Popular Voice Actor, Kamiya Hiroshi Talks About His Private Life; Issues Apology

Last July 12, the magazine, FLASH revealed a paparazzi photo of the popular voice actor, Kamiya Hiroshi (41), who was carrying a child. On the 17th of the same month, Kamiya has issued an apology in the radio show he hosts along with fellow voice actor, Ono Daisuke.


Here is the excerpt from his apology:

“In line with that [magazine article], I would like to sincerely apologize to the fans whose hearts may have hurt because of me. I’m truly sorry…we stayed silent about this matter until now as we did not have any time to announce it, and there were very few people who intrude in my private matters…if everybody will give me permission, I would like to continue working through my voice and performance. The staff has allowed me to talk about this today especially that I do not blog or use SNS such as twitter. I promise to do my best in this work in order to give the best entertainment to everyone, so it will make me delighted if we will be supported by everyone in spite of the news.”

However, not all of his fans can handle the said situation. There are people who graduated from being a Kamiya Hiroshi fan and start reselling his goods out of shock.



He is said to be married with the manga author, Nakamura Hikaru, who made Arakawa Under the Bridge and Saint Young Men. Fans have realized the hint after she drew the ending illustration of Levi from Attack on Titan, which was voiced by Kamiya.


Aside from Levi, he is known to be the voice of Law (One Piece), Yato (Noragami), Akashi Seijuuro (Kuroko’s Basketball), and Choromatsu (Osomatsu-san).


Japanese fans are known to have this kind of reaction whenever their favorite public figure dates or marries someone. Hence, the no-dating policy is tattooed in the idol culture. However, voice actors/actresses seem to be having difficulties in marriage and dating someone as well. It’s not only in the idol culture but it seems that the no-dating policy is an unwritten rule for fans towards public figures who have huge fan bases. It’s really sad that people will graduate from being a fan just because they got married.

Nevertheless, we are wishing Kamiya Hiroshi and Nakamura Hikaru all the best in their future endeavors!

Let us know what you think in this kind of system that some, if not most, Japanese fans have!

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    • fufufun

      This is absolute BS! Why does he have to apologize for having a family? And I thought this unspoken rule of no dating/marriage was only for idols and jhonny’s talents. There’s seriously something wrong with these people if they start hating on Kamiya just because of this. He’s also a man! And in his 40s already! Let him have a family for christ’s sake!

      I would seriously lose it if his career starts plummeting just because of this. It’s unfair :(

      • Fuyuko

        same here, i’d get so mad and would fly back to japan, go straight to Akihabara and scream at all the otaku I see!

      • kunyit

        it is not only for idol and johhnys talents..
        like when fukuyama masaharu got married some fans were stop being his fans as they felt he was not available to their fans anymore…
        silly ritee

      • byebicycle

        definitely not just for idols. i remember when hirano aya’s fans went berserk, smashing her cds and whatnot, just for… what was it? mentioning a past relationship or something? i can’t really remember. but it wasn’t even about her currently dating anyone, it was just the fact she shattered some people’s idea of her being ~pure~ or whatever.

      • lwavesurfer

        don’t forget. KPop fans also have the same rules.

        • True. Although it is like 100 times worse in the KPOP fandom.

      • Erhe R.

        Because that’s how idol industry works, he signed for it, nobody forced him.

        • light

          He’s not an idol….

          • Anon

            He does a lot of fan servicey stuff though. He’s a voice actor who’s done not only voiced characters from anime, but he’s also done BL voice acting and also situation/otome CDs (where he plays the character who becomes the listener’s “boyfriend”).

            • Nyanko

              That’s what a popular professional seiyuu do, its called working as a voice actor. That is their scope of work. Still NOT an idol. Btw no known male idol ever did BL or otome voice acting.

              • Anidict13

                He’s considered as an idol by Japanese standards because of his fame and popularity. Although he’s a voice actor, people knows his name and love him. He’s not like how some voice actors who aren’t remembered and appreciated and will only exist behind the screen. He’s known, he’s seen in magazines and pin-up posters, people look up to him, and this has been going one for almost a decade and more. He’s not the only seiyuu who’s viewed as an idol. Daisuke Ono, Yuki Kaji, Hiro Shimono, Yuuichi Nakamura, Kana Hanazawa and many others are as famous as him and are viewed as idol.

