‘Pokémon’ anime reaches the landmark of 1000 episodes

The world sure loves these colorful pocket-sized creatures! Modelpress reported that TV Tokyo will broadcast the 1000th episode of the popular anime ‘Pokémon’ on November 9th. The anime that has since conquered the world began 20 years ago when Ash (Satoshi in Japan, voiced by Rica Matsumoto) began chasing his dream of becoming a pokémon master in 1997.

To celebrate the milestone, TV Tokyo will hold various events and drafts. In addition, a special seiyuu guest will appear in the 1000th episode. Comedian Sunshine Ikezaki will make his voice actor debut in the episode, playing a pocket monster named Sleeper, a Psychic-type pokémon.

With its 1000th episode ‘Pokémon’ joins a commendable list of long-running anime shows that have passed the magical landmark. The list includes, for example, the longest-running anime title ‘Sasae-chan’ (over 7500 episodes as of October, 2017), the space cat ‘Doraemon’ (~1700 episodes) and Japan’s forever favorite ‘Chibi Maruko-chan’ (~1100 episodes). A nice club to belong to, don’t you think?

(Via Modelpress, TV Tokyo)

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    • HevRev

      As a franchise Pokemon is great but, personally, as an anime I’ve always prefered Digimon.

      • PigeonPop

        That seems to be the popular opinion to make on the English internet, but do you really like it beyond Adventures and Tamers?

        • HevRev

          Fair point, I didn’t watch beyond Tamers (not sure why I never watched Frontier, it was apparently broadcast in the UK but I don’t remember ever seeing it on TV) and I watched Pokemon up until roughly the same point. So I suppose my loyalty is to the original Digimon.

          Digimon Tri has been a good reminder of what I loved about the original seasons, the characters in particular, I’ve really enjoyed it. Whereas I’ve never been tempted to revisit the Pokemon anime. It’s just down to personal preference I guess.

    • PigeonPop

      It certainly is a nice club to be part of, and I am thankful that OLM and TV Tokyo are behind it. If the studio was Toei and the parent network was NTV / TBS / Fuji / Asahi the anime would probably have self-imploded by around Gen. 3 (2002 ~ 2005). Instead, the Sun/Moon series is enjoying a nice resurgence and is the highest rated anime in the kids demographic–a highly significant statistic as more and more franchises are only able to pull in older viewers through nostalgic appeal.

      Also, Rica is a phenomenal voice actress. Very few can pull off a convincing shonen voice as powerful as hers, and maintain it while singing.

    • Cant believe that Pokemon and Chibi Maruko-chan is still running until today. What else can they put in the storyline? I’m seriously curious.

      • PigeonPop

        For many of the long-running non-shonen shows, the storyline is probably not even a concern at this point. The goal is to present slice of life at its most basic form for the family audience to watch and banter about over dinner. This is especially true for the Maruko-chan~Sazae-san block which is the cornerstone of prime time Sunday on Fuji TV.

        Pokemon is on a somewhat similar cycle now. Loosely follow the latest mainline games but remain simple and familiar enough (e.g., keep Satoshi/Ash and Pikachu) that former viewers can easily hop back in with their children. It’s formulaic, but stable and vibrant.