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It’s FRIDAY so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like. Enjoy!

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    • K.

      I wish Arama would turn off RSS truncation so I would actually want to click through and read the articles. Seriously, if all I see is a headline, I have no desire to read more. Please consider this???

      • I hear you, but truncating our RSS feed helps keep our site alive. We have done testing periods that showed us less people clicked through to our site when we allowed entire posts in our RSS feed to be read elsewhere. Often times, we barely even break even with ads to pay for the site and usually have to pay out of pocket. I’m not totally against not keeping the RSS feeds truncated, but the numbers were there to influence this decision.

        • K.

          First, when? I can’t remember ever seeing untruncated feeds.

          Second, I highly doubt it as everyone I have talked to has said they stopped using Arama after it left LJ because there is no incentive to click through to read the site when the articles cut off before it gives you any reason to do so. If something interests me, I will want to read the comments and interact. If I can’t read it, no interest. Simple. Specially when more than half of the articles are like:

          This week’s guests were AKB48, Ishii Tatsuya, Sayuri Ishikawa, Vienna Boys’ Choir, Suzuki Rio, Takekawa Yukihide, Tendo Yoshimi, Fuse Akira, Mizumori Kaori, May J., Yashiro Aki, Yuki Saori, Yoshida Yo, Sujimoto Tetta, Nakamura Yasuhi, Suzuku Ikko, Hongo Gen, Tanahashi Nuts, Flash Kaneko, MUSIC CONCERTO, Tanooka Saburo, Nakao Takeya, Suzuki Kento, Mochimaru Kaga, Nakagawa Mitsuo, and […]

          This week on Recochoku, Che’Nelle topped the chart with “Destiny.” On iTunes, WANIMA topped the chart with “Lullaby.” Recochoku 1. Che’Nelle – Destiny 2. Beverly – I need your love 3. Linked Horizon – Shinzou wo Sasageyo! 4. Ken Hirai – Nonfiction 5. Mai Kuraki – Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omofu~ 6. WANIMA – Lullaby 7. WANIMA – Yatte Miyou 8. Nishino Kana […]

          It is just an eyesore. Why would I ever click or attempt top even read it… where as if it wasn’t truncated I may be able to skim and see something I like have have input on whatever it is?

          I still use Omona and ONTD.. and I think I click through about 80% of the time. Here? Maybe… 3 times a year? The last post I remember looking at was SMAP related…. And I only looked here because I think I heard it elsewhere anyway.

          But anyway, thought I would try and ask, but as long as it is like that, I will go back to not using this site, I guess.

          • Your irritated and dismissive tone for trying to running a free not-for-profit website just tricked me into enabled full articles! Enjoy

            • K.

              Sorry if I am, but I simply do not believe it helps to truncate RSS feeds. People use RSS for usability, and truncating takes that away. People who use RSS are not the people who pin a site to their bookmark toolbar. They are not the people who look at the site directly for the news. They are not the people who follow the twitter posts that provides direct links. And I was salty, yes, but all I was saying is if you do not wish to untruncate, I won’t be using the site, as I haven’t been. It is the truth.

              Also, I was just googling around and a lot of people seem to have complaints with Arama not having enough content in general. Maybe having a way to open the site to submissions somehow (more than a tip?) where people who use the site can help translate and provide more content without actually having access to the actual sites inner working would help draw more traffic. Not sure how your site works or if that would even be possible, but I found several different people talking about this being Aramas downfall.

              Here is one I found:

              • Link more. You keep posting cherry-picked/circumstantial evidence or subjective points of view. I.e. “I simply do not believe it helps to truncate RSS feeds,” “I highly doubt it as everyone I have talked to has said they stopped using Arama after it left LJ”, posting a two year old forum post. I personally don’t know anyone who uses an RSS feed reader, but that doesn’t mean I get rid of the RSS feature entirely. I listen. Like I said, I just turned off post truncating.

                People have been vocal about the “downfall” of Arama since we announced we were moving off Livejournal (and even before that for that matter), but we’re still here and there are few other places that update daily. If people don’t want to use the site, it’s fine. *Anyone* is welcome to apply to write here. The people complaining never want to contribute themselves.

                • K.

                  Just trying to hold a conversation with you makes me understand why the site is losing revenue.

