K-Pop Girl Group Cosmic Girls Copies Perfume?

Perfume is known as much for their eye-catching visuals as they are for their distinctive brand of electropop within the Japanese music industry, but it appears as if these visuals have caught the eye of the K-Pop industry as well.

Cosmic Girls, also known as Wu Ju So Nyeo or WJSN, is a 13-member girl group created by the Korean company Starship Entertainment and the Chinese company Yuehua Entertainment, featuring both Korean and Chinese members. Ahead of the release of their debut album “Happy Moment”, Cosmic Girls released the music video teaser for the album’s lead single, “Happy.” And that’s where the trouble began…

Twitter user @sweetttch noticed the similarities between the teaser for “Happy” and the CM for Perfume’s 2013 single “Magic of Love.” The tweet has nearly 30,000 retweets at the time of writing and nearly 5,000 likes.

So is it blatant copying, mere inspiration, or an innocent coincidence? You decide!

Cosmic Girls


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    • Samurai Heart

      They copied the concept of the mv but not the music itself.

      • PlusPlus

        Copying the concept is still copying. Just like how K-Pop fans accused every other artist and groups for copying their fav. group/artist MV concept, songs, etc.

        • Samurai Heart

          yeah I know. I’m just saying their concept is really copied. Ofc common sense it’s still copying.

    • eplizo

      A BLATANT ass rip lol.

    • queens of being plagiarized
      I see they have a song titled baby face in their album too, same as the song on Perfume’s worst album, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f25083fba711eb1a2eb7c64eeeae42713d8fd51021ee75619723aa9577e19892.gif


    • james

      Korea also copied AKB48

    • hizurisama

      perfume keep slaying
      tho i don’t think amuse would sue them lmao

      • id love to see the world burn so im hoping amuse does tee hee

        • hizurisama

          me too, i’d love to see that hot mess ehe

      • The most I see happening is them taking out the similar scenes in the final video if it’s not a huge part tbh

    • Patrick Henry de Dios

      I’d like to see how the Cosmic Girls perform then I’d see that they didn’t just copied the MV.

    • hasawa

      Perfume will never look like crooked ass plastic dolls tho
      These girls better try harder lol

      • lol

        weren’t you the one in another post talking about how degrading it is to bring up a woman’s looks??

        fake ass ho

        • hasawa

          I’m into not bringing up women’s look when their job isn’t about about capitalizing on them
          Kpop (along with idoling or models) is mostly about apparence & good looks. (they wouldn’t so much PS otherwise)
          Nice try though, troll

          • you’re a hypocrite lmfao

            some of those girls are underaged and told to do so by their companies. so “nice try” my ass, you’re only a defender when you’re interested. apparently these girls (or crooked ass plastic dolls?) aren’t worthy.

            • hasawa

              …that reach tho lmao
              Yah well, whatever sis.

              • OrangeCaramel

                It’s not a reach. You’re fake as hell.

                • hasawa

                  *says the nobody from the web*

                  • OrangeCaramel

                    You think you’re somebody? LMAO says the person with a video game fanart icon…. we’re all nobodies here genius.

                    • hasawa

                      *says the triggered nobody from the web*

      • Carm

        Japanese men are fucking crooked ass plastic dolls

        • i don`t think you understand.

    • T

      Nothing about K-pop is original. J-pop has a lot of copying too but they don’t take themselves as seriously as K-pop does.

      • honey girl

        Lol Dont get brave. Bc as soon as a 48/46 stan says something like “Million selling Queens”, yall riot.

        • T

          Huh??? Are you replying to the right comment or is your head, as usual, too far up Utada’s ass to see properly?

          • PigeonPop

            Now now, no need to bring Utada into this.

          • oop


          • MomoHirai


          • BAD KID


      • FoucaultAnderson

        You won’t be talking trash about Kpop once Twice comes and slays everyone!!!

        • MomoHirai

          Omg here comes trolls pretending to be Twice fans.

          • nasty canasta

            girl chill.
            Releasing original japanese songs are sign of desire to win over japanese people, thus a sign of respect. But that’s something that most kpop groups promoting in Japan dont do.
            People are expecting Twice to do so since they have japanese members and their japanese debut were hyped a lot

            • MomoHirai

              1.) They would be stupid to not promote TT when its going viral there. Kara and SNSD both did the same thing when the first debuted in Japan. They didn’t release original songs the first time.
              2.) We all know Twice is going to release original JPN songs after this album.
              3.) If people are expecting Twice to release Original content right off the bat cause they have Japanese members then thats kind of crazy, Sana Mina and Momo don’t control their promotions tactics.
              4.) Everyone knew it was going to be a Best Of album for the past 2-3 months
              5.) I am chill lmao. There is nothing to be mad about

        • Kusen Goto

          Legendary native Japanese line singing like Korean is their first language!!

