Nishino Kana Continues the Love with “LOVE it”

As previously reported, Nishino Kana will release her new album, “LOVE it”, on November 15. This new album will include the singles “Dear Bride”, “Pa”, “Girls”, and “Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu.” It will also contain a new version of “Kimi ga Suki”, which was originally on Kana’s last album, “Just LOVE.”

The DVD that comes with the limited edition of “LOVE it” will include the music videos for all the album’s singles, plus a special video for the song “Torisetsu.” This video features live and rehearsal footage of the song’s performance on Kana’s recent dome tour.

Check out more information on the album below!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

1. *Prologue* ~Humming~
2. パッ (Pa)
3. We’re the miracles
4. Girls
5. Happy Time
6. Best Friends Forever
7. Dear Bride
8. 君が好き Rearrange ver. (Kimi ga Suki Rearrange ver.)
9. Liar
10. MEOW
11. スマホ (Smartphone)
12. One More Time
13. 手をつなぐ理由 (Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu)
14. LOVE
15. *Epilogue* ~LOVE it~

Limited Edition DVD
1. Dear Bride Video Clip
2. パッ Video Clip (Pa Video Clip)
3. Girls Video Clip
4. 手をつなぐ理由 Video Clip (Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu Video Clip)
5. トリセツ ~Dome Tour 2017 “Many Thanks” Live & Rehearsal Special Edition~ (Torisetsu ~Dome Tour 2017 “Many Thanks” Live & Rehearsal Special Edition~)


  • Comments

    • hasawa

      *Kana keeping up with her annoying cutesy act VS my former fan disapointed ass*

      • hasawa

        More seriously : I listened to it and as expected it was tragic
        The first half of the album gave me an utter sense of second hand embarassement. I mean : “Girls” “Happy Time” “Best Friends Forever”??? *smh* SIS you’re pushing on 30!!
        To my biggest surprise I enjoyed a lot “Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu” and the ballads are not the most anoying tracks of the album.
        Dumbass “Smartphone” is my favorite exclusive track // drag me.

      • Bring this back!

    • U

      She’s so basic. I’m waiting for an image change (not her cutting 10cm her hair lol)

    • surfboardt

      Kana, sweetie, we need you to go back to crying and shivering about your ex-boyfriend.

    • Yeul

      I haven’t listened to it yet but I don’t understand the purpose of this album. It feels so rushed. They covers are ugly and cheap. There was no hype at all and she has no hits to support it. So why ?

    • Ialy

      Is Kana’s cutesy shit selling well? I hope this album sells less, so we can get something different the next one. Her voice is so beautiful, but the her recent music is so meaningless

      • She’s in decline.

        • Ialy

          I dream about the day she will do a Britney and go full Toxic

      • Miyanmu

        I haven’t listened to her since Best Friend.

    • Yeul

      Her target audience has clearly shifted.
      This album feels so rushed and cheap. “We’re the miracles” was quite nice.
      I can’t believe she sings “Because I’m cat” 40 times in “Meow”. Probably her worst song ever.

    • Diego

      It’s not her best album but I don’t think it can be considered bad. Nothing new under the sun, it sound like “Just Love” part 2.
      It’s funny how her past music (albums from 2010-2014) sounded far more deep and mature than now that she’s almost 30.

      • hasawa

        “It’s funny how her past music (albums from 2010-2014) sounded far more deep and mature than now that she’s almost 30”
        Kana is the Benjamin Button of Jpop : the more she’s getting older, the more stupid and regressive her music gets. She’ll never be able to top anything she released back before 2010.