      • hasawa

        I totally agree
        But then i hope when the next time the same thing happen to a girl, ppl won’t be like “it’s because that’s a girl/if it was a boy ppl wouldn’t be that outraged/japanese are sexists”
        Wotas are equally crazy on both sides, it’s not sexism, they’re just obsessed with the idea of their ‘idols’ -boys or girls- being ‘pure’ and somewhat waiting for their approval :-/

        • Nyanko

          I disagree about the boy/girl thing. Seriously, a woman having similar obsessed wota pressure will be forced to have her work significantly decrease, further public slandering or forced to hold off her career (ie Aya Hirano, etc). While a man like Kamiyan gets to live his life like nothing happened.

      • Loufinia

        For me, I respect what the fans think and feel about it. It’s how it works in their line of work and in the business. It’s fragile but at the same time serious and complex. It isn’t easy for us Non-Japanese to fully understand those kind of perks but their passion or love for what an actor or artist does is clearly different from ours. Although I may be shocked at this, the information about him being married to a mangaka weighted more. I mean, they’re like a super-combo, you know what I mean? I wouldn’t wonder if in the future some talented child comes in the spotlight and claiming to be the child of these two… sorry, that’s out of topic. ^^||

      • Agreeed

      • Yeah what’s wrong with them having a family life,they are humans too,they need emotional support too! And my respect and liking for them grows even more despite of this issues! DX

    • Babi Hong

      poor guy >.< I understand that its shocking to all of a sudden find out a celeb you like has a child…but this should be a happy announcement to make! crazy otaku.

    • Fuyuko

      like… I get the fan[tard] culture and all, but this is just making me sick! the fact that he and his wife had to hide their relationship and child. he didn’t really need to apologize, tbh.

      he’s one of the best seiyuu, and here’s hoping they won’t cut his work just for choosing to be private.

      • circe154

        Does he do a lot of yaoi? I wonder if the fans are angry because he ruined their fantasy.

        • phoe-enix

          Yes… Not many in the past few years, but quite a lot before

        • Nyanko

          Could be. People ship him with Ono Daisuke as real people (they are pretty close and has a lot of join works) and as the anime characters they played (Durara!!: Izaya/Shizuo or Attack on Titan: Levi/Erwin)

        • Anon

          Yeah, he’s done plenty of yaoi/BL CDs (R-18 in nature). He’s also done situation otome CDs where he plays the character who becomes the listener’s boyfriend.

    • yeah

      I think the fans’ reactions would ultimately depend on how the celebrity market themselves to gain & maintain fans (particularly their spending on that celebrity-related products).
      Now i am not a fan of this man so i don’t know how his pay or popularity is related with his relationship status (i.e. does he sell merchandise targeted to female audiences who would probably less likely to buy things from married/committed men?) but i have always thought that it is proper ethics to announce marriage for celebrity (not only in Japan it seems? as even in Western industry, media will report it). Of course u can say it’s a personal choice to announce marriage status but as celebrity are considered as public figure, i think it is always best for the person to announce their happy occasion even if no one in the press care.

      • The kind of celebrity they are does matter. I have posted several marriage announcements here and I can’t really think of any that have got a negative response, except maybe the Masaharu Fukuyama one. Hell, DAIGO marrying Kitagawa Keiko has pretty much been his whole career this year and has lifted his career to new heights.

      • Stiletto

        Fans probably wouldn’t have reacted so negatively if he hadn’t been constantly pushing the image that he was single. I think it would’ve been better if he had announced it when it happened rather than hide it for years.
        Personally, I think it’s better to just accept it and let it go rather than get angry or upset.

        • phoe-enix

          But, Kamiyan never explicitly stated whether he’s single or married. He never talked about his private life, ever. So he wasn’t pushing his image as a single man. Though, I do agree it would have been better (if it’s true he’s married) if he had announced his marriage so things wouldn’t be this messy.

          • Nyanko

            He never did but it’s undeniable he has this sort of happy ojisan bachelor image and its part of his selling point. It’s not “if” it’s true he’s married, he IS married for more than a couple of years, with a toddler too. I don’t think he’ll win the most popular seiyu award for the past couple of years if his wota knew he’s no longer available.