          • MomoHirai

            Tried it.

            • Kusen Goto

              눈빛을 보내 눈치를 주네

        • simplequestion

          please tell me this will not be their main track for Japan debut…
          why don’t they produce a new single especially for debut in Japan?

        • WorldGN18

          I would have liked this if it weren’t because you went and behave like the stereotypical annoying/delusional Kpop fan, I’m not a fan of Twice mostly because I do’t like their live performances, but I like the girls and their music, so I hope they do well in Japan!! Now I need Gfriend to have a Japan debut too!!

    • Dalooshe

      Well even if they copied the video, they still need to do something about the charisma of these girls aaaand the music…

    • Bubi.

      damn that’s blatant, but dat Korean production value. is this a DIGIPEDI video?

      • sarajgh

        Nope, it’s by FantazyLab

    • Amy

      Don’t diss the girls diss the director thirsty stans. Get your hate pointed in the right direction instead of making this a shitty national proxy fight and crapping on looks.

      Passing through doors is a common thing. It’s not move for move exact but it’s pretty close. But they didn’t invent it either.

      • Bubi.

        Sweety, yes “passing through doors” is a “common thing” but the way the seamless door with the patterns on looks like it could literally be from the same set shows how the Perfume video was more than just a reference when creating this.

        It doesn’t have to be move for move exact to be a copy. In visual arts, its about affect of something that deems a copy. The whole pacing is EXTREMELY similar. People are always like “blame someone else! the girls are innocent! eonnie didn’t mean it!” but no one is blaming the girls themselves as they don’t have any artistic input. As a group, they’re a product like any other idol group regardless of country of origin so they will get judged by their final product.

        • Amy

          There’s comments shitting on how they look already that’s what I was referring to. The stuff goes personal way too quick in stan culture. And I did say it’s similar. I’m not saying it wasn’t a copy.

          I don’t really have a dog in the fight because I’m not a big fan of the group but the speed in which the heat turns up in things like this annoys the fuck out of me. People can’t wait to drag.

          Thanks for calling me sweety? I guess.

          • Bubi.

            Yeah but you tried to downplay its similarity. It’s exact.

    • That Perfume reign just won’t let up


    • redbully

      I’d say Cosmic Girls copied SNSD, OMG, Lovelyz, Apink, Viction, and every other korean mv that uses bright colors and tight composition. Basically, this is stupid as fuck and it just brings out the weebos.

    • lina

      lol some jpop artist copie kpop too so stop this. jealous .jpop sucks kpop is popular worldwide anyway.we don’t need your opinion

      • lmao kpop desperately needs the west because its home country cant pay for how much it costs,while japan’s market doesnt need worldwide popularity because it’s perfectly self sufficient

        what that means? japan makes art, korea makes marketable bullshit for the overseas masses to buy xoxo

        • MeiYan

          They can’t even pay their animators minimum wage. They’re always overworking for little to no money, so I wouldn’t call that self-sufficient.

          Plus it’s good that international KPop fans actually buy music/albums when a lot of JPop fans just download illegally because it’s not readily available.

          • Sue Gc

            There’s nothing wrong with being wanting to be marketable worldwide. Point is : kpop isn’t. They may have hordes of teens streaming MVS 100s of times in a day globally but the countries that actually keep the hallyu engine going are Japan and China, and these are the countries that koreaboos shit on the most. The superiority+inferiority complex is amazing in them is sorta amazing.

            Besides, if you looked at the stats, the profits generated by the animation industry in Japan have been the highest since its inception in this decade. Only one in four anime studios is losing money as opposed to only one in four American gaming studios that’s churning profits. Nearly 35% of anime DVD+merchandise sales come from overseas.

            The fact that Japanese animators aren’t being paid well reflects a capitalistic society where the CEO gets paid exponentially more money than the both rung employees which FYI S.Korea is a victim of too. Just look at all the lawsuits SM has against it for instance

      • Kanjo Maru

        Chill, you’re so desperate.

      • Celine Romina Sulit

        Your first point would’ve sufficed. But to call out jpop as ‘sucky’ is not just an insult to the fans of Jpop but to the music culture of Japan itself. It would do you good to keep that in mind the next time you insult another genre of music.
        Furthermore, cut the ‘we don’t need your opinion’ line. As far as the world is concerned, there is always space to voice out opinions. The same space is given for discourse. Call them out to talk, however do not undermine what they have to say.

