[WATCH] “Fullmetal Alchemist” Live Action Full Trailer

After 3 teaser trailers, the live action film “Fullmetal Alchemist” finally unveiled its full trailer. The 90 second video packs in more action, alchemy, CG and drama featuring several famous scenes from the anime and manga. The trailer also features the theme song “Kimi no Soba ni Iruyo” (I’m by your side) performed by MISIA. The song will be released on November 29 but was already previewed on radio last night.

“Fullmetal Alchemist” will premiere at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival on October 25 and will be released in Japan on December 1. It will be screened in over 400 screens, including IMAX and 4DX screens, largest screen count in the history of Japanese films.

The film reportedly used CG techniques never before used in Japanese filming and seeks to surpass current quality and visual effects technology standards of Japanese films.

Will they succeed?

The movie held its completion stage greeting last October 3 attended by the cast, Yamada Ryosuke, Honda Tsubasa, Dean Fujioka, Matsuyuki Yasuko and director Sori Fumihiko.

During the presscon, it was announced that newcomer actor, Mizuishi Atomu won the casting for the voice of Alphonse Elric. Mizuishi was originally hired as Al’s motion capture actor after besting 100 other candidates during an audition for the role. Though having no voice acting experience, he was eventually chosen to voice the character because of his impressive acting.

During the fierce battle scene between the brothers due to the growing distrust between them, he had such a superb performance that the director decided there was no need to dub any further, due to the high degree of perfection for this scene, the staff decided to appoint him as Al’s voice actor as well.

Regarding the reason behind the choice of casting the newcomer actor, Director Sori commented, “Mizuishi was originally casted as the stand-in actor for CG Al to act along Yamada who portrays Ed. Before filming, we originally planned on using a different actor to voice Al. Just as the shooting progressed, his acting as the stand-in actor was really wonderful, especially during the fighting scene between the brothers, and looking at the exquisite combination between him and Yamada, we decided to appoint Mizuishi as Al’s voice actor as well. So this major casting was won by Mizuishi’s own ability.”

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    • AoZora

      Trailor looks promising..

    • light

      Looks a bit too much like cosplay but I think i’ll still check it out, i like FMA

    • byebicycle

      yamada’s hair just looks so off to me and idk why, bc i’ve seen him with blond hair before and it looked just fine then. hongo kanata… i have a soft spot for him, but he looks a bit weird here :v

      ninaaaaaaaaa ;;

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      This looks great! I really want to watch this ^^
      Lucky Japan for getting it in IMAX AND 4DX 😭

    • Hm

      The casting still makes it look like a fan made film. Pass.

    • PigeonPop

      It’s probably a good thing that the Xing characters have been completely ignored.

    • monica_monami

      looking good. pls be good.

    • Paffi

      ahhhh my eyes

      tacky cosplay gear

    • Welp

      Casting a blackhole of charisma as lead smh

    • The CGI looks amazing hopefully the storyline is not a bore.

      I’m somehow very excited for this! :D

    • Chris

      Trailer was so explosive but some portrayal of the characters look weird. Yamada Ryosuke as Edward is still bearable, but seeing Dean Fujioka as Roy Mustang, Honda Tsubasa as Winry, ugh no. Kanata Hongo looks incredibly different as well.

      I’m still going to watch it anyway to judge whether it’s good or not.

    • Morganalilith

      This movie has a lot of bad acting…

    • Hatori Sachiyo

      Last time you complain the actor doesn’t look like the character, now you complain the actor looks like a cosplay.. You need your brain checked..

    • Ha_ni

      Yamada Ryosuke as Edwars still doesn’t convince me, the rest of the cast is perfect in my opinion <3

    • Idk guys looks a little promising to me, I’m usually optimistic tho.