            Btw, i’m his fan and not mad at him but Kamiyan and his management did gain from hiding his status.

    • K.Y.

      The same happened when Miyano Mamoru announced his (shotgun) marriage. But now he’s popular again so I hope Kamiyan stay as popular as always because he’s a great seiyuu. This people are insane, seriously…It seems they don’t even like his work, they just were fans because he was a single man.

      Personally I’m very happy about this news!

      Also, I’m glad to see in Arama seiyuu related news :_D

      • phoe-enix

        I’m so glad to see seiyuu-related news in Arama too XD But, not so glad that it’s this kind of news… So then after this there will be no more Kamiya Hiroshi awards in the annual seiyuu awards :(
        I wasn’t into anime and seiyuu at the time of Mamo’s, apparently it was so bad people are sending death threats and dead animals to the agency? No wonder there are so few actor/ss being married and having children. And people wonder about declining birthrates…

        • K.Y.

          I’m not happy about his current situation, but I’m happy because he has a family and he seems happy with his private life :)

          Yeah, it’s crazy, not all people can endure something like this.

          • Deanne Carla Quirante

            I totally agree! I am happy that he is not a bachelor all this time.. I am happy that he actually have a wife and daughter that could provide happiness that his popularity could not provide..

            People should respect his talent and leave his private life

        • Olivia Cardone (泉)

          Yeah, people sent letters to Mamo saying they hope his wife has a miscarriage.

      • Will

        Oh, sorry for writing a negative seiyuu-related news. >< Kamiyan is really popular so I am expecting that he'll be able to pull through in spite of this!
        I love his voice and his characters the way I loved Mamo's works. It's sad how shallow fans can be. They can never own them :(

        Yes! I'm also happy for Kamiyan and his family :D

        • K.Y.

          It’s strange because I find some of my favourite seiyuus really atractive, but they’re married and I don’t care! Rather, I think the fact they have a family give them a better image of responsible family men..And it’s not like they talk about them anyway, so I can’t understand the way of thinking of that fans.

      • byebicycle

        lmao maaaaan that brings me back, i used to be a HUGE mamo stan. when he announced his marriage /and/ his wife’s pregnancy all at once (that heartbreaking announcement video…), i basically flipped out. not angrily or anything, i was just completely shocked. so i can sort of understand /why/ people react so strongly. i’ll never understand why people stop being fans though, that just seems really dumb. like… just cry over your broken heart for a bit (even if others think you’re being silly/dramatic), heal up and continue to support your fav.

        • Olivia Cardone (泉)

          Same with Tsubasa Yonaga. I was in shock when he announced it via Twitter but at least it’s better than keeping it a secret for at least five years…

    • nothingsover


      I fully understand the whole idol/celeb single obsession but that doesn’t mean it isn’t wholly absurd. If he was a 20 y/o idol, maybe this type of reaction would be (barely) palatable but this is beyond ridiculous. Japan is the absolute worst about stuff like this. Even Korean fans aren’t this insane. Then again, when Fukuyama Masaharu (a man in his mid/late 40s) got married, women AND their mothers broke down in tears.

      • circe154

        When one of the guys from Smap got married, a girl killed herself. This is pretty tame.

        • phoe-enix

          gosh, really?

          • circe154

            Yeah, when Kimura Takuya got married back in 2000.

      • thisbsagain

        “Even Korean fans aren’t this insane.”
        Are you ABSOLUTELY sure? You tend to make a lot of superficial assumptions.

        • nothingsover

          Of course I’m not absolutely sure. This is a judgment of mine. I can admit that. And when you say “I tend to make a lot of superficial assumptions” what do you mean? Do you know me?

          I think both fans are nuts. Straight up. But my opinion is that when people are raging over 40 y/o men getting married, that’s a certain level of ridiculous that I can’t understand. I definitely am not saying that Korean fans aren’t insane. I’ve met some crazy and creepy AF fans from all sides but from what I’ve seen the excessive idolization of people in Japan who aren’t even idols like seiyuu and even athletes is absurd.

      • Midori

        Even Korean fans aren’t this insane.

        ELF – Super Junior fans – bullied a girl into suicide, so I think they’re about the same level of messed-up!

        • nothingsover

          Um remember the Japanese fan who stabbed Tomita Mayu?

