Mai Kuraki Awarded Guinness World Record for 21 Musical Contributions to “Case Closed”

At a ceremony held today in Tokyo, singer Mai Kuraki was award the Guinness World Record for “most theme songs performed by a single artist for an anime series“, providing 21 songs to the popular anime “Case Closed” over the past 17 years.

Kuraki began her relationship with the anime in 2000, providing the ending theme “Secret of my heart” while she was still a high school student. Now in her mid-30s, her most recent song for the series appeared in the 2017 theatrical film “Case Closed: Crimson Love Letter“, which hit theaters nationwide in Japan in April.

According to the fan wiki “Detective Conan World“—the Japanese audience knows the series as “Detective Conan“—these are the singer’s 21 contributions:

Opening themes

  • Winter Bells – Opening 10 (Episodes 259~270)
  • Kaze no Lalala – Opening 12 (Episodes 306~332)
  • Growing of my heart – Opening 16 (Episodes 415~424)
  • Ichibyogoto ni Love for you – Opening 23 (Episodes 505~514)
  • Revive – Opening 25 (Episodes 521~529)
  • SUMMER TIME GONE – Opening 29 (Episode 583~601)
  • TRY AGAIN – Opening 35 (Episode 681~695)
  • DYNAMITE – Opening 39 (Episode 757~773)

Closing themes

  • Secret of my heart – Closing 9 (Episodes 180~204)
  • Start in my life – Closing 11 (Episodes 219~232)
  • Always – Closing 12 (Episodes 233~247)
  • Shiroi Yuki – Closing 26 (Episodes 459~470)
  • Tomorrow is the last Time – Closing 36 (Episodes 588~601)
  • Your Best Friend – Closing 40 (Episodes 629~643)
  • Koi ni Koishite – Closing 43 (Episode 667~686)
  • Muteki na Heart – Closing 48 (Episode 750~762)
  • SAWAGE☆LIFE – Closing 52 (Episode 827~842)
  • YESTERDAY LOVE – Closing 53 (Episode 843~864)

Movie themes

  • Always – Movie 5 (Countdown to Heaven)
  • Time after time ~Hana Mau Machi de~ – Movie 7 (Crossroad in the Ancient Capital)
  • PUZZLE – Movie 13 (The Raven Chaser)
  • Togetsukyo ~Kimi Omou~ – Movie 21 (The Crimson Love Letter)

To celebrate this achievement, a 2-disc music CD “Mai Kuraki x Case Closed COLLABORATION BEST 21 ~ The Truth is Always in the Song!~” featuring all 21 of Kuraki’s “Case Closed” songs will be released on October 25.

(via Natalie)

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    • oop
      • Bubi.

        Let her have this ONE THING, while the artist she attempted to bootleg at her prime managed to become the #1 soloist again 9 years after releasing her previous Japanese album.

        • Skai

          Completely agree with Bubi here. This is something that completely sets her apart from her peers. She’s in a league of her own.
          Aside from this award, she seems to be doing pretty well.

        • honey girl

          …stop, just stop. All loud and wrong.

        • I want to be relevant :(

          will never understand the hype over that #1 soloist………..don’t kill me ᗒ ͟ʖᗕ

        • is that ayu? :0

      • honey girl

        She holds the record for the top 10 singles, highest first week for a debut album, currently has the best selling single for a female solo artist this year…like a LIST of credentials to claim. Don’t you ever sweetie!

        • Thomas

          Doesn’t AKB hold that record now? All of their singles from the second major single onwards were in the top 10 and they have 49 singles now.

          • circe154

            I thought they took Ayu’s record because the majority of those went to #1.

    • Skai

      Congratulations Mai Kuraki!!!
      I love her voice and songs (her new singles in particular are very good and Koi Ni Koishite is one of my favourite songs ever) so I’m glad she’s doing well ^^
      This is not an easy thing to accomplish so she’s done very well for herself.

    • BAD KID

      she has some cute bops but has always been such a nonfactor

      • yacchaitai

        how is someone with one of the best selling albums in japan a nonfactor tho

        • PigeonPop

          I wouldn’t call Mai a one hit wonder, but she definitely was a bit of a one-year wonder, career-wise. For a very short moment (year 2000) she was right up there in the top echelons with Ayu and Hikki, only to quickly drop from the top group of female soloists the very next year while Distance vs. A Best and Can You Keep a Secret vs. M took place.

          From them on Mai had very little presence on the yearly Oricon charts with less album sales than BoA, Mika etc. and unlike Kumi or Kana was not much of a digital behemoth either, so to call her a nonfactor isn’t too inaccurate. Togetsukyo is literally her first digital hit in years.

          • yacchaitai

            I wouldn’t say that means she has “ALWAYS been a nonfactor” tho, just dropped faster than others

          • Diego

            She dropped quite fast after the success of her first two albums but I think she has been able to keep a loyal fanbase and her sales have been fairly constant. On the contrary, others like BoA, Mika Nakashima or Ai Otsuka had amazing sales for a few years and now they are at the bottom of the charts…

        • BAD KID

          o i should have been more specific i mean like despite her selling so much she’s never really mentioned or has a lot of fanfare, at least based on my experiences in past communities. like, if we were to have a conversation about “iconic” female solos or whatever leah dizon would probably be mentioned before someone says anything about mai.

          even on those jpn music shows there they rank past hits and w/e i don’t even recall seeing mai that much, unless it’s a sales ranking

          • yacchaitai

            i’m assuming the communities are loud sexy j-diva bop communities since you meantion leah dizon lmao

    • yamakita

      This begs the question: How many categories is Guinness tracking?

      • circe154

        Didn’t they stop giving out award for ‘dangerous’ records awhile back? They’ve got to fill their book with something.

    • honey girl

      Shit…I keep forgetting to finish up her generasia bio bc the stans couldn’t be damn to give her a proper one. This is a pretty amazing feat. She’s a staple to Conan like Hikki is to Kingdom Hearts. I need to listen to Smile but I’m skeptical bc I wasnt too crazy about her last 2 albums. She needs to release another dope album like One Life.