Nozomi Tsuji criticized over how she eats strawberries

A few months ago it seemed that netizens overall attitude changed a little for talent Nozomi Tsuji. That quickly soured as the mother of three dominated headlines after taking her family on a trip to a farm.

Located in a city called Futtsu in the Chiba Prefecture, the farm that Tsuji’s family visited is quite renowned for their delicious and vast strawberry fields. After spending some time picking strawberries the family participated in activities found at your typical farm such as feeding/petting some of the animals and helping milk a cow.

Afterwards while uploading the days activities to her official blog and Instagram account, one comment in particular took netizens over the edge. Tsuji mentioned on how she loves to eat freshly picked strawberries with condensed milk.

This supposedly harmless comment sent users on various gossip message boards on a frenzy. “It would be way too sweet” ,”You can eat it as it is, why add milk!?“, “If you truly love strawberries then you will not eat it that way“, were some of the more common comments being spammed about the “issue”.

As news started to spread the story was picked up by many mainstream publications on the “riot” that Tsuji caused online, which caused confusion with the general public as to why this was getting so much attention in the first place.

The aftermath brought up a discussion on how silly it is for some celebrities to get “beat up” over every single thing they do, with the most highly rated comments condemning the ones who originally criticized her and offering pity to the former Morning Musume member. On some websites for many hours this news was even ranking ahead of Johnny’s decision to lift their ban on online images.

This strawberry incident isn’t the first time Tsuji was unexpectedly attacked. In the past she has been criticized for serving too much meat during breakfast, apparently adding too much barley while making barley tea, and the worst crime of all not cutting the green onions small enough while making homemade udon for her family.

(yahoo headlines and jcast)

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    • neko

      eat strawberries with condensed milk. is like the most common thing to do here ir costa rica

      • Khanikun

        In the US, it’s strawberries with chocolate or whipped cream.

        • Bell

          There’s nothing better than strawberries with fresh whipped cream, though now I’m going to have to try condensed milk. Maybe I’ve been missing out my whole life!

          • neko

            try it! is pretty good :) Is so popular here they sell condensed milk in small cans for kids

        • neko

          With chocolate are popular too, whipped cream is more when we have some ice cream

      • shiryukun

        Here in Brazil too. Japanese people sometimes go too far with their criticism and judgement, seriously.

      • The Pillow Book

        Here in Mexico and the US (well the part I live in) eating strawberries with condensed milk is nothing new.

        • neko

          That is what I´m saying sounds normal for me , mexico and costa rica have to much things in common anyways

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai
    • AkaneHaga

      best part abt this
      I still click and read it

    • violet

      I literally just ate some strawberries with condensed milk a few minutes ago, and I’m not really that fond of sweets, so I have no idea what those people were on about.

      • jmdesp

        That’s Japan, they like their desert a lot less sweet than in the US.

    • The Pillow Book

      Chugging half of the condensed milk is a norm for me and adding fruits makes it even better.

    • HiddenMickey

      Am I missing something here? I went to grade school in Japan and they served us strawberries that way. Maybe not “freshly picked” sure, but this is a very common way to eat it.

      I got criticized for eating it with the chocolate sauce provided for bread though T_T Japanese elementary sure prefer conformity over creativity.

    • What exactly has she done to receive this kind of stupid ire? Like, really?????

    • guest

      Wtf? I sometimes eat them with sour cream and sugar ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Angie Katina
      • anne

        holy shit i never thought i’d see an ethan bradberry meme here

    • Carmille Lozano

      Eating strawberries with condensed milk is bomb! Anyone who hasn’t tried it needs to. I find it the best way to eat it.

    • SnowDrop

      ಠ_ಠ This has got to be the pettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time…

    • sa

      pointless news

    • This is a new level of petty. It’s not like she’s dipping the strawberries in the blood of her enemies. Just let her live and eat strawberries how she pleases.

    • Ash

      If she’s actually bothered by this, then I pity her

    • ppfls

      why so obsessed?

    • WTH??! I live in Japan. They literally sell condensed milk NEXT TO THE STRAWBERRIES. That’s how many people eat them here!

    • Ash

      I am utterly speechless as to WHY everyone is up in arms over how Ms. Naomi Tsuji prepares food.

      How Tsuji does away with the food she eats, prepares and cooks shouldn’t be anyone’s business but her own.

      Geez, people these days want to find a way to get mad at something (& someone) for the most asinine reasons possible.

    • 116FanxyZihoes

      I wish these were the only things concerning us and we didn’t have actual problems

    • hasawa

      I love the how the pettiness of the article and J-netizens bitterness contrast with the wholesomeness of the comment section here which became an opportunity for people to share how they eat condensed milk/what they eat strawberry with❤️

    • circe154

      The internet was a mistake.

    • Jurippe

      I think she should shave her head and repent on camera.

    • HevRev

      I’m British, strawberries and cream is a yearly tradition over here, especially when Wimbledon is on. Can’t think of a desert I enjoy more in the summer.

    • yamakita

      I bet these people criticized while eating strawberries with condensed milk.

    • sweetpotate

      … but that’s how I enjoy my strawberries and cream. Add a huge helping of ice cream and we’re set.
      Honestly do these netizens have to judge everything anyone does that’s not what they themselves do??

    • nerissa gibbens

      I usually dip strawberries into sugar or starch sugar… condensed milk isnt that known in my country

    • King of the Kats

      I had to read twice to ‘understand’. The whole backlash was because the way you eat a fruit?

    • Ichiberry

      Lmao I love strawberries dipped in condensed milk! <3

    • WorldGN18

      hahaha can’t believe this, here in my country we eat them with Chantilly cream, chocolate syrup and condensed milk, super yummy

    • ポラリス

      wtf lol

      also condensed milk on strawberries is amazing

    • Josephine Brown

      wtf, control freaks go home and eat strawberries your way then and less meat for breakfast. Geez….

    • Just Tim

      Now this is first world problems, Japan edition.