ONE OK ROCK Wins Best Japanese Artist Award at the 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards

Earlier tonight, this year’s edition of the MTV Europe Music Awards took place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. One of the awards given out was the Best Japanese Artist Award. ONE OK ROCK took the award home, defeating Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, RADWIMPS, and Shiina Ringo. Congratulations to the band!

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    • Ahmad Syauqi Bin Hamzah

      Congratulations OOR-sama!

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      • Fan voting.

        • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

          also why does the european music awards have a best japanese artist award?

          • Because they’re desperate for attention, hence why there is little that is European about the awards.

            • ChaiChai

              Why is europe desperate for attention while considering international artists aswell? I think it’s a good thing, music shouldn’t be a limited to language or continent lol

              • Because they know that if it was local acts only the show wouldn’t get as much attention.

          • Shenna

            Because nothing is european about the awards. I mean Drake, Lady Gaga and Beyonce where nominated.

      • Sensei

        Because OOR is hands down the best Rock band out of Japan. I’ve been to 3 of their concerts and they’re amazing on stage.

        • pondloso

          not agree with this i use to like them so much song like Deeper Deeper and C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h really great for me but they just go more and more main stream
          they last song so plain i just hope they will not become kana in rock version.
          there are a lot of j-rock band that for sure not gamoust like them but alot more goof for me
          like Elephant Kashimashi,The Mirraz ,N’SHUKUGAWA BOYS,tricot,THE TEENAGE KISSERS,ETC

          no offend but for me GACKT it sound more rock for me.

          • I remember someone I know calling them the Japanese version of CNBLUE or 5SOS, as in a boyband that plays instruments rather than an actual band.

            • gus

              Both 5SOS & CNBLUE write their own music so they are an actual band.

              • Still, they’re seen as boybands that play instruments.

                • gus

                  Just because they are good looking?

                  • Lol

                    No..but they were created like any other boyband but playing instrument

                    • gus

                      idk about CNBLUE but OOR & 5SOS are self-made band. they create themselves before signing with big shot

                  • They’re good looking?

                • lwavesurfer

                  There’s nothing bad about it tho.

          • Jiggly

            This truth. I still like them but OOR is so watered down now, it’s disappointing. They are not the BEST japanese rock band out there.
            Kana as in Nishino-jigglypuff-kana? Yeah, I don’t like her bland t-swift transformation too.

        • guest

          Someone has an interesting idea of what constitutes rock I think

    • eplizo

      Congratz to them.

    • MINO-SSI


    • gus

      I’m still amazed how far this band can go even with media blacklist. I hope one day the ban will be lifted and they get the recognition they deserve in Japan.

      • Ahmad Syauqi Bin Hamzah

        Media blacklist? What’s the story?

        • gus

          Taka is former Johnny so his band is pretty much banned from appearing at any mainstream music show. Plus, they barely got any coverage. There were a program last week on NHK discussing successful Japanese rock acts overseas and they went full detail on coldrain and Crossfaith but only barely mentioned ONE OK ROCK while OOR is clearly more successful than coldrain and Crossfaith.

          • ProllyWild

            The tattoos dont help either….

          • hizurisama

            Wow, Johnny’s influence on media is no joke, what was the reason he left johnny? was it because he didn’t like being in a boyband?

            • Jiggly

              Actually the media ban was almost lifted prior to their guitarist groping scandal. They would’ve been as mainstream j-rock band as Flumpool or even Bump if not for their stupid ex-guitarist. Their drama tie-in, cm songs and big debut were all cancelled because of it. Their group direction took a big change after that.
              Tbh it’s not just because of Johnny’s ban but it’s a concious decision by them not entertain the local media rings.

            • gus

              some said he quits because he didn’t like being in boyband, some said he was fired because of underage-smoking & sleeping with a woman in 20s. idk which one is true

              • Jiggly

                He was not fired, please don’t spread lies. I imagine it’s not fun to compete for singing lines with the other 9 kids. His father (Shinichi Mori – popular enka singer) and mother (Masako Mori) has some influence to protect him from Johnny’s ban.

                • Lol

                  This..just becausr he is an ex johnny that doesnt mean he was fired

              • TruthSpeaker

                He wasn’t fired.He left because its difficult to get recognition in a group of 9 people. TAKA was the best singer in NEWS at that time. Good that he left Johnny’s,else his talent would go unrecognized.

        • Kuku

          One of the member groped a woman..
          Not because of taka as ex johnny..they were pretty mainstream before that scandal..
          Woops simeone already wrote that

          • Jiggly

            I didn’t reply to him so thanks. It’s a misconception that the “blackout” was solely because of Taka being an exJohnny’s.

            • Kuku

              Yes..lots are forget about the groping scandal for the blacklis..and taka was barely in News lol

    • ChaiChai

      Voted for Shiina but I knew OOR were getting this. Congrats :)

    • guest

      Looked them up. Lol such a lame band.

      • Majimak Insa

        Hiding behind “guest”

    • demasta

      grats OOR! :)

    • Just Tim

      Congrats to ONE OK ROCK.

    • kazu_no_ko

      I’m happy for them. Their music is good and I hope to hear more from them.

    • MahiruNoYume

      So proud of them for winning + really trying to establish their name in the NA/EU side of entertainment :’) I really hope to see more of them and see more people fall in love with OOR!

    • Riichii Almocera

      First of all congratulation One Ok Rock !! Love you guys keep up the good work ,,,, keep inspiring people ..
      so proud of you … always take a step forward ,. be humble and always grab the opportunity to you dreams …. we love love you and we will always support you no matter what happens .

    • Piper

      Damn congrats OOR! Such a great rock band indeed.