          But reminder: this guy isn’t an idol. He’s also 40. When Suzy, IU, etc announced they were dating, people went crazy but people calmed down over time. The top idols in the country started dating but no one died.

          I’m not saying Korean fans aren’t bad because I think they’re all crazy but considering that Kamiya Hiroshi and Fukuyama Masaharu are 40 y/o men not 20 y/o idols, I think this is way crazier.

          • Light11520

            Actually, you do know they poisoned their idols once right, and caused them to get into car crashes, I think that constitutes as bad as trying to stab someo one.

            • nothingsover

              I didn’t know about that. You’re right. That’s just as bad. I had no idea.

              • Light11520

                It’s fine :), what you said about this was absolutely true, it’s just that by saying KPOP fans aren’t as bad, feels like your giving leeway to their craziness like “their crazy but their a not as crazy as xyz” just rembered they both equally insane.

                • nothingsover

                  Trueee. That reminds me of the Arama article from a year or two ago that talked about how Japan was ranked worst for husbands, and Korea got 2nd worst but Koreans still bragged as if being second worst was great when it means you still suck.

        • nothingsover

          I just went and edited my statement because I realize it was:
          1) not true
          2) sounded very prejudiced
          3) in bad taste
          My sincere apologies. I wrote it in the heat of the moment after having had a similar discussion with a friend.

      • lwavesurfer

        Girl, Korean fans are just as insane, if not worse.

        • nothingsover

          You’re right, and so I just rescinded my previous statement. My apologies.

    • me

      i don’t get this at all! *smh*

    • circe154

      At least they’re selling the goods and not burning them, like when that voice actress got caught with her boyfriend. Otaku are scary.

    • 実花(MiKa)

      Congrats Kamiya Hiroshi! Hope you being happy with your family and just do your best as a seiyuu.

    • light

      Wow i didn’t know voice actors had it as bad as idols, poor man….

    • Alyosha

      This is so stupid. He doesn’t need to apologize for starting his own family! Do fans really expect their favorite celebrities to stay single and pure for the rest of their lives? Man, this is making me want to punch someone in the face, better yet their faces so they can wake up and face reality.

    • REMISU

      I don’t see the problem?

    • Nikki ok

      this is so sad that he has to apologize for having a child and being married, and even having to hide it,what a world…those fans that “graduated” were never real fans to begin with and he’s hopefully better off without them, he’s a grown man in his 40’s, let him settle down and live

    • eplizo

      He’s 41 years old…. what do they expect?

      • Anidict13

        Ikr? Sure, he hid it. But with his age and all, did they really not expect this? Was it really that shocking? Personally, I feel a little downhearted by the news, but I don’t really find his status surprising. I’m more shocked with how brutal the Japanese system is than with Kamiya’s life.

    • byebicycle

      he really shouldn’t have to apologise. that said, i don’t think this will end up having much impact on his career. maybe for a very short time? but not in the long run. i’m actually most surprised by the fact that he managed to hide having a child for what seems to be a pretty long time. it’s not even a newborn or anything, lol.

      • Nyanko

        His child looks about 2 or 3 years old lol. Excellent hiding skills. Tbh I thought he’s a contented bachelor happily living the single life with his cat Nyanko Sensei.

        I’m happy learning he has a thriving family. He has always been my favorite seiyu and I love his range. From Natsume Yujin Cho & as Takemoto in Honey & Clover to Penguin in Shirokuma Cafe, Mephisto in Blue Exorcist and Levi. The dude is amazing and he’s also hilarious with OnoD.

        • byebicycle

          penguin-san!!! goddd shirokuma cafe needs more love

      • ginmadara

        i dont think this will impacthis work at all. he is chosen for work mostly because he has a good voice.

        • byebicycle

          yeah, i shouldn’t have said “career”, i meant more like his popularity.

      • Olivia Cardone (泉)

        Believe me, he will be shunned by fans for a while. It happened when Aya Hirano announced she got married and when Mamoru Miyano announced he was going to be a father.

    • anon

      i think this mostly happens to seiyuu and idols because of how they’re promoted.

