Rika

          Thanks liuuu, that makes sense. I was just surprised because I never see anything about him being posted. But I guess it is different in Japan (with Talk shows, dramas etc. And Code Blue is a pretty popular franchise after all)

          • liuuu

            yeah, I heard from my friend in japan he’s still pretty popular. he’s not often appear on TV too but when he appear TV shows/dramas/music show. he will always trending for long. and mostly popular for his good looking appearance and style. maybe why he’s high in this kind of polls. guess it has to do with japanese taste as well.

      • rs34

        He never become irrelevant. his sales are pretty good or decent for a solo artist. And his involvement with good dramas are the reason why he is still popular contrary to what people would like to believe.

        I cant see how Tego is cool though. But his program did get high ratings so probably there’s some appeal of his that resonate well with guys.

      • Hermione48fan

        Where did Yamapi become irrelevant?.He is one of the most popular idols turned actors in Japan, most of his dramas has been a success, and he also did asia tours, he does decent even if music isn´t his main priority. He has a cool style that males can admire, Tegoshi as well. Tegoshi isn´t as active in dramas, but he is starting to act again and he also is doing well in NEWS. He is one of the best singing voice in JE and he is charming and cool. I can see why boys admire both.

        • An_dromeda

          thank you !!!! i am tired of seeing coments telling yamapi is relevant.. with 2 back to back drama he is just slaying… i have been a fan of him since 2012 and he is just soo cool!!!

      • angel223_

        This poll is done at the peek of Code Blue 3, which at high rating,…
        Tegoshi is at high rating shows too even Yamada, they have been watched mostly by youth in JP. Their face are becoming household view.

      • M

        Yamada’s comments aren’t about the damn contacts. People have been saying that since before I become a fan on 2012… Nothing new, and he wasn’t wearing contacts back then.

        Honestly – some times, he really does look mixed. Some pics/angles show it better than others, but it’s been especially true since 2008. Before then though, he did look more Asian.

        • Atsujun

          I agree. Its not because of the eyes. maybe because Yamada has a feminine face.

    • AoiMe

      Oh chan @ #12 : I guess the boys who watched Kaibutsu-kun have all grown up TT

    • Kameneko223

      I’m glad Kame’s in the list.

    • Nikki ok

      lol at yamada, apparently, looking mixed because he doesn’t…

      • Rika

        Same here *lol* I mean, he is definitely pretty, but where does he look mixed? (funny enough though the guys who look exotic or have different features than usual – like Jun – get quite some hate for their looks normally) I just noticed he is wearing blue contacts sometimes, so maybe… that’s why? ^^

        • Nikki ok

          I really do wonder where they got that from because so many people nowadays wear colored eye contacts, and his blue ones are so obviously fake, maybe it’s some strange compliment or something lol ^^

    • yacchaitai

      always thought that okada, nagase and matsumoto were the ultimate Cool guys, but I guess they’re becoming old farts.

    • An_dromeda
      • An_dromeda
        • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

          this was like… his peak. <3

          • eternal_sky

            Its not. His peak would be kurosagi-prodai-code blue era. Nobuta is the beginning of his peak. :)

            And he continued to bag prestigious Getsu9 drama leads years after that so we could safely say he managed to maintain his popularity right until now.

            • yamakita

              Kurosagi was amazing. The rest, not so much.

              • eternal_sky

                Each to their own I guess. ;)

                Actually, in term of script quality, Prodai & Code Blue has more substance than Kurosagi. Prodai resonate a lot to many people in Asia that is why it is considered as one of the classic as people can relate to the storyline and to Ken’s fear and insecurities. While Code Blue series has always managed to attract ratings and success and always include valuable life lesson at the end of each episode.

              • Atsujun

                Really? Kurosagi was the worst imo. He was rubbish..
                Prodai was cute, Nobuta was the best (the script, storyline, Pi’s acting)
                I haven’t finished Algernon & Code Blue to judge

                • yamakita

                  He is not an good actor so he needs a good story and a lot of better actors to make things interesting. I really loved Kurosagi’s story. I didn’t really know who he was, but I was a fan afterwards. Now I think about it, it might’ve been the reason why I shipped him and Horikita together. Seems such an ancient history now.

