Popular Voice Actors Kensho Ono and Kana Hanazawa Confirmed to be Dating

According to Bunshunhō Live (Bunshun Bazooka Live) streaming program of Bungeishunju‘s Weekly Bunshun magazine, popular voice actors Kensho Ono (27) and Kana Hanazawa (27) are confirmed to be dating.  The couple was spotted on February 12 during a double date at a western restaurant in Yoyogi.  After, the pair returned together in a taxi to a high-class apartment in Tokyo’s Minato ward.

Ono has confirmed to his agency that he and Hanazawa are dating and currently living together.  Later, Ono also apologized to his fans on twitter for the sudden news and also stated that he would have properly made the announcement himself at a later time.

Kana Hanazawa has recently been featured in two Makoto Shinkai works, “Kimi no Na wa” and “Kotonoha no Niwa” as Yukari Yoshino.  She is also featured in a plethora of anime series: Angel Beats, Blue Exorcist, Durarara!!, and Orange; just to name a few.  Hanazawa is a top voice actress who regularly ranks high in popularity polls.

Meanwhile Kensho Ono may be most well known for voicing the titular character of “Kuroko no Basket“, Tetsuya Kuroko.  Recently, Ono has also provided the voice for Phichit Chulanont of Yuri!!! on Ice.

Although voice actors are in no way idols and are primarily known for their voices in anime, there has been scandals arising that pertain to their private lives.  Last year, popular voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya was revealed to have a wife and child, resulting in anger from his fans.

Personally, I think it is pretty sad that voice actors (or anyone for that matter) has to apologize for having a relationship; but unfortunately that seems to be the way Japanese society is in regards to their celebrities.  What do you think of this whole situation?  I think they are both such cinnamon rolls that I just have to ship it.

(via Biglobe news)

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    • imaguest

      I knew she was going to land one of them popular young voice actors. o_o

    • phoe-enix

      Dang, my KajixKana ship has sunk…. lol, to think just a few years ago she was rumored to be dating/engaged to kajikun, all those pictures proof XD

      Anyway, congratulations to both <3

    • todsen

      Oh I was not expecting HanaKana :))
      I’m a Kensho fan and Kana’s great, too, so congrats to them!

    • eplizo

      I love how only in Japan would a story of voice actors dating be news lmao.

      • mou

        idk about the guy but the girl is treated like an idol by her fans.

      • rshina

        me too, they’re treated like an idol there, while in my country I don’t even know who is behind those voice. kinda surprised about it

      • Erhe R.

        They’re more than voice actors.

    • I’m happy for them! They’re in their late 20s already (which is such a shock bc I still feel like Renai Circulation was just released a few years ago lol) so I guess they wanted to settle down. Hope their love will last.

    • Will

      It’s sad tho that OnoKen had to apologize on twitter for doing something that a normal person does. (J-ent, why are you like this)
      This is a good pair and I really hope that they’ll be happy~

      • ムラ

        You have misunderstood the article. Ono Kensho has NOT apologized for dating. Why would he need to anyway? These voice actors understand that they are not idols, even if some fans are radical. Even Kamiya Hiroshi didn’t apologize for his marriage, he was just sorry that it had to be reported in such a way. Same thing here, Ono Kensho apologized for the commotion and regrets that he did not get the chance to announce it himself, but he did not apologize for dating. Hope you get it now :)

        • Will

          I guess my opinion was too vague.
          I know that it’s because of the commotion that the sudden news has brought to the fans. What I meant is that it makes me sad because something that is supposed to be normal (eg: public figures dating or getting married) still surprises the fans in Japan–to the point that they have to issue an apology. It’s probably something that is associated with the culture not only in the entertainment industry but as a whole.
          Ofc, they know that they are not idols. However, some (if not most) of the voice actors are being marketed the idol way in the past few years that’s why there are fans who react a bit differently. I’ve read some tweets where they question Kana on why she chose OnoKen and so on. And there are also fans who were “surprised” but chose to cheer for the two. The latter is obviously better. :)
          Just my two cents but imagine if they are similar to the celebrities from other countries wherein they will just announce it without any word of apology. But of course, it’s totally different in Japan.
          It’s just my personal opinion towards this subject. I hope you understand ^^

          • ムラ

            It’s probably right that the apology has more to do with their culture rather than the entertainment world. Particularly for cases like these which are not their fault, but they still issue an apology out of manners.
            Well, like I said, these seiyuu and their agencies understand they are not idols, so even if they are being marketed as “Seiyuu Idols”, it’s still a different thing. Such gossip like these wouldn’t even affect their jobs – which is primarily still being a voice actor. So in my opinion, you shouldn’t care too much about whether they issue an apology or not, because 1) it’s their culture and 2) it doesn’t affect their voice acting jobs as long as they have the talent. And so I don’t think there’s any point bringing up celebrities from other countries unless you are comparing to the actual celebrities in Japan, and not the voice actors.

            • Will

              Surely, it won’t affect their job. It’s just a minor, subjective view towards this matter especially that I personally like these two and the characters they voiced. Don’t worry because I am happy for them.
              Ngl but voice actors are in general, public figures who are inevitably affected by the J-celebrity culture (hence, the existence of this kind of article) that’s why I was trying to think of what-ifs in comparison to other celebrities abroad. That what-if, as I repeat, is just my two cents and something that I personally thought so let’s chill :)

    • What’s this new ship name? I support them for sure since I’m a big fan of both va’s. I didn’t think they’d be dating but this is too cute. I’ve heard about dating in Asia for celebrities… apparently it is a big deal but really, you can’t stop someone from liking each other. I think its just really ridiculous for them (Ono Kensho) to apologise from how I see things, whether its going to ruin your ”image” and whatnot. Its NOT a crime to be in a relationship, the media is just being lame because it’ll upset the ”fans” or whatever, they should be able to live and do what they want. Angry fans just need to calm down and continue to support them if you are what you call yourself a ”fan” in my opinion.

      And I totally DID NOT know about Hiroshi Kamiya married and with a child, that’s totally news to me. Happy for him too even though it was last year’s news.

      Sometimes, I know there’s a lot of voice actors (20 to 40+ y/o) that could steal my heart as corny as that sounds. Yet I sometimes refuse to believe that they’re single. They probably have to keep their info private because of the media etc. Its tough out there.

      • A Wayfarer

        Well said!

    • Good for them! I ship it! <3

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Wow, Kensho Ono looks so gorgeous in that pic.. :D I don’t really have any idea who is tho. haha.

    • Miyaka08

      oh well my heart dropped but if he is happy then by all means date… ☺

    • Oh my gosh congrats you two!!!!