Official Statements from J&A and KAT-TUN on Taguchi Junnosuke’s withdrawal

As already reported, KAT-TUN member Taguchi Junnoske announced that he is leaving KAT-TUN and Johnny & Associates next spring, a surprising announcement that made it to the top of worldwide trending topics and gave NTV’s Best Artist its peak rating of 19.6%.

Moments after Junnos’ annoucement, statements from J&A and the members were posted on Johnnys Web. An official English version was recently updated, as can be seen below.

Announcement from Johnny & Associates

Thank you very much for your patronage and support.

We apologize for the sudden announcement. Johnny & Associates and KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi have come to an agreement not to proceed with a contract renewal.

We hereby announce that Junnosuke Taguchi will be leaving KAT-TUN and Johnny & Associates next spring.

We also sincerely apologize to all of the fans, who have been supportive of the group, for having to make this announcement as KAT-TUN’s 10th anniversary next year is approaching.

Johnny & Associates also offers an apology for the troubles caused to all interested parties who have supported Junnosuke Taguchi and KAT-TUN. We will be discussing the time of withdrawal with producers so as to minimize the impact on the programs that Junnosuke Taguchi is currently appearing as a regular member.

Johnny & Associates is not planning on the dissolution of KAT-TUN at this time. However, we will be discussing future plans for the group that will bring the best results for the remaining members, and will bring you updates at a later time.

Thank you very much again for your continued support.

Junnosuke Taguchi 

To all the fans

Thank you for continuously supporting KAT-TUN.
I apologize for the sudden announcement.
I, Junnosuke Taguchi, will be terminating my contract with Johnny & Associates for personal reasons.
I am grateful to all of you for having been supportive at all times up until now.
I have enjoyed the privilege of giving concerts and taking part in TV programs, among many other experiences as a member of KAT-TUN.
I was able to reach out to everyone through such activities, and I will never forget those memories.
KAT-TUN will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016, and I will also be turning 30 very soon. I felt this was an important time in my life to consider where I will be going from here on.
My conclusion has resulted in parting ways with KAT-TUN, but until the last day of my activities as a member of KAT-TUN, I intend to give my very best.
Thank you very much for everything.

Kazuya Kamenashi 

We are very sorry for this sudden announcement.
During the ten-odd years that we spent as KAT-TUN, we have saddened our fans so many times.
I am so sorry and full of regret. It has been 2 years since Tanaka left.
While receiving support from our fans and staff, we have come this far with a feeling of needing to deepen our bond and to stay together. Next year will be our 10th anniversary, and there is a need for us to stay closely united as a group. But in the meantime, different feelings started to develop little by little among the members, and we talked about our inability to share the same feelings in proceeding onward.
Personally, I honestly don’t know what to say. I regret that I couldn’t fulfill my responsibilities and the hopes that I had been telling everyone. I kindly ask for your understanding in allowing me to accept his decision as an individual.
To be honest, I have mixed feelings about it. But as Kazuya Kamenashi, I would like to spend my time doing my best at what KAT-TUN can do now.

Tatsuya Ueda 

I deeply regret that I have to inform you of such circumstances.
I am so sorry for betraying the trust of the staff and all of our fans, who have loved and supported the four of us, so many times.
When KAT-TUN set out again as a group of four, we promised the fans to stay together as KAT-TUN. As long as our fans support us, I want to stay as KAT-TUN. However, because he is a different individual, it cannot be helped that we do not share the same feelings or opinions, despite being in the same group. I tried to persuade him many, many times, but his mind was set. I am very sorry for not being able to change his mind. I am now full of regret as much as I feel my own inadequacy.
We will do our very best, so we ask for your continued support.

Yuichi Nakamaru 

To all Johnnys web members, I am deeply sorry for having to give you this news today. One of our members Junnosuke Taguchi, will be leaving the group. KAT-TUN has been active as a four-person group for 2 years, establishing itself as a new group, thanks to your support. We considered it best to continue our activities with the current members, and I personally spent a lot of time talking with Taguchi so that we would have no regrets. However, there was a huge gap between how we perceived entertainment business, and despite my efforts, I just could not fill that gap.
With the group’s 10th anniversary of debut approaching, we wanted to deliver something positive to the people who have been continuously supporting us. We are truly sorry that a member’s withdrawal has been decided against that hope. I personally feel greatly saddened that a friend, with whom we have shared both happiness and hard work for such a long time, is leaving the group.
Since there are people who are going to be affected by this, I cannot agree to his decision.
However, I also hope that everyone can warmly watch over Taguchi, who has chosen a different life as an individual person separate from KAT-TUN. We will strive even harder from here on so that KAT-TUN can receive your continued support.

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    • Heidi.

      I don’t know what makes me more sad, Junno’s withdrawal or those announcements. They sound so honestly hurt.