                  • I’m just trying to explain my side, I gave you what you asked for and somehow I’m being difficult? We’re not after revenue, just trying to keep the site afloat. Aiight.

                    • K.

                      You are just being way too defensive. I admitted I was a bit salty in my second comment. I want Arama to succeed and was just giving input in my third comment and you seemed to take it as an attack. I wasn’t personally attacking any of your writers, but just suggesting that a non application required way to submit may help the site. Requiring people to apply will make people not want to put in as much effort, but as I said. I don’t know how this site is made or if that type if submission queue would even be possible.

                      • I don’t feel attacked at all, it’s just how I write lol. But apologies if it came off that way.

                        But the truth is that we are both being defensive, and in my case I felt like there was more context to that single OneHallyu post that needed to be said as I’m an active member there and understand where that post is coming from.

                        I’m very aware of the criticism towards the site but from my perspective, who has been receiving persistent thinly veiled “advice” (criticism) from haters that think we’re just in it for the money (which there is none of let’s be real lmao) for the past three years, it’s kind of just a reflex to strongly word. it’s easy to just give off ideas on how to improve when you aren’t the one that has to actually do the work, you know what I mean? The constant criticism from people who want to see this site fail will never be convinced.

                        It’s nothing against you, it’s just this is a thankless job (not saying anyone should actively be thanked) but rather I mean that it’s just an expectation to people. An expectation to receive without giving back. An expectation for everyone behind the scenes to dedicate all their time to updating. This site, that is a passion project for all the writers, is always met with complaints who feel we’re not doing enough. We are listening and we’re doing the best we can, making choices we feel are fit in the long term.

                      • I’m going to go ahead and admit to being the controversial figure (surprise, surprise!).While we aren’t the best site, I really do think that we are the best at what we do. The site has grown and has become more of a legitimate source. I mean, I actually laughed when Perez Hilton tweeted the Ayu story a few days ago. We are getting celebrity interviews. Even our Japanese readership is growing, leading to our articles being discussed by Japanese netizens.

                        I’m not complaining about the work that it takes to make this site, because I love to do it, but the complaints are annoying at times. People see that things aren’t being covered, and then complain, so we tell them to apply for the site. A lot of these people don’t stick around for long. That is why the content is often samey, because the same people are posting all the time. After some incidents, I said I was going to go back to my roots as far as why I joined this project, and that’s what I’ve done. My thing is music, particularly non-idol, and the industry side of things. It would be weird for me to talk about some random idol or actress or tarento if I have no idea who they are. How do I judge if it’s relevant to take the time to translate and post here?

                      • I didn’t want to drag you outright hehe

                      • Ohh, I have no problem with it, LOL. I’ve become infamous for it to an extent. I think of what I do as quite humorous, but then I was told by readers here that my humor is not shady, but more just plain asshole. But then people talk about how boring things are, hence why I even tried to inject humor.

                      • K.

                        “A lot of these people don’t stick around for long.” That was more or less the point I was trying to make about applying not being effective. When you need to apply for something it makes you feel like you are going to have to commit your soul to it, which puts off the more casual users who would want to contribute from even wanting to.

                        Also I think how you post is fine. My only point with bringing that up was to point out that more voices are needed, which you seem to agree with. Variety makes sites like this better, imo. It isn’t that your content isn’t wanted.

                      • I would love to have more voices in the room. I do see your point about the applying thing, but it makes things more official.

                      • K.

                        Ah okay. I guess we were both misunderstanding each other then. I can see where you were coming from and I think I would come off as defensive as well. I really do want to see this site succeed though.

                        Yea, I just think that extra step hinders people from trying because it feels like there is a wall up? Less welcoming of new posters? Not saying you guys are not welcoming, but I can see how it would feel that way.

                      • Let’s try this out :)

                      • K.

                        That actually looks great! I hope it will help the site out!

                      • I hope there are no hard feelings! Rereading it I definitely poured my soul out lmao. I’m passionate! I really meant enjoy the RSS feed

                      • K.

                        Nope! After you explained yourself I was able to put myself in your shoes and understand where your tone was coming from so its all good. I am sorry if I came off horrible as well. I just really do want to be able to use this site more, and enjoy it more!

                      • HyperMoot .

