NEWS sings for “EMMA” in latest music video

Check out the music video for the latest single of NEWS titled “EMMA”, which dropped last February 8. The title for this single, “EMMA,” is a girl’s name and the song is described as a a mature and sensual love story.

Member Masuda designed the costumes and air:man (Furitsuke Kagyo) choreographed the dance. Catch NEWS in this overwhelmingly aggressive and catchy song below.

alt link here

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    • Jin Tegoshi

      It sounds like “Chankapana”. This is not a bad song but definitely is not their best. I would like to see the whole choreography. The costumes are acceptable. The harmonic does not fit to the song, maybe I need to listen to it several times in order to not find it ‘weird’. I hope the B songs are better than this. Good luck to the guys in the charts.

    • Twinkle Kilara

      Yea I thought their choreography was kinda disgusting? Lol