Toki Asako to Release New Album “PINK”

On January 25, Toki Asako will release her new album, “PINK.” The album is described as “modern day city pop.” Tomi Yo oversaw production of the album, composing eight of the album’s ten tracks. The other two songs on the album, “Shibou” and “Fried Noodles”, were composed by G.RINA, who Asako recently worked with on her own album. The lyrics of “PINK” were written by Asako.

The DVD that comes with the CD+DVD edition of the album includes behind the scenes footage of the album’s production and its accompanying photoshoot. It also includes footage from the final show of Asako’s tour in support of her 2015 album “Bittersweet.”

Check out more information on “PINK” below, including video trailers!



CD only


1. City Lights
3. Valentine
4. Fancy Time
5. 脂肪 (Shibou)
6. Rain Dancer
7. Blue Moon
8. Fried Noodles
10. Peppermint Town

1. アルバム「PINK」レコーディング&ジャケット撮影風景 (Album “PINK” Recording & Jacket Photography Clip)
2.「TOKI ASAKO LIVE TOUR 2015 “Bittersweet”~子曰、四十而不惑。麻子曰、惑うなら今だし。~」ファイナル10月31日東京・日本橋三井ホール公演 (“TOKI ASAKO LIVE TOUR 2015 ‘Bittersweet’ ~Shiiwaku, Yonju Fuwaku. Asa Shiiwaku, Madou nara Ima da shi.~” Final 10/31 Tokyo Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall)
1. セ・ラ・ヴィ ~女は愛に忙しい~ (C’est La Vie ~Onna wa Ai ni Isogashii~)
2. さよなら90’s Girl (Sayonara 90s Girl)
4. ラブソング (Love Song)
5. Don’t let it go
6. きみだった (Kimi Datta)
7. サーファー・ガール (Surfer Girl)
8. Kung Fu Girl
9. Beautiful Day
10. BOYフロム世田谷 (BOY from Setagaya)
11. 地下鉄のシンデレラ (Chikatetsu no Cinderella)


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    • Jun

      Can’t wait to listen to this album! I just recently discovered the unique Jpop subgenre that is citypop, this sounds like a good attempt to update the sound of this genre.

      • Risa

        Yes, I think this album will be very good!

    • Risa

      I had pre-ordered this and am looking forward to it. Like the song Shibou so much 💓

    • yacchaitai

      love the cover