Rangers star Yu Darvish and girlfriend Seiko Yamamoto expecting a child

Texas Rangers star pitcher Yu Darvish (28) has revealed on his blog that his girlfriend and former wrestling world champion Seiko Yamamoto (34) is pregnant with their first child together.

Seiko Yamamoto and I have been blessed with a child,” Darvish revealed in his post. “We found out the end of last year but decided to wait until she was in a stable period before announcing the news.

Don’t expect them to rush into a shotgun wedding. Darvish said they have yet to decide on marriage.


(via Oricon)

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    • Trump

      He got kids with Saeko, now he Seiko’s baby daddy. lol

      • Justsaying

        Next he will say “where da white women!”

    • Ryusei

      ok this is unrelated but did he ever do the ice bucket challenge ayu challenged him to? lol

    • eplizo

      Aww congratz to him.

    • hotaru hime

      “Don’t expect them to rush into a shotgun wedding. Darvish said they have yet to decide on marriage.”

      Most elderly in my hometown won’t accept it. the “still deciding on marriage” part.

      idk about you guys, but from where i’m born, it is kind of common to marry if its a shotgun. Although marriage is just a “title/cert”, I kinda still find it necessary to do so.

      i’d feel sad to see the father’s name left blank in my child’s birth cert. it feels weird too, to actually go through pregnancy with the support of your “boyfriend” instead of “husband”. Its my hometown’s tradition – parents will persuade the couple to marry before the child is born.

      nevertheless, congratulations XD

    • reia

      She got divorced late september so if the baby is born less than 300 days after her divorce legally her ex-husband would be her baby’s daddy XD
      If they do end up married he will have 2 shotgun marriages in the span of few years and he’s just 28

    • Alex Kanashiro

      Must be true love, cuz he could be with prettier girls, even in the US

    • Jardel Ferreira

      that guy is hot

    • iGleaux

      I said this in the article about them dating but I really love her smile.