Sexy Covers Released For Maimi Yajima’s New Photobook “Nobody Knows 23”

The leader of Hello!Project and C-ute Maimi Yajima, is set to release her new photobook “Nobody Knows 23” on August 21st.

For this photobook the concept takes a “further polish” to Maimi’s natural beauty as a 23 year old adult woman. The photos were all shot at the Shimizu-ku Shizuoka ward showcasing it’s beautiful beaches and harbor. For this photobook Maimi played a large role in what photos would be selected for the finished product, incorporating many “dramatic” photoshoot scenes. This ain’t your average bikini photobook! #artpop

The photobook will be released in two versions. One standard edition available at all the usual retailers, and a limited edition available exclusively at All content is the same except for the cover, both versions also come with a making-of DVD. Check out the covers for “Nobody Knows 23” below!

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    • Hello!Project

      where is mamoswine1?

      • haha


      • mamoswine1


        • Ryusei

          because you comment: “Where’s morning musume and C-ute?” on everything lol

          • mamoswine1

            well it depends on article for something like this which is pure C-UTE member no need to ask where are they

            • Ryusei

              No need to justify haha the user just reversed the situation asking for you instead of you asking for them ^^

    • Mukai

      Despite being one of the few idols in H!P who is pretty I’m so shocked they don’t push her more. She has an actress face.

    • mamoswine1

      looks pretty above common AKB girls but 10x below Nogizaka’s top faces

      • H

        lol delusional as usual

        • mamoswine1

          her face is more common than nogi’s faces well its reality duh even akimoto manatsu is cuter than her

    • I’m not into girl bands but i like this girl and her group.Sayumi was the only one i know in H!P before, but after her graduation i started to listen C-ute.They’re pretty good.