      • Christopher Palu

        “we don’t need your opinion”

        but your oppas and unnies needs yens

        + J-music is more popular than K-music worldwide, so?
        I am pretty sure 10+ year old legend Perfume fans are jealous of a 1-year old group lmao. It is not that deep

      • i can’t tell if this comment is satire

      • But KPop is marketing to everyone so everyone’s opinion is relevant.

      • lwavesurfer

        then why are Kpop idols trying to sell out in Japan if they don’t need Japanese opinions???

        • MeiYan

          The opinions part is stupid but the reason why KPop idols are in Japan is because there are Japanese people that like KPop. A few KPop groups even do better in Japan than they do in Korea.

          • lwavesurfer

            Yeah I know that. OP is dumb, that’s why I’m asking question so they can use their heads

      • U make my heart go DUJUN DUJUN

        “some jpop artist copie kpop too so stop this.”
        receipts pls?

      • J-pop is getting more popular worldwide…

      • Sue Gc

        You do realize that nearly 80% of the Hallyu money comes from Japan? What’s the point of the so called “worldwide popularity” if the Koreaboos need to shit on japanese entertainment sites only to have their oppas to crawl into Japan for money to feed their stomachs?

    • Orlando Naninho Costa

      Kpop copy Jpop has always been like this
      Jpop is better 😍😍😍
      Brazil loves jpop

    • Matcha

      Kpop has been copying Jpop and Western from the start!

    • aainaa

      wow.. that part of the MV is very very similar.. & please watch the video before u comment.. it’s like some of the people commenting here did not even watch the video..
      I was reading through the comments expecting Jpop vs Kpop wars & there it is XD..

      • sowons thumbs

        it’s not in the music video. watch the actual music video.

    • Seollumi

      what the heck, I see how people can view it similar, but also? lmao
      it’s a form of cinematography? unless ya’ll are claiming perfume owns the right to this video transition style that’s pretty much used a lot.
      Also i know ya’ll gonna say “did you even watch the vid?” pls i watched it 97381692387162 times.
      Perfume DOESN’T OWN the transition style.
      Perfume DOESN’T OWN cute and lively patterns and colors.
      having those 2 things in the same thing doesn’t necessarily mean they IMMEDIATELY RIPPED OFF Perfume?
      Cute patterns and shit are one of the MOST COMMONLY USED THINGS IN BOTH K-POP AND J-POP??? So I really don’t understand what ya’ll tryin to prove.

      ALSO, what is this Korea vs Japan bullshit, just pls stop it.

      • Kusen Goto

        It is a common video transition, that is true, but it comes down to execution. And COSMIC GIRLS executed it in a way that was exactly like Perfume’s that most likely required VERY SPECIFIC references during creation. It’s reductive.

        • Seollumi

          What u expect, we use a stone door with intricate carvings? :^)))
          Jokes aside, If you still think that way then…… pls watch the full MV release, JUNE 7, 6PM KST, cuz ya’ll keep judgin a 16 second teaser.

          Also trust me, stankshit entertainment has done so much wrong things :))))))

          • Bubi.

            “What u expect, we use a stone door with intricate carvings? :^)))”

            Maybe then it would be unique.

          • hmmm

            yes, the only other option is a stone door with intricate carvings. honestly please. that transition scene is a ripoff. each room/door having its own unique pattern is a ripoff, as well as the door shut part. if you can’t see it cool, but 30,000+ people agree something ain’t right here.

    • The1

      Articles like these are best left to kpop “news” sites like Allkpop and AsianJunkie that thrive off of instigating between fanclubs.

      To say that its a direct copy is a bit much, imo, tons of concepts, visuals and MV directing are similar amongst kpop groups. In fact, something similar to this style (the box in a box effect) was done by two other groups last year (one had 11 members). I doubt the director was like, “Let me steal this from perfume!”, but rather just needed a way to transition between so many girls, I mean this one has 13.

      • honey girl

        Arama isn’t above those sites either. Instigation is why this site is still thriving.

        • Would you prefer more music charts and indie music posts?

      • Bubi.

        Very Very Very is a hallway while Happy is literally the same exact thing lmao.

    • honey girl

      Yall really trying to use transition effects as ammo…really. The obsession. smh

      • Bubi.

        you would understand obsession considering your obsession that you keeps coming back to this site to just solely criticize it lmao

        • adornment1

          let her have something. she has to use her alt account adornment2 to even get a like.

          • adornment1

            update: she has renamed her adornment2 account to “Jessica Tuck” to try and avoid this scalping.

            • adornment1

              update 2: she has now deleted the account. clockT.

