Nishino Kana Dances Away Stress in “Pa” PV

On May 3, Nishino Kana will release her new single, “Pa.” The song serve as the CM song for Otsuka Foods’ beverage “Vitamin Tansan MATCH.” “Pa” is described as an upbeat pop song that will help listeners blow off the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Kana has released the perfect video to match the song’s mood! The music video for “Pa” is a bright, happy clip which literally shows people stressing about the workday and then dancing their cares away. This dance takes place on a giant picture of a slice of pineapple, to complement the single’s theme. Check it out below, along with more information about Kana’s new single!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

1. パッ (Pa)
2. 27
3. Work

Limited Edition DVD
1. Behind the scenes of “パッ” (“Pa”) Photo Session


  • Comments

    • Brett

      I can’t believe I tapped my foot to this song and it cured my crippling depression and anxiety :)

    • Ryusei

      The outfits are super cute and look very fresh~ new song’s cute

    • Kana Nishino

      Kana Nishino is so beautiful! She deserves the success she has. From her upbeat songs to her ballads, I and many others feels more calm and happier. Even though some of her songs have silly lyrics (she tends to sing too many times the words “boy” and “girl), there are many songs that she writes that are just beautiful and one can relate to. I’m very thankful to her.

    • Guest

      Not bad… but not a fan that it’s exactly the same video editor as ‘Have a nice day’.

    • hasawa

      This song makes me picturing her in ~10 years from now singing songs in kid shows

    • relmy

      She looks dead behind the eyes in this video. Is it a cry for help?

      • Ryusei

        she’s had the dead eyes on lock for quite some time tbh lol “We don’t stop” was the peak, the song is her most upbeat ever pretty much but her face is dead in the PV lol

        • relmy

          Oh wow, I’d never watched the We Don’t Stop PV… it’s bad. I don’t mind the bad cheesy dancing (this IS Jpop), but she’s anywhere but that set in that PV.

      • kashiyuka

        ya noticed it especially during that choreo

        • Sanjay Rishi

          What do you mean? She looks pretty good. I did notice some redness during the scenes with the pony tail. Is that what you guys mean?

    • moon2017

      Why does it seem likes shes trying hard to not show any expressions lol

    • Dave

      She’s so stiff

    • Ialy Alves

      Kana Nishino wil be Ayu in 10 years: she can’t dance, sings really bad live and acts like she’s an adolescent. It’s basically Ayu’s formula. She just needs to marry a white guy now

      • yacchaitai

        kanas worst performance is still better than ayus best in the last 5 years 💀

      • Ryusei

        what makes you think that? Kana’s voice hasnt really changed much at all, she always sounds good live on TV and in concerts, these 2 aren’t comparable at all take your random ayu and kana hate somehwere else

      • starlightshimmers

        Kana Nishino is an excellent vocalist and writes good lyrics. The problem is that Kana’s tune can sound generic but they’re not at all bad.

    • Ko

      I like her a lot and love her voice (and have been a fan since Esperanza 😍) but man songs and videos like this just symbolize what’s wrong with J-music now.