                        is it new or did I miss the boat somewhere, some time? Not that I have that much time (I opened an account on OneHallyu and haven’t posted anything so far, lol and shame) but I might write a few things on Dark Ambient/Post-rock stuff which is barely covered here

                      • I literally just put it up tonight haha! It’s going to have a soft launch for now as I’m going to work out some details first (and trying to convince the other owner) but feel free to submit!

                      • :D

                        This conversation have been fruitful! :D

                        Thank you for the follow through & K too for not giving up on the submission suggestion. I was afraid there for a moment that the idea would just be brushed off.

              • Soyeon

                i disagree about the submissions, i think it would almost never be used. of course a “tip” section here would be preferred cause you don’t actually have to do anything, just send a link

                fans of jpn entertainment are very lazy especially when compared to hallyu fans. i understand where it comes from, cause years of being ignored and blocked from jpn companies and what not will do that to you. just look at the sheer amount of people complaining about maji de and this other website (minus kago??) i just think to myself god damn if seeing netizen comments matters so much to you then start up your own blog?

                on livejournal all you had to do was copy and paste. everything was super casual. posts about a music video/album cover could 0 words, just the picture and link was fine, entire posts could even be point form. the amount of “original content” was extremely rare. so if no one was doing it back then i don’t see how their minds would change now

                • Interesting post! Hallyu fans are good at spreading content, but not so much at finding it. If it’s not served up to them on a silver platter with subs, they’re not into it. Japanese entertainment fans are good at finding content, but the spreading of it sucks. People like the stuff, but very few have the initiative to spread it.

                • Bubi.

                  Also back then there were a lot more sources to copy and paste from, until Tokyohive absorbed them into their site and forced them to shut down their sites, and then killed themselves off.

                  • They wanted to do that with Arama on LJ but Kyle refused

    • AmbitiousJAPAN

      Another Johnny’s scandal this week. TOKIO’s 46 year old leader Joshima Shigeru had an “overnight stay” with a 21 year old gravure idol. According to Josei Seven, they met 2 years ago when he first asked her out.

      • What

        Met when she was 19?? Errr… that’s quite an age gap…

        • hasawa

          At least the girl is now legal (although asking out a 19 yo girl when you’re in your 40s is really creepy). I have less problem when ppl met ‘too early’ but wait to live their romance the ‘legal’ way…
          The presidential couple of my country met and started dating when he was 15 and she 39 and no one barely bats an eye lol. I’ll never give my trust to a woman hitting up on a kid who is her student… *yikes*

      • moh


        she’s the same age as the sexy zone guys. what a fucking creep!

        • yamakita

          That’s Japan for you.

    • Bu

      hairstylist. Visited her apartment while Nakama was filming overseas.
      – Friday

    • Ichi

      Who do you guys think they are talking about? It is hinted that it is Big Bang’s TOP but fans are saying he would never be shirtless as he is insecure? Also it can’t be Taeyang because he has Tattoos on his back/shoulders, and also goes by SOL in Japan.

      • Ichi
        • K.

          I mean, the shoulders don’t even look like T.O.P’s, but I would believe it is Taeyang.

        • The photo happened to obscure his face just to be annoying, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was anyone in Big Bang.

        • Falano

          It’s Teayang!!! He snorted coke! That’s not Top, Top is too pale and skinny looking for it to be him!

        • Matcha

          I can’t believe Taeyang does cocain…. he has such a inocent image and he’s always so nice to everyone. I could believe it was GD or Seungri. Today one member was tested again, and the results came back negative. People were saying it was Seungri who got tested, but it’s impossible, because Seungri is Japan right now. So must have been GD! I bet he is too scared, to even do any drugs again after his last scandal when he was smoking weed in Japanese clubs with Kiko and Xin.

          • K.

            Sadly, fear of getting caught doing drugs, if we are talking cocaine, is different from having an addiction.

          • hasawa

            “I can’t believe Taeyang does cocain…. he has such a inocent image and he’s always so nice to everyone.”
            Both are not necesserly contradictory
            When I was a fashion student I knew a guy who was doing coke for the hell of it and yet was an overall good guy. He was a party guy too (he drunk a HELL LOT) so i guess drug use was a way to….socialize…. If ppl you hang out with people who push you to do dumb ass things, normalizing toxic and dangerous behaviours (since ‘everyone around you is doing it’y), you can easily fall into this trap.
            One of my classmate also did an internship for a famous fashion magazine and took so many drugs he spent all summer bed-ridden to let his body get rid of all the toxicity he indulged himself the last few weeks. (call it an 8 week long VERY bad trip lol)
            Fashion industry for sure is wicked.

