SALU Raps in English on “YEDI”

On May 24, SALU will release his new album, “INDIGO.” This is his fourth album and his first self-produced one. The album’s title comes from an idea SALU had while making the album about the color indigo. Indigo dye is used to make jeans, which often bleed onto lighter colored fabrics. SALU wants his new album to be something common, like jeans, and he wants people to soak his new music in like indigo dye.

Ahead of the album’s release, SALU has released the music video for one of the new songs on the album, “YEDI.” The song is in English and exposes SALU’s hidden dark side. Check it out below, along with the new album’s covers!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition


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    • hasawa

      SALU was one of the last rappers to ever catch my attenton but after his first album and maxi EP his music kinda shifted and i lost interest. Out of despair to find new (and interesting) j-rap artists i may give a try to this new album though.
      The 2nd verse is good but the chorus is so meh. A shame the last part of the song consists repeating it again and again which is pretty lazy for a rap song.
      Also using english can be pretty tricky cause it may induce a loss of rythm since japanese is a language having many words with a lot of syllables thus i always found japanese versions of bilingual artists’ songs better cause more rythmed and enjoy japanese rap more than anglophone rap.

      • A lot of these guys have one good album, and then a lame one, and the cycle repeats.

      • vragile

        I really really liked his album COMEDY, but nothing’s been the same style since.
        Everything he’s been coming out with has a different feel, which is cool. But it’s hard for fans to follow through his transitions.

    • Stop Plagiarism

      Friendly reminder that Ronald is a plagiarist.

    • Encha277

      Unless I’m crazy, this song is about Star Wars… Is this an official tie-in?