NEWS Releases PVs for “Hikari no Shizuku/ Touch” and announces LIVE TOUR 2016

NEWS has released the music videos for their double A-side single titled “Hikari no Shizuku/ Touch“, which dropped last January 20.

Both songs show NEWS’ refined “classic style”. Hikari no Shizuku is a support song that gently shines a light on the troubles and doubts of young people, whereas “Touch” is a light, pop love song. The music videos presents a contrast, with a darker theme for “Hikaru no Shizuku” and a colorful setting for “Touch”.

“Hikari no Shizuku” is used as the theme song of Fuji TV drama “Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa”, based on the short story collection novel of the same name written by member Shigeaki Kato while “Touch” is used as the CM song for Nissen [Touch n] starring the group.

Moreover, the group has announced their LIVE TOUR 2016. The first leg will start on March 26 in Sapporo and end in June 12 at Tokyo Dome.

Check out the group’s PVs, CM, and tour details below.

alt links HERE, HERE, or HERE 


3/26 – 27 – Sapporo Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena

4/1 – 2 – Osaka-jo Hall

4/9 – 10 – Shizuoka Ecopa Arena

4/29 – 30 – Marine Messe Fukuoka

5/7 – 8 = Nagoya Nippongaishi Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall

5/14 – 15 – Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena

5/28 – 29 – Hiroshima Green Arena

6/11 – 12 – Tokyo Dome

(via J-net)

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    • why do J&A artists still make music videos and yet they can’t be put on online sites (ie. YT)

      • echu

        Because those music videos are also “sold” through the limited edition versions of their singles. So if you want the PV, you either buy the CD or dig deeper in the Internet.

    • Koushiba

      I’m so happy they’ll be back at TD again!

    • Ryusei

      Keiichiro is so adorable

    • ran

      NEWS is probably the only johnnys group I don’t mind releasing more samey NEWS-like songs

    • Encha277

      Does anyone know if the last NEWS tour (White) was released on Blu-ray or DVD? Or if there are any plans to?

      • anon

        there’s plans to release it sometime during spring. there’s no specific date yet.

    • kristen kagoshima

      Does anyone know when tickets usually go up for sale? I’m gonna be in Japan at the same time as the Tokyo some con and I’m thinking of going. Also, what would be the best method to buy it?

      • Encha277

        Not sure about the sale dates, but if you’re not part of the fan club or know someone who is, you’ll have to buy them on the after market and they won’t be cheap. I went to last years concert and tickets were $350 US each. I used a great service though: – They were able to secure the tickets for me and have them delivered to my hotel

        • kristen kagoshima

          Thanks for the info! But I’m not sure if I am willing to spend that much money…
          D: The dilema!!

    • Dreamers

      I’ve been following NEWS because of YamaPi (he was my bias) but stopped after they became a quartet. And I admit it, I thought they were losing it in the 4-nin era. But after listening to the songs here, I fell in love with them again.

    • Koyama looks so handsome in the Hikari no Shizuku pv. :3 I love NEWS but recently their songs wasn’t good enough. I’m happy to see that they did a good job this time.