        • Bubi.

          I’ve worked with someone romantically linked to Big Bang before and they were using drugs while on set. This is more common than we think.

          • Bongerong

            I also know person who has a Japanese friend that was invited to their private ‘Themed parties’ in Japan. And this is basically screenshot from their conversation.

          • Miyanmu

            Romantically linked to who? Don’t tell me it’s Seungri again. He has had seduced so many Japanese hostesses that thought he was dating them. Meanwhile he was fucking two or more other girls on the side.

            • Bubi.

              I’ve said too much! I shouldn’t be drinking and chatting online.

              But since I’m still buzzed, I’ll say that she is often in America (NYC is where I work) and the set was a photoshoot if that is a big enough hint. I had to pretend to not know who she was, but secretly I was screaming. This sounds like a classic Online BS story but take it as you will.

              • Miyanmu

                So she’s not Japanese?

                • Bubi.

                  She’s not Japanese ethnically, but she is still posted on this site from time to time on her own merit.

                  • Miyanmu

                    Wait, if this is Kiko…. I thought she dumped GD and that was the end of her drug usage. Was this photoshoot recently or years ago?

                    • hasawa

                      Why would Kiko need GD to still do drugs?

                  • Kiko?

        • soyulim

          Just wanna share this with you all. No wonder GD has been getting skinnier and skinner (TOP too)!

          Cocaine short-term effects:

          Loss of appetite
          Increased heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature
          Contracted blood vessels
          Increased rate of breathing
          Dilated pupils
          Disturbed sleep patterns
          Bizarre, erratic, sometimes violent behavior
          Hallucinations, hyperexcitability, irritability
          Tactile hallucination that creates the illusion of bugs burrowing under the skin
          Intense euphoria
          Anxiety and paranoia
          Intense drug craving
          Panic and psychosis
          Convulsions, seizures and sudden death from high doses (even one time)
          Cocaine causes heart, kidney, brain and lung damage.
          Cocaine causes heart, kidney, brain and lung damage.

          Cocaine long-term effects:

          Permanent damage to blood vessels of heart and brain
          High blood pressure, leading to heart attacks, strokes, and death
          Liver, kidney and lung damage
          Destruction of tissues in nose if sniffed
          Respiratory failure if smoked
          Infectious diseases and abscesses if injected
          Malnutrition, weight loss
          Severe tooth decay
          Auditory and tactile hallucinations
          Sexual problems, reproductive damage and infertility (for both men and women)
          Disorientation, apathy, confused exhaustion
          Irritability and mood disturbances
          Increased frequency of risky behavior
          Delirium or psychosis
          Severe depression
          Tolerance and addiction (even after just one use)

        • What is the source of this article?

          • Miyanmu

            I swear, if it’s Nikkan Knuckles again, I will barf….

      • Sakura Harano

        V from Group B, Victory (Seungri) from BIGBANG. Or any other popular Kpop boy group that starts with B and has a member with a stage name that starts with V.

        • Falano

          VI (aka Seungri).

        • rshina

          so it could be BTS’s V? (but they’re busy this day, so I don’t think so)
          btw, why is it someone with ‘V’ in the name? I thought the article said ‘T’

    • we only listen to classics

    • Let’s listen to REAL music

    • rshina

      Anybody have seen/read reviews about the movie Teiichi no Kuni and Peach Girl?
      I’m curious because they are still in the box office charts

      (why arama never post box office charts? I have to use another site to know 😫)

      • Bubi.

        because everyone complains that this site is just charts

        • guest

          It wouldn’t be if they checked their tips box once in a while..

            • guest

              The tips? Either you have a black hole in there or your tip box is broken.

              • I get tips but they’re rare. Lemme see if I can patch this potential black hole.

          • Bubi.

            Cute drag

        • rshina

          I actually want music unrelated chart, since a lot of charts (and posts too) in here is about music 😀😀
          (which is why I really like it when there are gossip related post posted, hahaha)
          but well, that might be only me. If a lot of people dislike it, it’s better not to posted it
          I do love arama these days. please keep posting more diverse and interesting stuff~

          • Bubi.

            what sort of charts are you interested in?