                  I haven’t watched many of his dramas. The most I’ve watched is Nobuta, but I didn’t have the patience to sit through every episode. I thought it was cute and a typical teen idol drama, but Kamenashi was more memorable for me. The one that really annoyed me was 9 to 5 because I saw another of my favorite manga stories got ruined. Grrr.

                  • Atsujun

                    I think Kurosagi plot was rubbish. Maki was apalling in it too. Both were plywood. They had more chemistry in Nobuta. Kurasagi killed this ship for me.

                    Nobuta had a great script, deep message despite the high-school setting and great acting. Its the most animated Pi I’ve seen and he held his own sometimes better than Kame. 9-5 was cute. I can’t stand the new KamePi drama. From what little Algernon that I watched, Pi did fairly well.

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        haha, this gif is so cute!

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    • Nika Jer

      The best trio :) Sometimes guys understand better than girls

    • ash

      Morita Go!!!

    • SnowDrop

      I’m somewhat surprised that Jun isn’t in the top three but I guess he isn’t as popular as he was 5-10 years ago. I’m also a little saddened that there is absolutely no love for Ueda! Personally, I think he’s one of the coolest.

    • Hontou

      TEGOSHI?! Really?

    • violet

      Thought Okada would be a little higher, but I guess he’s a bit old for teens to look up to, so his spot makes sense.

      Tegoshi in the top three though? XD

    • Reileen

      lol Tegoshi Yuya got y’all SHOOK
      With HSJ majorly popular with the teens, not surprised with Yamada.
      I guess it’s a new gen coming. They had a survey with Johnnys Jr most admired senpai. Guess who topped?
      1. Yamada
      2. Yamapi
      3. Matsujun

      • Atsujun

        These teen boys would appreciate Matsujun more if they knew about Generous/Gentle J.

        ItteQ did good for Teg.

        • rs34

          i think those who voted for him actually experience his generous. thats why he is 3rd

          • Atsujun

            I meant the 679 teen boys in the article, not Johnny Juniors which half of them aren’t teenagers :)

            • yamakita

              And some of them are old enough to father many of them!

      • aqua88

        What show was this? I wanna watch it.

      • Reileen

        Another show hosted by TOKIO Kokubun Taichi

    • Noorshahida Miat

      The only one for me is Aiba Masaki… 😃

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Tegoshi yuya!? really.. wat.

      he seems so lame to me, lmao

    • TY JH
      • CB

        Is there any place where I can find Code Blue pictures in HQ like the one you posted above? The ones on the net are mostly LQ. :(

        • Azura Of Ylisse

          Try Code Blue’s Asian Wiki page.
          They normally have quite a few screenshots.

    • Ran Satori

      Wow. My memory of their ages is fuzzy but is there only one guy born in the Heisei era in this list?
      I could never understand Yamapi’s appeal. He seems too bland for me to be at the top of this list.
      I’m quite impressed that some married senpais are still on this list.

      • rs34

        yamapi appeal to general public is due to his string of successful dramas. and he is very interesting when you see him at vs arashi or other variety games. he is like the definition of cool guy; good looking, great body, fashionable, nice, got the brain and good at basically everything.

        agreed on the married senpai.

      • Dash

        Yeah only Yamada, right? This list made me sad. The survey asked teenage boys but only 1 from younger groups gen. I’m worried with future Johnny’s.

    • KurokoMitai

      Seems like I’m looking at the list voted by female. oh, didn’t expect to see Koichi there, I thought DoTs is more popular among male.

      • rs34

        this is ‘cool guy’ poll voted by teenage males. not ‘popularity poll’ among male teens. well, tsuyoshi style is very bizarre sometimes so koichi win this without a doubt between the two.

    • Dash

      Somehow I very curious with Yamapi… I heard his hype ever since i know japan showbiz and fandom many years ago but still not get his appeal other than his overrated looks. It impressed me he’s still top in polls/rankings.

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    • nimoniyu

      Nagase Tomoya <3

    • Nidia Artha

      hwat? Tego? wow… that’s surprising… i used to fangirling him before move to maruchan. lol but, yes, he could make unexpected things happened. such a lucky guy Tegonyan.