NHK to Air Live Action Version of Gay-Themed Manga “My Brother’s Husband”

Gengoroh Tagame is known for his sexually explicit manga aimed at gay men. He shifted gears in 2014 when he created the manga “Otouto no Otto”, known in English as “My Brother’s Husband.” The manga tells the story of single father Yaichi, his daughter Kana, and a Canadian named Mike Flanagan. Mike is the husband of Ryoji, Yaichi’s recently deceased twin. During the course of the manga, Yaichi comes to terms with his brother’s sexuality, and Mike learns what caused the brothers to drift apart, with Ryoji eventually moving to Canada. The manga serves as a means to fight Japan’s more discreet brand of homophobia.

“Otouto no Otto” ran monthly from November 2014 to May 2017 in  Futabasha’s Monthly Action, later being compiled into four volumes. In 2015, the manga won the Excellence Prize in the manga category at the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival. In 2017, “Otouto no Otto” was translated into English and published by Pantheon Books in North America as “My Brother’s Husband.”

Today, NHK announced that it will air a three-part live action version of “Otouto no Otto” on March 4 – 18 on NHK BS Premium. Sato Ryota will portray Yaichi, while Estonian former sumo wrestler Baruto will play Mike.


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    • guest

      *Sato Ryuta

    • Male:ko

      I’m half excited half worry…The characters are there but I hope the acting don’t be cringe like many Japanese BL stories.

    • Mr.Taxi™

      Both guys are my type, especially the one on the left

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      omg Baruto is an actor now??

      • light

        Didn’t see it coming, wow

      • nero laika

        Maybe it was just convenience.

    • Sakura94

      have these people read GT other mangas before deciding on choosing one his work , his stuff is hardcore it give me nightmares , I don’t think this is bad choice , it would spot more light on japanese mangas dark side . bara world should have stayed hidden now more gonna find out about it it scary me cuz they would be judging manga readers based on the weird sides of it :(

      • Japan already judges manga readers…

      • WD79

        Have you even read this one though? Sounds like you’re just making assumptions from his other works and putting everything you ‘know’ onto this particular work.

        • Sakura94

          yes , I have read it and it seem pretty normal compare to the mangaka other work , it was boring through.

      • How is it any weirder than other manga? It’s basically the same as gay porn.

        • Sakura94

          Have you read GT mangas ? not just this one but his other work ?!

      • elsupertai

        I don’t see anything shocking about his other works… Maybe that’s why yaoi/BL is so popular in contrast to bara, because it’s like badly written shoujo with unrealistic same sex relationships, and even more unrealistic intercourse. Bara is oriented at gay men, and GT is obsessed with beefcake and S&M (kinda like Tom of Finland but with a japanese mangaka twist).

        • Sakura94

          nothing about GT other mangas are realistic , they are brutal and pure torture and aggressive very dark matter , they far from realistic

      • Liokt

        GT is amazing for make the manga genre suitable for gay men too. When the discuss is about LGBT people, yaoi/BL is just a huge mistake/misunderstanding imho.

    • eplizo

      yikes. pass.

      next, please.

      • kaworu

        Next what? Jdrama for homophobes?

    • kaworu

      The manga is really good so I’m looking forward to the adaptation. Hoping for more similar J-dramas in the future