            • rshina

              hm, maybe something about fashion, novel or movie? since I’m more interested in that topic

      • kashiyuka

        Teiichi no Kuni looked really great from the clips I’ve seen thus far.

        Can’t wait to see the full movie a year and 7 months from now when it finally hits the interwebs ;_;

    • Taima-kun

      why is this suddenly trending?

      i don’t see any news articles about this though

    • Question of the week: With the Oricon success of BTS’ new single and the impending debut of TWICE, do you think KPop could become relevant with the public in Japan again, as opposed to just the KPop fandom in Japan?

      • TWICE will be the next KARA tbh, but beyond those two and those that have already established themselves I don’t see it happening.

        • MomoHirai

          Honestly, who knows how successful Twice might be? Twice is one of the KPOP groups I adore and genuinely love. They do have 3 Japanese members and 30% of their MV views come from Japan so who knows?

          In my opinion they most likely will be decently successful.

      • K.

        I don’t think BTS will take off in Japan, honestly. I mean, yes, they will be successful, but it won’t be like KARA or SNSD or DBSK was. I could see it happening to TWICE, though. I personally don’t like how they sing, but their vocals do suit Japanese music, I think. … BTS is to….. Harsh sounding for Japan.

        • BTS is too hip hop for the Japanese public. But speaking of TWICE, I love this:

          • queen snapped here

          • Curel

            There are so many great Kpop cupcaKke remixes on YouTube. I think my favorites (so far) are the ones to Twice’s Signal and f(x)’s 4 Walls.

            • We love 10th TWICE member cupcaKke

              • Curel

                Indeed, what a progressive icon! The Korean and future Japanese entertainment industry will never be ready for such self-awareness and openness.

            • The “4 Walls” one is good too!

      • What

        I don’t really see it happening.. I mean BTS’s music is nothing what the public is listening to atm. Also, for TWICE, idk they’re not really bringing anything new to the table tbh.. I mean what they’re doing has been covered by AKB + sister groups and E-girls, so I just don’t see the appeal with them

        • I know I make people mad by saying this, but I think a lot of KPop’s appeal has been absorbed by LDH.

          • What

            I hate to say it because I like a few LDH groups, but it’s true. I know Kpop isnt the “creators of synchronized dancing and singing” (hell i knew of LDH before Kpop), but Kpop did kinda make it their thing. I mean Kpop and “synchronized dancing and singing” go hand in hand. There’s a reason why people compare LDH groups to Kpop, the styles are similar.

          • honey girl

            Which in turn is why those cheap imitators are flopping. They have shifted from soulful vocalists to overexposed trend-chasing theatrics and Japan has taken notice.

      • Mei

        Eh, TWICE will be a flash in the pan act like SNSD. Too many of them for the general public to care. And with the whole “toumeikan” (pure/clean/natural) trend in fashion and beauty teenage girls and young women seem to be more interested in Nogizaka46/Keyakizaka46. Which is why E-GIRLS hasn’t been too big with the public in a while.

      • rshina

        Hm…I’m not sure…
        I have friends there (they’re not into kpop though) and they don’t even know about BTS, except the fact they’re 1st in Oricon last week. and they’re dislike BTS music style. they’re more into Western music or band song right now
        as for Twice, they have a Japanese member, which can help them promoting. let’s just see what will happen to them

      • I think it will only be the K-pop fandom in Japan. Time will tell but I’m somehow very sure of this.

      • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

        It will play on a lot of factors namely not trying to act cooler than Jpop is which the public take as an attempt to challenge them.

        TWICE and the newer groups arent as sexually appealing as previous kpop groups so they will appeal to Japan more this time

      • yamakita

        Who still listens to Kpop?

        • honey girl


        • hizurisama

          I used to listen to kpop back then when it was only dbsk, ss501 and super junior, then kpop became big and the fandoms’ getting out of hand and i just went like “k gurl bye”

      • honey girl

        It will only happen for the boys. They girls are finished. The girl groups are mundane as they come and they can’t get male/female supporters financially to save their life. TWICE is just another Miss A with a fickle fandom. As soon as another jyp girl group comes out, they will be thrown away.