          • You mean an account that had never once commented before and only came out to upvote comments miss Honey wrote and ones that followed her narrative was none other than Honey Girl herself? Considered me shookened

        • You mean an account that had never once commented before and only came out to upvote comments miss Honey wrote and ones that followed her narrative was none other than Honey Girl herself? Considered me shookened

    • angel223_

      They are really almost the same!. O.O
      I wonder if the full PV will look the same too?, it would be Perfume version 2.0 Korea style.

      but isn’t rude to copy like that, but as saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

    • Not surprising since KARA also used the same concept as Flowers PV not that long ago. The similarities are obvious.

    • FoucaultAnderson

      The song sounds like shit.

    • fluffy_seventeen

      As long as they don’t copy the song or the actual MV then it’s not as bad but it’s definitely more then a coincidence, I wonder if it’s a media play…

      • Kusen Goto

        Why is it not as bad? Why is copy a song worse than copying a visual?

        • fluffy_seventeen

          Don’t get me wrong it’s still bad just in my opinion copying a trailer vs copying a full song and MV is much worse

      • Well KPop lives for mediaplay…

    • ㅡㅡ

      But do you guys even see that WJSN have sport concept and how can you judge the 16 sec teaser lol ?


        The concept is not the issue it’s just that scene is extremely similar to perfume’s

      • The word concept exists outside of the K-pop definition.

    • Okay, it’s blatant copying but ya’ll don’t have to be so mad.

    • Sistar didn’t die for this!

    • lwavesurfer

      They’re not even trying to be subtle.

    • JMMPP

      There is no denying, it looks practically identical… What was Starship even thinking? Working with artistic directors whom clearly have no shred of originality or individuality whatsoever. That will definitely put the girls in an awkward position 😐😒

    • kashiyuka

      Did the original tweet poster get backlash? Bc her tweets are now locked.

      • Probably attacked by Cosmic Girl fans.

    • Totokoko

      Apparently in Korea they call this a “homage”.

    • K.

      Wow, I was ready to say its a stretch cause zooming through rooms like that is quite common, but it is EXACT. Wow.

    • SlyMoonFox

      Starship please just give us more gay music videos if you don’t have anymore creativity.

    • U make my heart go DUJUN DUJUN

      why does all the famous non big 3 kpop agencies always looked so lost whenever they lost their moneymaker?
      *judging Starship ent so hard*
      but still, it’s not something called plagiarism. The setting and the camera panning are just extremely similar.

    • Guest

      i just remembered how arashi and Exo fandom had a kind of fan war few days ago about stealing the LED penlight idea. idk why i remembered this when i read this article XD

      • goingtojpn

        yeah that discussion was nuts, more even because it wasn’t the original idea of any of them 2 XD

    • jisooslisp

      Consider it reperations for the Imjin War

    • jisooslisp

      It really is a shame that of all the J-Pop K-Pop stories you could’ve done you chose this one. I mean you gotta have your clickbait right? Of course you have to pick this one that stirs up fanwars. When NHK is doing a nice story about Twice and their Japanese members you have to stir up hate. I’ve also noticed this disturbing trend where weeaboos adopt the anti-korean attitudes of some netouyo. Not in a blatant way but in a passive-aggressive way.

      • Himi Tsu

        I don’t particularly think it’s made to stirs up fanwars. I think it’s also there to inform. I am not on Twitter, and without such articles I wouldn’t even know about that. Culture-wise, I think it was nice that this article was posted in Arama. In the future, I’ll be able to understand talks about this.

      • We don’t really post about K-pop artists unless it directly implicates a Japanese artist or is significant within Japanese culture or entertainment. This isn’t a K-pop site.

      • Sue Gc

        Netizenbuzz exists. Go there for your kpop news


      All these Kpop fans coming from twitter trying to say it’s not a copy

    • Midori

      The full MV is out already and the plagiarised part isn’t in it. I guess it was just for the teaser…bad enough, though. It’s the power of Perfume, I guess! *legends*


      Don’t like the song or the MV.

      • The house set when zoomed out is really cute and the graphic design is top notch!

    • sowons thumbs

      laughing at all the butthurt jpop stans after cosmic girls released the actual music video

      • That doesn’t negate the fact they directly copied perfume’s music video teaser, but get your kiis sissy.