    • Amy ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡

      https://twitter.com/kneesocks/status/755663563830755328 Apparently that apology wasn’t real? o_o

      • Will

        He did it on DGS (radio show), not on TV. He explained his side for the sake of the fans who were worried so he apologized. He never confirmed, however, the marriage, by using the word “marriage” directly. He was actually smart in talking about it here especially when he mentioned about how he does not want any discussion about his private life. :)
        If you would like to listen to the radio show, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUAF2R808mc Here! :)

    • yue

      Fans are insane and really need a life! I am mad that he had to apologize! wth with his losers fans?

    • Toreii

      I didn’t know that it was like this for a Voice actor…a flippin voice actor

      • Nyanko

        Seiyu has a large and proffitable fandom. They do tours, popular radio shows and even release singles. Kamiyan actually charted on oricon weekly top 10 once. Some fans are emotionally invested in them just like with idols.

        • Toreii

          I knew some of them get pretty big, but I assumed that it was pretty rare. Like Maaya Sakamoto who doubles as an artist/musician.

          This is pretty crazy

          • Anon

            The voice acting business has gotten pretty big recently. A lot of the newer voice actors are now marketed as idols and have their own photobooks, solo CDs, etc. (i.e Haruka Tomatsu, Maaya Uchida, Eri Kitamura). Many former models/idol singers are also into voice acting too (i,e, Yui Ogura).

    • vragile

      I ship it so much if he really is married to Nakamura Hikaru!! He was Kou in Arakawa Under the Bridge; really love all her comedy series. Congratulations to the couple for their marriage and child!

    • rei93

      When I read the title, I was curious of what he has to apologize for. I wondered if it is something big, only to find out that he only had his own family. I see no problem in that, in fact, I was happy for him. Everyone wants a family of their own. So why do the fans make big a deal out of it? I just hope that this won’t affect his seiyuu career. He is one of my favorites 😭😭. We are always cheering for you Kamiya-san. May God bless you and your family.

    • This sucks on so many levels…..fandoms are scary.

    • lwavesurfer

      Ridiculous. Entitled fans are the worst. You can’t expect your idol stay single forever, can you?

    • Meutia S Aishah

      I wish him good luck in his work and private live. He’s one of my favorite seiyuu after all

    • DemonKingAsura

      This is Why I love Re:Zero and Nagatsuki Tappei, he criticizes this insidious culture in a way through his story.

    • Mayura

      I’m glad to know Hiro-C is happily married with a child. If I remember correctly, his first marriage failed. Hope this time it will be an everlasting union for him.

      p.s. If one is a true fan, one should wish for the best for their idol’s happiness.

    • Erhe R.

      “Japanese fans are known to have this kind of reaction whenever their favorite public figure dates” No, that how idol fans are.

      • Nyanko

        Nope. Kamiya Hiroshi is not an idol. Fukuyama Masaharu is not an idol.

    • aaa

      why is there a need to apologise for observing and cherishing one’s privacy?! japan needs to grow out of this culture. your idol’s life is not yours.

    • abidaharaf

      When I read the 1st few sentences I thought he had an affair or what,any major scandal.
      But turns out he was apologizing for being married and having a kid? Oh,come on. There’s a limit to being a fan. Why so obsessive and possessive? He’s not even an idol.

    • yumsushi

      I’m in despair! This world that forces someone to apologize to their fans for being married hasleft me in despair!

    • Paddy Alfan

      lets bring the japanese freedom!

    • john wayne

      i think it’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard…if you’re a fan, you’re a fan…!!! why should marriage/dating affect your being a fan !!!

      • Deanne Carla Quirante

        agree… personal life of an actor has nothing to do with his private life..

    • seiyuusoon25

      I have always been wishing for HiroC to get married already and start a family.
      He’s already late in the age of marriage give him some slack! He deserves to be happy!
      True that I have and still feeling heartbroken by this news but I’am also happy.

      There will be a time that he will be old enough to retire and what if he still is single by that time? Will you immature fans can take care of him until he dies? Let’s be realistic here! He’s been doing his best for the sake of his fans even hiding the fact that he has a child coz he knows that this will happen!

    • Shinjirannai

      Even seiyuu??? Wtf Japan

    • okimlq

      If you are obsessive enough to attempt to control someone else’s life because it goes against your pre-conceived fantasies of said actor, singer or talent being ‘available’ then you are not a fan. You are a disturbed and mentally ill person. Mature people understand that true love isn’t selfish. If you love your crush as much as you claim to do, you’d wish for their happiness with all your heart even if that happiness wasn’t because of you.

