The Idol Formerly known as LADYBABY show all their love in MV for “LADY BABY BLUE”

The Idol Formerly Know as LADYBABY just released a Music Video for “LADY BABY BLUE“, third track from their recently released single “PELO“.

The song is written by none other than J-pop singer/songwriter Seiko Oomori, that crafted a laid-down yet well structured Rock piece for the girls, taking distance from the usual fusion of Idol pop and Metal that marks the duo’s sound. It’s a simple yet nice track, that valorizes both Rei and Rie’s voices, particularly in the verse section. The video was mostly shot through Rie’s phone, showing the girls’ everyday life, as well as their strong love towards each other.

Be sure to catch the video down here, and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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    • Ash

      If only ALL their stuff was like this. You know, instead of complete garbage.

      • MAdara

        i agree
        the video , the music
        way different to their other stuff

      • Anthony Gray

        I didn’t really dislike their earlier stuff, but I don’t think I really liked it that much either. This song and video makes they feel more like normal J-Pop artists, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So much of the “weird” factor is gone now that Ladybeard departed. lol

    • guest

      song’s good but the video and their voices ruin it

      • Anthony Gray

        …so you only liked the instrumental ,is what your saying?