Arashi Tops LINE’s Male Idol Group Popularity Survey

LINE’s female idol group popularity ranking was posted, and now it’s time for male idol groups! The same number of LINE users were surveyed (568,344) during the same time period (July 20 – 28) as the female ranking. This ranking too shows an overall count, but also breaks down the results based on gender and age.

There is zero surprise Arashi came out on top. They were followed by TOKIO and Sandaime J Soul Brothers. Male respondents favored TOKIO, while their female counterparts were more into Arashi. These ranking held true for the teens as well.

There are some more insights on why Arashi is so popular. When asked to choose a favorite member, 22.9% of respondents said they liked the group as a whole. When asked what they liked most about the group, 60.51% said it was the group’s good relationship.

Check out the full results below!

Overall Ranking

1. Arashi: 18.38%

2. TOKIO: 10.98%

3. Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 5.88%

4. Kanjani8: 5.5%

5. EXILE: 4.97%

6. KinKi Kids: 2.9%

7. Big Bang: 2.35%

8. Tohoshinki: 1.76%

9. V6: 1.62%

10. Kis-My-Ft2: 1.43%

Male Ranking

1. TOKIO: 16.35%

2. Arashi: 13.33%

3. EXILE: 5.58%

4. Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 4.84%

5. Kanjani8: 4.31%

6. KinKi Kids: 2.46%

7. Big Bang: 2.02%

8. V6: 1.31%

9. Tohoshinki: 1.07%

10. Kis-My-Ft2: 0.65%

Female Ranking

1. Arashi: 22.6%

2. Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 6.75%

3. TOKIO: 6.51%

4. Kanjani8: 6.5%

5. EXILE: 4.45%

6. KinKi Kids: 3.26%

7. Big Bang: 2.62%

8. Tohoshinki: 2.35%


10. V6: 1.89%

Male Teen Ranking

1. Arashi: 15.35%

2. TOKIO: 12.32%

3. Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 6.07%

4. Kanjani8: 4.09%

5. EXILE: 3.48%

6. Big Bang: 2.78%

7. Bodan Shonen Dan: 1.13%

8. NEWS: 1.08%

9. Hey! Say! JUMP: 0.97%

10. Tohoshinki: 0.96%

Female Teen Ranking

1. Arashi: 19.03%

2. Kanjani8: 6.3%

3. Hey! Say! JUMP: 5.56%

4. Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 4.91%

5. TOKIO: 3.52%

6. Bodan Shonen Dan: 3.21%

7. NEWS: 2.89%

8. Johnny’s WEST: 2.88%

9. Kis-My-Ft2: 2.67%

10. Sexy Zone: 2.46%

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    • the groupie who
    • AoZora

      Arashi everywhere….

      • Up

        Can’t tell if this is a negative or positive observation..?

        • AoZora

          It’s was a positive one.. :)

    • gus

      is there band version of this chart?

    • tomo’s bike
    • faifantc

      That longevity tho. ^^

      I don’t think there’s another group coming out of the Johnny’s factory anytime in the near future with comparable career longevity and generational likability. *applause* *respect*

    • Happy to see that KinKi is #6 even among men. :D Since they mostly sing ballads, I mostly think that they are not that popular among men in general.

    • SsunShine

      18 years in and they still have it. You rarely sees this kind of longevity, even for artists from another country. Truly the national idol, Arashi 💙❤️💚💛💜

    • monica_monami

      way to go my manband lol~

    • Nikki ok

      Totally agree with their reasons to choose arashi, I like arashi as a group, each member has his own popularity and charm. Their songs are nice and they have good teamwork, they may say that they aren’t close friends irl and that arashi is their work but they seem way more close than all those idols who pretend to be all bff and that’s a plus point. Of course, their shows where they mc and their drama/movies are another plus point.

      • Up

        “they may say that they aren’t close friends irl and that arashi is their work but they seem way more close than all those idols who pretend to be all bff”
        People have been wondering why they are so popular. It’s unintentionally -under promise, over deliver.

    • chu

      Two of my fav boy groups TOKIO and Arashi <3

      • I want to be relevant :(

        my relevant kings :D

    • Nika Jer

      I’m never gonna comprehend popularity and love for Arashi…

      • Even as a fan, I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long.

      • Up

        They strike the right balance. Not intimidating thus making them relatable yet there’s a certain degree of ~distance~ that made them seems exclusive. For example in comparison to other popular groups; 3jsb or EXILE look intimidating while Kanjani8 or TOKIO can be too goofy.

        • Nika Jer

          They are not my cup of tea. Cause I tried XD

          But they have several really good songs.

    • Nasukwa

      I’m actually surprised to see ‘Tohoshinki’ still in the rankings considering how they aren’t as active in Japan compared to the past.

    • After looking at these charts, what does the youth like if not idols?

      • circe154

        bands? Teens tend to go through a “real music” phase.

      • Up

        Not music but in terms of general interest according to some of my teacher friends, teens care more about youtube stars than idols/actors/tv celebs.

    • As expected. Good job on TOKIO though ranking 1st in the Male category!

    • Paola Mejia

      Very happy for them, truly deserved :) Japan should be very proud to have Arashi

    • eplizo

      No surprise with Arashi, but it’s nice to see Tokio do so well in the men’s category lol

    • Just

      Surprised EXILE is still that high.

      Seeing LDH boys included in idol category make me so happy. Where’re their “THEY ARE ARTIST” stans lol?

    • airi

      Arashi arashi👏