      If you can’t handle your idols living life for themselves and their happiness you have issues.
      Deep issues.

      • Could not have said it better. Tbh, I’ve been really stressed out about the whole subject after it happened, because I’m… well, one of the normal people.

    • This is why I hate no-dating & no-marriage policies applied in talent agencies just because they’re afraid of losing profit made from talent marketing. They should promote talents, not someone’s virginity. Their diehard fans are also a bunch of dumbasses too because being salty over someone raising a family. Like, c’mon Japan… Don’t you want more population?

    • Pirado

      So they are bashing him… for having a son? Buff If I were him I would say them to fuck off.

    • Sylvr Tyz

      The fact that Kamiya-san had to issue an apology triggers me. Even though, yes, the culture there is different and very focused on manners, humility and respect, CAN’T HIS FANS (the ones that were outraged) HAVE SOME RESPECT OF KAMIYA-SAN? HE’S 41 AND HAS A FAMILY, CAN THEY NOT BE HAPPY THAT HE HAS A FAMILY OF HIS OWN? Just because one is married does not mean that they retire straight away. Why is it that when faced with something that they do not like, the fans disregard not even their culture, but basic MANNERS in regards to another person? If anything, the fans should be the ones issuing the apology. Kamiya-san has done nothing wrong. He is not obligated to tell the world that he is married or has a child. I would think that one as famous as he is would not want to pressure his (young) child and wife with his fame. People are inherently judgemental, and the outrage that he is no longer single that would be placed on not only his family, but also himself is horrible. This is why many people say that if you do not have anything good to say, then don’t say it. This is especially true in this case considering that it was just a small group of very outspoken fans of Kamiya-san’s that forced him to give out an apology for being married and creating his own family. YOU FANS BOUGHT HIS MERCH FOR A REASON AND THAT WAS BECAUSE YOU LIKED HIM OR THE MERCH! BEING MARRIED DOES NOT CHANGE THE BLOODY REASON WHY YOU BOUGHT HIS MERCH. If anything, you should cherish the fact that Kamiya-san is in a happy relationship and put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel if many people were unhappy because you were single in their eyes, but the moment they find out that you were married and with a child, they blow up at you? Especially if you don’t personally know over half of the people outraged.

      Sigh…people are idiots.

    • Sulaiman AL-BaKr

      Now that’s crazy!!
      I though South Korea have this kind of stuff now even japan.

    • 678

      I just don’t understand how can they hate him for have a family. It’s nonsense
      I love him, I’m his fan and I’m happy for him, because he is not doing anything bad or wrong, he shound’t apologize

    • Anidict13

      NO!! WHY ARE THEY DOING THAT!! These so called fans are hurting Kamiya-san!

    • It’s sad to see ‘fans’ hating on him for having a private life. Why can’t they just accept that:
      1) He may not look like it but he is in his freaking 40s for heaven’s sake just leave him alone.
      2) he won’t even become yours anyway :P
      Well I don’t think they are true fans anyway. Other popular seiyuus like Miyano Mamoru and Suzumura Kenichi are also married but they didn’t receive as much hate. I’m starting to love Kamiya even more (as a fan obviously. He’s like 2.5-ish times my age)now that I know he’s married (well as the rumour says).

    • UpURs

      I am absolutely happy for Hiroshi-kun and wish him the best in life!

    • Olivia Cardone (泉)

      Apparently they met during the recording sessions of Arakawa Under the Bridge as he voiced the main male character. Also, Nakamura mentioned that she would be going on maternity leave back in 2011. I can see why he kept it secret as he won the most popular male voice actor of 2016. Most of his fans are female too. As a major fan, I will continue to support him but I wouldn’t be surprised if his popularity went down.

      • Olivia Cardone (泉)

        I still have major respect for him but I still feel like we Kamiya fans have been toyed with…

    • Anon

      I’m so happy to know he found someone AND has a child!
      For gods sake, he’s over 40 years old. It was time for him to have someone in his life…
      That’s a side I really hate in the entertainment industry: If they try to get a girl/boyfriend or married they have to apologize or their career is ruined (or both)
      In the KPOP industry, I remember how when Shinhwa members announced that they had girlfriends, they wasn’t that much of a fuss (AFTER their military service)
      But I still feel that women are treated worse than men… in the same situation…

    • Upik Abu

      I wish they are have a happy lovely life ^3^
      Come on, they have rights to choose their life. I have a crush on Levi too, but this is silly that we hate him just like that.