    • Jundaishi

      The guys sound so genuinely broken and lost in these statements…
      To me, 4nin KAT-TUN were perfect and they gave me my best years and memories in the fandom, and although I would support 3nin KAT-TUN with the same fervor, I cannot help but be saddened by the thought of not being able to hear Taguchi sing or see him dance his heart out on a stage ever again. Just thinking about that SnS performance from 9uarter and the pain in his voice as he failed to stop his tears is enough to bring me to tears because I feel like that was him battling against all these feelings we weren’t aware of. I’m sure he must have had a hard time keeping that smile on for so long when he felt so conflicted inside but I also admire his resolution to let us hear the news from himself and give us the time to say our goodbyes.
      I just pray the fans who are now hating him and wishing for him to disappear instead of carry on his activities until next spring will have a change of heart. More than anything I wanna see 4nin KAT-TUN standing on a big stage together one last time, I wanna hear Junno reach those high notes with Kame, see him dance to Nakamaru’s beatboxing, and bring out his Uepi’s playful side. But above all I want us Hyphens to unite and make sure they break another record when they release their last single as four, to clap and shout so loud for them at their last concert so that they really understand how thankful we are for everything they have and continue to sacrifice for us, to let them know that we will be there until the last of them remains.

      • Ewilan

        Bless your Hyphen soul for this beautiful message.

    • Alva Starr

      I feel bad for them. :(

    • :(

      Will they now change their name to KA-UN?

      • :(

        Wait.. that’s wrong… I mean K-UN!

        • unko


          • Princess Ueda

            NOOO!!! They were perfect as 4! KUNT 4ever.

    • Reileen

      Bloody red as their costumes are.
      I don’t know what’s more saddening, the usually eloquent Kame not knowing what to say, Ueda feeling inadequate, or Nakamaru saying he can’t agree to Junno’s decision but bless him anyway. 😢

    • MI

      Reading these comments are so sad. It must be so hard for them because even though it’s the 10th anniversary of their debut, they were formed long before they were able to debut, Seeing Akanishi, Tanaka, and now Taguchi leave has to be breaking all their hearts just as it does to ours. I thought 4-nin KAT-TUN would continue but now my heart just hearts for them

    • eplizo

      It’s so sudden. I expected to stick together as four longer… :'(

    • gfv

      Kame, Nakamaru, Ueda, They should not apologize for something they had no control over T.T i hope their anniversary concert will happen with or without Junno.

    • What

      My gosh, so much has happened to this group.. my heart just breaks for them

      • Lilly

        Ya …. it’s just heartbreaking!
        and what’s even more heartbreaking to think way back in the day when they shot to rock stardom!

        never thought this will happen to KAT-TUN ….

    • naa

      this must be such HELL for the remaining members…

    • mariave

      he’s getting married probably

    • jimmy

      KAT-TUN “Dead or Alive”

      • Mani


    • kunyit

      the other three looked so confused and heartbroken on their statements…
      hoping all the best for junno and kattun in the future
      kattun can be a trio like shonentai now…

    • guest

      better abandon the ship now than sink together with it.

    • nath

      Hopefully johnny or whomever responsible for their career will let them part ways and focus on solo works or whatever they aspire to be. Sometimes its better to break things apart rather than forcing them together.

    • TK

      They wouldn’t of tried to make Junno do the same thing they did with Ohno would they?

      • SqueezeCheese

        What did they do to Ohno?

        • tk

          The scandal where he had to say he wasn’t going to see an actress anymore.

          • Rie

            Taguchi is leaving je (& the entertainment industry) in march so I don’t think he’ll be forced to break up with Komine.

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      man getting real with their official statements..

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      seems like their managers have a problem with retention.

    • Mayura

      Can’t blame him for leaving. He probably doesn’t see himself having a future in JE.

    • Lilly

      Heartbreaking :(

    • Ja’Crispy

      Woah woah woah… Don’t blame Junno ‘cuz that’s what it’s sounding like based off of those statements. Blame the association. Junno wasn’t given as many jobs and opportunities as the precious Kame. Of course I’m always sad when someone leaves, but my sadness quickly turns to anger when I think about how often people get overshadowed and abandoned. Even by their fans sometimes.

      I personally was more shocked by this departure than Jin’s and Tanaka’s. I feel sad, but I don’t blame him. I wonder though why is he leaving. Did he get his girlfriend pregnant and now he has to get married? Well, I wish him and KAT-TUN the best. I do feel sorry for the rest of KAT-TUN though. Especially Kame. He always gets so pissed when this happens. Just don’t blame Junno!!! >_<

      • Mayura

        Junno looked serene in the video after breaking the news. I think he finally feels relieved. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world even if he leaves JE. He could be doing his own business out there or even stay in the entertainment industry (e.g. Taka from One Ok Rock is doing decently well).

        • Ja’Crispy

          Not sure what your reply has to do with mine, but yeah. I wish Junno and KAT-TUN the best and I hope there won’t be hard feelings between him and KAT-TUN. They have no reason to feel betrayed. It’s Junno’s life.

    • This is really saddening. I can’t even believe that when I watched that first episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN in 2007 that they would be the group that would lose half its members. I feel really bad for the members, staff and fans. But….Taguchi made his choice and that’s all there is to it. I wish him the best. And hopefully this will get J&A to look at how they manage their talents. Change is needed so badly.

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