V6 prove they’ve still got it with new single “Can’t Get Enough / Hanahirake”

Today veteran idols V6 released their 47th single “Can’t Get Enough / Hanahirake”, it debuted at #2 on the Oricon daily charts selling an impressive 97k copies.  This is their first double a-side single in six years, the last being their 2011 effort “Sexy Honey Bunny! / Takara no Ishi”.

Giving variety, “Can’t Get Enough” is a funky dance song with an insanely catchy chorus. Decked out in black outfits, the members show off a sleek dance routine in the stylish video.”Hanahirake” is the complete opposite, a fun cheerful pop song perfect for the spring. In the video the members are seen exploring an animated world, ending with a paintball fight.

Watch the full videos for “Can’t Get Enough” and “Hanahirake” below!

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    • Kyrie

      Can’t get enough literally sounds like a song w-inds. would make. I’m not hating on them tho, it actually sounds good.

    • Afiqah Hasbullah

      V6! 💜💜💜💜💜

    • mio

      i like how surprised interviewers/music writers are when they talk about this single. they’ve been doing these “cool dance songs” for over a decade now.

      all of the gold like this are usually hidden as b-sides and album tracks. :3

      • RISE!!!

        Forreal. Supernova was just recently voted on a show by fans as their #1 favorite V6 song and that was a concert ONLY song for 2 years before they put it on an album.

        • phoe-enix

          Great! Lol, Supernova is so good….. I still use it as my ringtone <3

    • cooa

      Waiting for my copy.. yay v6!

    • めぐみ☆

      “97k copies”

      about damn time they get the recognition they deserve tho.

    • ooo

      Love it!!

    • Kyle

      i…like it

    • phoe-enix

      “insanely catchy chorus”
      …very true

    • RISE!!!

      I’ve been a fan of them since GUILTY and was frustrated that single didn’t blow up. So TRUST AND BELIEVE I’m still pinching myself over these first day sales.


    • This is my favourite song from these last years, along with Sky’s The Limit, Supernova and a bunch of Oh My Goodness’ album. It also reminds me of the cool maxi-single vibes, which is one of my all time favourite releases of V6.

      I love their ballads, but I love their up-tempo and cooler songs the best.

    • Can not Get Enough: Sekushii! ✔️
      Hanahirake: Kawaii! ✔️
      Yeah, really liked. Plus, Okada-san… 😍

    • Mina

      Miyake Ken is god’s gift to the world lmao

      • HoneyBeat

        Preach that good word, fam

    • SqueezeCheese

      Can’t Get Enough is such a banger, only V6 can release something so good. I wish they would have gotten the recognition ages ago. GUILTY era honestly.

    • light

      Love Can’t get enough!

    • Troy

      V6 has been my favorite JPop group since 2000 and I’m pleased to see these guys keep going. I wasn’t a huge fan of Beautiful World – in fact, it was one of my least favorite V6 songs in a long, long time – but they knocked it out of the park with this single. All of the songs are pretty amazing.

      • Hi

        Yes I agree with you, Beautiful World and wa ni natte odorou are my least favorite V6 singles.

        • Helen

          At first I don’t really care for Beautiful World but after they turn it into Inohara wedding song, I’m totally sold.
          Wa is a classic and I’m not ever getting bored of it *hugs my cd*

          • Hi

            Do you mean Nagano? I liked Wa ni natte odorou when I started listening to V6 but then they always sang it, I love “over”!.

            • Helen

              Lol. Yes. Nagano. Didn’t realize i wrote the wrong person lol.
              I really don’t mind WA being v6 staple song just like Love You Only for TOKIO or LSS for Arashi.

              • Hi

                Lol no worries! and yeah

    • Jai

      Always forget that Junichi Okada is from V6. So used to seeing him in movies.

    • Jai

      Always nice and refreshing to see these real, sexy, talented men singing compared to seeing so many copy-paste little boy Kpop groups (not saying that they are all bad but the format and content starts to all look and sound the same).

      • am

        Yes! V6 are handsome

    • HoneyBeat


      I just got my singles today. One of their best singles.Songs are amazing. Visuals on point. Ken looking flaw free and younger than half the Johnny’s Jrs.