      Thank’s for your work Kamiya-san, to give soul in some characters :D

      Life is must go on. Ciao!

    • Jessy Chong

      This is pathetic!!! What’s wrong with this type of crazy fans around the world, seriously!? I used to be a hardcore fan back when i was real young, like teens up to young adult. BUT never once i go crazy like this just because my fav idol, seiyuu or any celebs around the globe get into a relationship, engage or marriage. Like wtf people!? We all know we can never have any of my fav celebs. We can only fantasize him or her anytime we want, even got wetdream sometimes (okay hush!). But to actually overly indulge yourself into their private life, life beyond what they offer..hence, the job as idol/seiyuu/actress/actor etc…you need a thorough medical help hun. And FAST!

      Sure i did have a fair share of heartbreak back in the days, but just a simple crack in the heart. That’s it! And i moved on real quick, and still love him or her until now. For example, my most fav seiyuu is still Ishida Akira..(still my Queen of Uke or my King of sexy-hot-ikemen-fk-me-voice). Sure, i did fantasize i’m in a secret relationship with him or think i would marry him back in the days, but reality speaking…you think i’d be going crazy if i am to find out he’s having a quality time with his choice of family!? NO EFFING WAY!!! Shocking? Yes!! I admit that it come as a shocking news to me BUT sure as hell i’d be happy for him right after that.

      Soooo i don’t really understand all these ‘sasaeng fan’, ‘graduate’, slice my hand or leg with razorblades, kill myself and shit. I tried to be on your shoes ‘crazy fans’, but i just can’t comprehend why do you have to act all salty and crazy. It gets in my nerves sometimes seeing all this bullshit! I really do wish this type of fans can get mature enough to realize that their fav celebs are just ordinary people with their own personal life, and NOT just a ‘figure’ they think they can own for themselves.

      As to Kamiya and any seiyuus that have this kind of ‘relationship problems’, i will always respect your professionalism and craft as a seiyuu (an amazing seiyuu for some), and that will never change no matter what’s your personal circumstances. Unless you raped, torture and kill people..then yeah, i might be damn pissed over here and ‘graduate’. LOL!!

    • Kimkoko

      What a great news ! I wish them all the happiness in the world. I wish this type of apologize could stop though, why apologize for having a happy love and family life ? But then again, I come from another way of thoughts on that matter so yeah…

    • The senpai

      Honestly I think stuff like this is great! Like, a VA dating a mangaka, that sounds so romantic! How can their fans not geek out about that kind of stuff?!

    • SamuraiSx

      o myy please be happy my dear Kamiya-sempai :)))) gosh whats here to apologize? the utmost option is to celebrate :DDD [though I shipped him with Ono lol xD *fujoshijoke*]
      and WHY YOU DIDNT MENTION HE VOICED IZAYYYAAAAA from DURARARA!! and Natsume from NATSUME YUUJINCHO!!!!!! grrrrr most favorable anime you forget ><

    • HiroC had always been a private person and I’m not surprised that he’s married and has a child. To be honest, I’m actually happy he’s finally spoken about it since it’s such a difficult matter to bring up given the idol taboo that Japan culture has implicated. I think his fans who are shock and reacted negatively should be ashamed of themselves. How could you have caused HiroC to ask your permission in wanting to act? Honestly, don’t you love him because he’s a great Seiyuu? Yes he’s a great person but let the man live his life as he pleases. You don’t own him and as fans you should be happy for him. HiroC loves his job and it shows but you got to let him breathe. He’s not getting any younger and I really wished him to have at least settled down sooner and experience the life of a father. I think he’d be a great father and I have a feeling OnoD must have been best man at the wedding. I’m sure no one spoke about it on his behalf as respect to his privacy. Supposed fans, I beg you to not be disrespectful to HiroC or his wife or child because that’s just disgraceful.

    • csws

      People don’t get the point about the rubbish seiyuu system smh