    • Just updating you guys on the database: It’s still in progress.

      It’s a TON of coding and data entry but It’s really satisfying to build something form scratch. So far I have nearly 6,000 people, groups, and labels and working on importing 1,000-4,000 more into the system.

      • Bubi.

        ur dedication to sharing information online is something else king

      • DT

        looks pretty great so far! Can’t wait to see the end product

    • Curel

      Hi all! I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself. I go by Curel around the Disqus parts, and I am a university History student from the USA that is currently on semester break (hence more time). I was first introduced to Japanese music through video games and video game videos years ago, and while I had a mild interest in artists like Utada Hikaru or Koda Kumi from those, I never really joined in on the online Japanese music international communities. My interest for J-music was renewed after I was introduced to K-pop in an East Asian Studies class that I took a few years back, and through learning about the origins of Hallyu and whatnot, my interest in J-music was renewed. In terms of K-pop, the bulk of the stuff that I listen to is various idol music because of how much it is promoted, although I am not really into the individual group fandom side of things and am more into the music itself or the news/opinion pieces about the industry.

      My Japanese music knowledge is pretty limited, especially compared to those around here who have been following it for decades. I’ve listened to most of Utada’s singles that are up on YouTube, quite a bit of early Ayu (again, YouTube), and bits of Namie and Koda Kumi from various points throughout their careers. I’m halfway through listening to Akina Nakamori’s “Fushigi” album after reading up on it and some of the interesting stuff going on in the J-music industries during the 80’s. When it comes to boy idol groups, I know that Johnny’s exist and are very powerful, have heard a couple of songs that have come out of their agencies that I didn’t think were too bad, but I don’t really listen to much boy group music when it comes to idol music anyway and am not really read up on it. When it comes to girl idol groups, I am familiar with some early Morning Musume (ie. Love Machine) and I haven’t looked much into the AKB girls besides one video that I found off and clicked away before finishing it. Outside of idol music, I’ve listened to some Shiina Ringo and enjoyed it, as well as some stuff from X-Japan, hide, L’arc en Ciel, Janne da Arc/ABC.

      Sorry if this was a bit lengthy, but it’s good to be here and I look forward to finding out more about J-music. :)

      • Welcome! Stick around and absorb the news and you’ll be caught up in no time!

      • Welcome!

      • circe154

        Hello fellow history nerd.

    • Mei

      So…speaking of K-pop, there’s a whole “who did it first?” debate when it comes to the female idols. People say E-GIRLS was a response to female Korean idols in Japan, but others say those Korean idols were inspired by Perfume.

      When they were doing the “JPN BAR” promoting the JPN album, the host of the show told Perfume in his opinion, Perfume’s fame in 2007-2008 started the female idol boom in Japan. Ongaku to Hito also said that Perfume made it easier for Japan to accept Korean female idol groups (more model like in body type than the typical Japanese idol, their music was considered ‘higher level’ than typical idol music, their dances were considered better, etc.).

      Some idol writers are saying that K-pop girl groups going way back were inspired in looks and image by the Okinawan idol boom. Korean idol groups weren’t really a thing until the late 90s anyway. And considering the popularity of J-pop in Korea throughout the mid to late 90s (Lee Hyori debuted in an idol group and had a similar role to Amuro Namie in SUPER MONKEY’s and one of the biggest Korean male idol acts of the 90s mimicked the structure of a Johnny’s group and said so in interviews) despite the Japanese media ban being lifted in 1998, that might not be a farfetched idea.

      For reference, here are some of the groups from the Okinawan idol boom that lasted from 1995-1998.

      • mmHMMM

        even pledis pretty much mumbled under their damn breath after school was inspired by morning musume lmfao. see the whole k-pop boom all over asia now? that was j-pop in the 1990s. when i was growing up in singapore you’d find GLAY, amuro, SMAP, V6, SPEED in music magazines so the reach extends further back than just the last 10 years lol. it’s just that korean music companies like to think their acts are inspired by beyonce (lol) when they’re more closer to amuro namie or perfume or whatever else.

      • Bubi.

        this is an interesting post! I don’t have anything to add but you should submit a guest post.

