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It’s FRIDAY so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like. Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: After Choutokkyuu hitting #1, who do you think the next non-Johnny’s / LDH boyband to do so will be?

      • honey girl

        BTS…platinum 1st week. Kings!

        • I’m not talking about KPop. But since you brought that up, they’re kings of nothing but using gimmicks like every other idol does. Four versions, each with different content. I’m not impressed.

          • I

            I listen to both kpop and jpop but I don’t really understand jpop charts (I only got back into jpop just last year and I never followed the charts when I was really into it). Can you or someone else describe how well BTS is doing in Japan right now? I’m asking because I know that ARMY’s are really proud of them, and so am I, but I also hear about how kpop fans overhype things from jpop fans and I’m really confused about that.

            • I

              Stuff I forgot to add:

              I just want to know if what they achieved with their latest single is really good for a kpop group or really good by jpop standards (I’m not sure how to phrase this).

              I’ve never posted on a forum or comment section like this before and I wasn’t sure where I could go to ask. I might also go to onehallyu and post the same question as well.

              What I really want is to hear out different perspectives on this topic (and maybe kpop in Japan as well).

              • Their sales for this single are good, but it’s not really making an impact outside of their fanbase. If it was killing it on Recochoku and iTunes, I would be saying something different, but they’re not. Them selling a bunch of gimmick singles isn’t really something to write home about.

                • excuse me

                  you mean amazing

                • I

                  So great in kpop standards but not good/ok in jpop standards?

                  Also I did end up posting this on onehallyu so I can compare answers.

                  • I

                    Also I’m going to bed now since it’s past 2am in Canada. I may post tmrw or just lurk. Good night and it was nice meeting u all.

                  • They’re good sales for a physical single regardless of who you are. But so many people get wrapped up in physical single sales as if that’s really a valid measure of anything anymore. It’s not the 00s.

          • honey girl

            They have pretty much always had 4 versions tho. BST has managed to outsell their last single in just the first day and will push 200k before the week ends. Not only that they were the ONLY Korean artist to make that list of most talked about artists at the end of last year. Managed to make billboards year-end list. Like you can’t dismiss them. They are coming.

            • Where are their digital sales? Where is their public relevance?

          • rshina

            I believe a lot of groups in jpop is using that kind of gimmicks? so I don’t see anything wrong with them using gimmicks too

            I do understand when you said its not making impact outside their fanbase though.

            • Der

              A lot of jpop groups that are not idols used the multiple versions gimmicks too? LDH don’t count, they’re idols. Most Johnny’s rarely go over 2 versions unless they’re desperate.

              • rshina

                when I said groups, I actually means the idol group, since I see kpop groups as one too 😅
                as for other groups/singer that are not idol, I’m not sure. the one that I know usually go to 1 or 2 version.

            • A lot of J-idols use gimmicks as well, but everyone calls that out.

          • Der

            Choutokkyuu has only 1 version?

        • t

          i knew your taste in music couldn’t be perfect

      • Maybe Da-iCE?

      • H

        I feel like they were a fluke.

      • iGleaux

        I started coming here to avoid BTS fans yet here we are….*rubs temples*

    • Precursor

      Roland. What’s your thoughts on new Gesu album. Is indigo la end disbanded?

    • Hm

      Any recommendations of current artists that’s smack dab in between miwa/Nishino Kana (boring, safe) and stuff like Suiyoubi (too annoying for my taste)?

      • bvex

        iri, Chanmina, tricot, G.Rina, Kato Miliyah

    • HyperMoot .

      a friend sent me this a couple of weeks ago, knew a bit about Mariko Hamada but never heard that cover of The house of the rising sun, for me it’s just wow

    • Kana Nishino

      @Ryusenkai, I wanted to thank you for recommending me SPITZ. I’ve been listening to some albums, reading some lyrics and I can say that I’m completely in love with them. They sound even better than BUMP OF CHICKEN in my opinion, although I think it isn’t a fair comparison since they have different styles.
      Do you happen to have already read that blog that translates some of their songs? It would be great to read your reviews on their next albums and/or singles, specially if you read any interview on which they talk about some of the songs and what inspired them.
      I probably won’t reply to your answer (if you want to answer), but I’ll read yours on this comment. Thank you for focusing on writing about great music!

      • zoro


        Anata wa eiga o mi ni iku tame no atarashī eiga ga, taida o mitai baai wa, chōdo anata ga soko >>>>>>>BALAHD.BLOGSPOT.IT
        hoshīmono ga hoshō sa rete iru koko o sanshō shite kudasai, sore o tameshite mite kudasai

      • Ryusenkai

        Hey! Glad that you’re enjoying Spitz as much as you are, since I feel that they make some remarkably timeless music. I’ve probably a slight preference for BUMP between the two, even if only because their lyrics connect with me on a personal level just a bit more than Spitz’s do. That said, I’ve honestly come to appreciate the very picturesque style that Kusano uses for a lot of their songs more and more as time goes on. It works very well for tying their albums together.

        They’ve a Best coming in July to celebrate their 30th anniversary, so I think it’ll probably be a while before we see another new record for them, but I’ll probably still post about the three new songs that’ll be on the compilation in some form. Given how much I like “Chiisana Ikimono” and “Samenai”, it’s probably a given.