Peco and Ryucheru Announce Marriage

Wedding bells are ringing for famous Harajuku fashion couple Peco and Ryucheru. On December 31st the two announced that they’ve already registered their marriage and will appear on NHK‘s ‘Shiawase News‘ (16:00-18:00) to speak about the matter.

The two met in 2014 while working in an apparel store together and began dating after one month; and moved in with each after half a year. Arama!Japan wishes the happy couple the best!

via ModelPress

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    • H

      Good for them. But poor Peko, only Ryucheru was top trending on twitter.

      • REMISU

        In one of the interviews, I think peco said that she is fine with ryucheru being the one in the limelight, and that she’s actually shy.. or something like that? So maybe she’s okay with not being in the top trending.

        • CongratsToTheCouple^^

          Yeah they are a family now. Who cares which one is trending? Other time it might be in reverse :)

    • rinpeko

      Congrats. After watching a dokkiri sp on him I really like Ryucheru attitude. He is an awesome person. Wishing both a happy lasting marriage

    • Good for them. :)

    • pandaapple

      aww im so happy for them!

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      Isn’t he gay?

      • rinpeko

        Just because he wears makeup and has feminine demeanor doesn’t mean he’s gay. He could be straight or bi. Ryucheru oportunity to become a talento was because he’s Peko boyfriend and he has always shown his love for Peko since his first appearance on air.

        • yamakita

          Japanese sexuality is quite a mysterious thing.

    • light


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    • Jin Hur

      The hell? He’s gay as hell. How is he with her.