      • ‘One of the biggest Korean male idol acts of the 90s mimicked the structure of a Johnny’s group and said so in interviews’

        Which group was that? H.O.T?

      • Curel

        First off, thanks for the links! I had heard of Super Monkeys and MAX but hadn’t heard of D&D, and this was my first time coming across their music.

        On the comparison of FinKL to Super Monkey’s, my impression that I’ve gotten from most of the old-school FinKL fans that I’ve come across is that, unlike in Super Monkey’s where Amuro Namie was clearly the center after some time, most of the FinKL members were viewed as being equally integral (with some pushing towards a Sung Yuri or Lee Hyori bias, while acknowledging that Ock Joohyun was definitely integral vocally to the group) until Lee Hyori began her solo career in 2003.

        I know that SES (popular Korean girl group produced by SM) remade one of their early successful singles from a song originally given to a Finnish girl group. The Korean version is called “Dreams come true” and I forget what the Finnish/English versions performed by the Finnish girl group were called, but Korea was definitely looking at global trends even back then for ideas/inspirations for idol group concepts.

        • 👽

          S.E.S had potential but they went to Japan too soon the first time, it was a culture shock. The second time, Shoo and Inohara Yoshihiko of V6 were in a play together in 2001 which led to the SM-Johnny’s partnership. Too bad by the time that all happened S.E.S was on its last legs.

      • Perfume definitely got Japan back into idols, and E-girls are a response to KPop, but I don’t know about KPop being influenced by 90s JPop idols, even though KPop was inspired by JPop. Funny enough, LDH fans often say that 90s JPop idols inspired that company, not KPop.

        • ?

          E-GIRLS is nothing like 90s jpop though. They seem more like a mix of 2000s jpop girl groups. EARTH (who was hugely successful), Buzy, BRIGHT and SweetS come to mind.

          • Can we take a minute to bop and enjoy this cinematography

            • ?

              YEEESSSSSS. Impeccable taste as usual.

    • Is Amanda ok?

      • She’s fine! Just wanted to focus on other things

    • light

      I’m so disappointed with Nino’s solo edit for the dvd, it was the perf i was looking forward the most….
      Was it some technical problem? I can’t believe someone would normally give the ok to that.

      • Ara

        Hoping someone would have the courage to complain about it on Baystorm :x
        The WS shots were much better.

        • light

          I think someone will but dunno if he’ll actually reply, unless there is an actual reason and not just shitty editing.
          For real, i see more of the dancing from the making of and the ws footage than from the concert.

      • Midna

        i was so furious when i saw it. You guys didn’t deserve this injustice. I saw it in concert, and was really excited for the DVD… and then this???????

        • light

          Yeah, all those who went for the concert loved it and I couldn’t wait too see it too…if only they did another arafes, we could hope for a second performance at least.

          • Midna

            I reallllly hope Nino does it again. The dance was so cool, and it was everything and more ;A; plus the song is probably his best solo (though I love Doko ni too).

            • light

              I just finished the whole dvd, i loved it and Nino was on point for all concert, so it’s really a pity what happened to his solo.
              Man, he does Gimmick Game and they don’t release the dvd, he does Mata Kyou and they mess up the edit…he can’t dance to anything cool, just Himitsu lol

    • hasawa

      I had the very same idea of a ‘popular artists who disapeared overnight’ for an upcoming article lol

    • Confused

      Ash is DG right? Wtf why is his review of Ringos DVD so positive

      • Yes, Ash is deadgradma.

      • Hairy Reasoner

        I suppose because it’s good and he liked it.

    • yamakita

      Thanks for the tip. You got yourself a new reader!

    • WorldGN18

      I just came here to ask : where is that gif from? xD and don’t you guys have better things to discuss than Jpop vs Kpop? I dk I find it kind of boring

      • ae_abercrombie

        FEMM-F**K Boys, Get Money.

        • WorldGN18


      • Hana

        A lot of drug scandals have been happening in Korean industry these past days. Since GD did say he got a blunt in Japan back in 2011 when he was cought, Japanese are being defensive now that TOP got cought so that he won’t shift the blame on them again!

    • eplizo

      omg YESSSSS! Thank you!

    • Hana

      What’s with the mess with Nicole Fujita? Can someone translate this?

      Sidenote, I can’t believe she’s actually half white, she looks 110% asian! o_O