    • Hyuk-Ki Kwon

      I don’t think so. I saw a couple of Jpop (like ak-47) and Kpop is much more mature than Jpop.
      In order for Kpop to copy Jpop, Kpop artists must have buck teeth, and short height.
      They have neither. Instead, Kpop has beautiful girls who can dance like no one can.
      There are some Japanese girls in TWICE and they look more like Korean than Japanese.
      I think it is the other way around. Jap copying Kpop…

      • Totokoko


      • hm


      • Not very smart are you…

      • Sue Gc

        You left this part out: They also need to have their faces shaved, cut, stretched, lasered, peeled and bloated with fillers, their stomachs empty for most part of the year, their legs injected with carboxy shots.

    • linya

      justice lmaoo

    • aictopus

      First you have to ask yourself, does it infringe on anyone’s creative rights? Nope. It may be nearly the same, but does it really matter? Nope. Why? Because that’s how art forms work, folks. You will never find a truly unique and new idea anywhere. You know good and well that Perfume weren’t the first people to do that. Tbh, it all looks like something Target would make a commercial out of.

      • Bubi.

        How do it not infringe on anyone’s creative rights? You yourself say it’s nearly the same. If your argument is that perfume wasn’t the first to do it, then post examples that prove it.

        • aictopus

          It doesn’t infringe because it’s not a copyrighted concept. There is no infringement, just angry fans pointing fingers. You think Perfume’s creative team just invented a new transition effect? The fact is, they broke no laws. Nothing is unique in the industry, nothing. This is one of the huge reasons why I hate both the Kpop and Jpop fandoms. They are full of petty, biased people who can’t see something for what it is. You can complain about it all you want, but in the end, all your favs have copied others in some way or another. Nothing is original, and it’d be nice if everyone just grew up and stopped acting like whiny 10 year olds fighting over pop bands.

          • Bubi.

            It doesn’t need to be registered for copyright to be copyrighted, that just makes it easier to prove in court. It’s voluntary. A copyright is established when an original work is created tangibly/publicly. If you’re going to talk law, familiarize yourself.


            I don’t think they created a new affect nor is it patented or trademarked, but the way it is utilized is exactly the same beyond just a “transition”. That’s what separates it from using a similar idea to copying. Where are the links show me other similar works sweety?

    • Kime

      I don’t know why you guys are arguing about J-pop vs K-pop. I’m pretty sure the majority of you here don’t even understand the languages and probably even mixed them up before. Just enjoy music for the sake of entertainment.

      I will say that the teasers definitely look the same but the songs and official MV are nothing alike. I watched and listened to both and am not bias.

      • How would you mix them up? They sound completely different.

        • Kime

          That’s because you know what each language sounds like now and you know the difference. I said the word “before” meaning like first time listeners. A lot of people listening to a Japanese or Korean song for the first time would automatically assume it’s Chinese or something because they don’t know any better. There are also people that would casually listen to a JPop or KPop song and don’t care to know the difference because they don’t understand what they’re saying anyway. To them it’s just Asian people singing.

          • Sue Gc

            This isn’t yahoo or google or youtube. People don’t just randomly stumble into arama. If people are coming here, clicking on an article and commenting, clearly they are familiar with one of these languages at the very least. To them it’s not “just Asian people singing”. And even if some people did mix them up “before”, how does that change anything else ? So your argument makes no sense.

            • Kime

              I wasn’t trying to argue. I was just expanding on what I meant by ‘before’. Sorry if I don’t make sense…. I guess I’m just trying to say that I don’t understand why people like to argue about if JPop or KPop is better to the point that people say things like “Japan is superior” or something like that and make it a racial thing. I grew up hearing those kind of comments so I guess I get annoyed by it.

    • WorldGN18

      They could have at least rip of a lesser known artist that Perfume, did they seriously thought no one would notice!? For things like this even though I like some Kpop acts I cannot get into Kpop as a whole, I mean yeah is not like the Japanese music industry is flawless, but Korean one gets on my nerves, and everything is just so bland

    • KaiMD

      The funniest thing that Kpop fan always say Jpop copy Kpop and talked like Kpop invented everything. They said Kpop revised and turn it into their own style but when something look exactly the same like this, They suddenly say Perfume doesn’t own anything :v

    • MeiYan

      Who even listens to J-pop anymore. It was popular back when I was in high school. I used to like Perfume but after many years their monotone singing makes all their music sound the same. K-pop is popular now but that trend will die someday too. K-pop is doing better internationally than J-pop did though because they actually acknowledge their international fans. The Japanese are so strict with their music that they don’t make it easily available internationally and purchasing Japanese albums is expensive. J-pop will forever only be known as “anime music” in the west.

      • city

        People have been saying that cupitron copied Perfume wth?


        And? This article is about the rip off cosmic girls tried not about you getting tired of them and that Japanese and Korean artists are better . Amuse doesn’t let them try to change it up but their last album is less monotone.