TOWA TEI releases MV for “REM” with ANO from You’ll Melt More!, a visual trip not to miss

Legendary producer Towa Tei just released a Music Video for “REM“, yet another track taken from his newly released 9th studio album “EMO“.

REM” is a dreamy, almost cathartic Electronic number softened by Jazz-y layers, framed by the soothing voice of Ano (from Alt Idol unit You’ll Melt More!), that perfectly matches the mood of the track. Despite being a complex, occasionally even unpredictable track, “REM” is one of those tunes that immediately get stuck in the head of the listener, gradually unfolding to show all its details with each listen. The video is a wonderful visual trip filled with CG effects, and Ano, whose personality is well known in the mainstream scene, perfectly feels at home in such a dreamy and crazy video.

It’s great to see Ano being recognized by yet another great (legendary, in this case) artist. Towa Tei has greatly succeeded in valorizing the voice and personality of this girl, and the result is stunning.

Be sure to check out Towa Tei‘s MV for “EMO” down here, as well as all the details of his new album “EMO“!

Towa Tei – EMO (Available now)


01. Exformation
02. Brand Nu Emo
03. GBI
04. Sugar
05. Xylocopa
06. TG
07. YOLO
08. REM
09. Continua

Be sure to let us know what you think about this new Towa Tei Music Video down here in the comments!

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    • Hairy Reasoner

      A better song and PV than Brand Nu Emo, and a better Ano-featuring song than Oomori’s Gutto Kuru SUMMER.

    • J-Pop

      Sorry for writing about it in this article, but I wanted to comment about Arama! Japan and what I’m going to write is mostly directed to @Ronald.

      I’ve been reading articles from this website since it started and, despite what I said on that other one about that “what looks like another urban, mainstream J-Pop singer” (as a guest with the username @KOM_I) and also being uncomfortable about how people just say/comment whatever they want without much thought on articles such as the one written by @Ronald about Utada Hikaru’s “Fantôme” – which I disagreed with but properly commented my own opinion without insulting anyone (each person, specially those who, in this case, have listened to the artist’s discography, has its own opinion and, as much as I remember, even if there were some really unnecessary parts, the review wasn’t exaggerated – it was just that, an opinion from a fan who wasn’t happy about the music) -, I think Arama! Japan is getting better and better and I really like how it focuses on how diverse Japanese music is. Personally I’ve never been so interested in Japanese music (and cinematography, although it isn’t the main focus, unless we can include music videos and such) as I am now and I have to thank Arama! Japan and the ones who help getting to know artists or idols better when someone asks (I was also the one who wrote on that article about YUKI’s new album asking fans about which works from her they recommended since I didn’t know much about her) for making information available to a wider audience, specially Japanese music fans like me who only listened to those artists and idols that are “currently more well-known” internationally. You are probably the ones who contribute the most to Cool Japan in this department, but anyway that’s another story.
      The articles I like the most are probably the chart ones, including the “flashback” ones, and also this ones that are about both older and new acts and their music and that one gets to know more about them. I just suggest to change the headers for the open posts.

    • TOWA TEI

      Which are TOWA TEI’s best works?
      The only song I know better is that one with Shiina Ringo, that one that sings about an apple, since I really like how simple and well-thought it was, but that’s it. Kind of like Shinichi Osawa, I love some of the songs he produced (Namie Amuro’s “NAKED” and the “60s 70s 80s” single and AFTERSCHOOL’s only Japanese album are brilliant), but I don’t know much about him too.
      It’s annoying when the Japanese music producer that is most talked about internationally (as much as I get) is Yasutaka Nakata.

      • Rob Whetzel

        Some of his songs that I love are A.O.R, Absesses, My Addiction Love and RADIO. These songs all have vocals, mainly female. But a lot of his songs are just instrumentals.

        • Rob Whetzel

          Also Sound of Music! That’s a great song

        • TOWA TEI

          Thank you! I’ll keep the songs in mind. Right now I’m listening to globe, since someone commented on them on another post and they are featured on this week’s “Oricon charts flashback”.
          I actually really like “instrumental” songs, specially the ones by Ryuichi Sakamoto. I still am not that used to ones imagined by the other members of YMO, Ryuichi is more my type. I don’t listen to the “instrumental versions” of songs that originally are sang by someone tho, considering the voice is an instrument and it doesn’t feel the same (plus most instrumental songs are obviously not meant to have someone sing over them).

      • Michele

        This is quite famous, but it deserves to be mentioned one again.
        It’s taken from his fifth studio album Flash.

        P.S. Let’s not start one those cultural appropriation discussions please.

    • Rob Whetzel

      I had to buy the entire CD from CDjapan bc Towa Tei’s old ass self won’t put it on iTunes… still love him though, I just wanted to get the album instantly and digitally.