Trailer released for Jaden Smith’s Netflix anime series “Neo Yokio”

American actor and rapper Jaden Smith has unveiled the first look at his anime series “Neo Yokio“. Smith collaborated Ezra Koenig the front man of Vampire Weekend, who helped develop the series.

Smith voices the main character of the show Kai, who he also helped create. Kai is described as being the most eligible bachelor and demon slayer. British actor Jude Law will also voice a major character on the show, Charles, who serves as Kai’s faithful robot butler, partner-in-crime, and rocket ship.

The show will take place in the fictional city Neo Yokio, which is a play on Tokyo and New York, described as a “diverse labyrinth of cultural and architectural innovation”. The city starts to see a rise in occult activity, and it’s up to Kai to save the day. Reactions to the show have been mixed so far, with many concerns geared towards the script, voice acting, and art style. “Neo Yokio” will be available for streaming on Netflix starting on September 22nd. Watch the trailer below!

Will you watch “Neo Yokio”?

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    • DHInc

      British guy playing a Butler, that’s a first…

    • surfboardt

      Is it just me, or is the character art style feels too “fan art” for a professionally produced series?

      • hasawa

        It’s not just you
        The chara design and overalm artistic direction are so amateurish
        They grabbed some “famous” personalities to dub some characters dub to milk some relevance but it definitely won’t be enough to save this disaster. This shit legit looks like some fanmade AMV

      • circe154

        This is what happens every time Westerners try to emulate anime style.

        • 451ecric

          Youre talking bullshit… Castlevania by Netflix is the perfect example.

      • hhhh

        the lead character looks like he came out of some “anime avatar maker” thing on a Flash games website

    • annie

      i’m not with the art style but i’m gonna watch it i guess
      i’m weak @ “old money fuckboys” tho lol

    • mikamika

      I didn’t know Jaden Smith was actually persuing a career other than ‘son’ – though when you look at that picture I’m not so sure anymore *lol*

      • hasawa

        He’s also ‘rapper’..
        I really don’t get that while the Hadids or Kardashians get shit for having their careers thanks to their families connections, the Smiths have some free pass. All of those are equally privilegied untalented rich kids who somehow feel entitled to do prebtrntio ‘artistry’ thingies thx to Mommy and Daddy connections in the showbiz..

        • huy

          So true!

        • honey girl

          They get a “free pass” bc the Smiths haven’t done anything remotely racist/offensive like the Kardashians & Hadids continues to do. While Jaden/Willow are products of nepotism, it doesn’t negate that they’ve proved that they are talented. They’ve never showed nor said anything that makes them seem ungrateful for their silver spoon. Im also going to throw in that it’s absolutely wonderful that kids are being artsy especially black kids. Lord knows they can’t catch a break when trying to do things that’s not the acceptable and negative black stereotypes by non-blacks.

          • Your comment made me cry. ;_; more black kids doing art is beautiful. even if it is cringe.

          • hasawa

            ” Jaden/Willow are products of nepotism, it doesn’t negate that they’ve proved that they are talented.”
            This is up to discussion. In my opinon, the Smiths are like any other teens in their artsy edgy fake deep phase whose only been given the means (=money) to fulfill their ambitions.

            I expected the fact the “special treatment” the Smiths were benefecing was mostly due to their “black artsy” image, which I don’t really buy tbh. Hell, I myself got so many shit as a creative Black girl back in middle school bc other Black kid deemed anything creative as “white ppl stuff”. There’s always been creative Black kids, we didn’t wait for the Smiths to ‘represent’ us. The fact that they are looked up for something like this only proves only further their privilege as rich kids to get rewarded as something they shouldn’t get credit for imo.

            • Bolt

              ” Jaden/Willow are products of nepotism, it doesn’t negate that they’ve proved that they are talented.”
              This statement is up to discussion

              So let’s discuss. What Jaden’s work have you seen?
              I know the kid was laughable when he had the meme frown face and sureal tweets that made me concerned he’s part of the scientologist cult but put that aside, he’s actually a very good actor.

      • circe154

        How many episodes before he works his obsession with Batman into this? Granted, his character is pretty much anime Bruce Wayne.

    • starlightshimmers

      Why do Americans have this fetish of turning Tokyo into New York, they did the same shit with Ghost In The Shell, they want to ruin a great city like Tokyo and turn it into a dirty cesspool that is New York.

      • ennie

        It just sounds like a portmanteau to me…you don’t need to be so harsh on New York city.

        • starlightshimmers

          Nah, the West has done this far too many times. Don’t get me started on San Fransokyo. They always do this.

        • hasawa

          Yep, while the city name made me cringed as well, elevating Tokyo as some kind of perfect city is equally embarrassing… Neither Tokyo or New York make me dream as cities to live in tbh…

    • ennie

      It seems laughably pretentious, especially considering the other featured voices.

    • SnowDrop

      The style looks like something that would’ve come out 15 or so years ago (with a touch of those really, really bad “How to Draw Manga” books)…
      I might check it out if I have nothing else to do but it seems way to mediocre to really pique my interest :/

    • King Hide

      the manga looks better

    • PigeonPop

      Production I.G. and Studio Deen (especially the former) have better things to do than this, but I suppose it’s a fast way to grab some cash as it is a Netflix series after all.

    • nonon-jakuzurezu

      Yeah, I suppose I’ll watch it. I’m not going to knock it just based on a poorly edited trailer. But some of that voice acting……

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      I died @ the pastel shorts

    • neko

      this can be counted as anime?

    • I like Jaden but scared to press play.

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