Namie Amuro collaborates with SHOW-YA & releases another PV for “Golden Touch”

Today, Namie Amuro’s official facebook page announced that she will be featured on a new recording of SHOW-YA’s 1989 song “GENKAI LOVERS”. The 2015 recording will be released on the group’s 30th anniversary album “PROGRESS” which goes on sale on September 30.

In other news, another version of Namie Amuro’s music video for “Golden Touch” was uploaded on her official YouTube channel.

Check out the short version of “Golden Touch -10 Million Views New Edit” and the audio preview of “Genkai Lovers feat. Amuro Namie” after the jump!

Genkai Lovers feat. Amuro Namie

Golden Touch -10 Million Views New Edit-

(via Namie’s Official Facebook)

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    • Guilherme Teruya

      Namie is planning on releasing a new collaboration album? So many collabs lately. Not complaining though. Love her voice on the metal sound.

      • I doubt that she’s gearing up for one NOW. She has always done a lot of colaboration projects. But of course there will eventually be some kind of collection but as of now she only has Waterfalls, Grotesque, I’m Not Yours, Revolution and Genkai Lovers.

        • honeyoolongtea

          There’s also What I Did For Love and B Who I Want 2 B

          • Yeah but why would she include them? When “Checkmate!” was released they didn’t include Fish, Ups&Downs and all the other collabs that were already released on a Namie album either.

        • Guilherme Teruya

          And that weird song with Hatsune Miku lol

          • which was on _genic already so I don’t think she’s gonna put that on there as well lol

            • Guilherme Teruya


    • She should do rock songs more often or switch to rock entirely. Her voice fits the genre much better than EDM in my opinion. Also, the new Golden Touch PV is cute and apparently you’ll be able to touch her butt in the full version LOL

      • Guest

        I don’t think she can pull it live….

    • Photos taken by Mika Ninagawa for Marie Claire Hong Kong

    • When will she have her concert at Madison Square Garden?

    • The ending made my day; when Namie rests on my finger!

    • sumomona

      i see production is regretting not having her in a mv that ended up going viral but toolittletoolate.mp3

      • Ntouch

        I disagree. Namie always wanted to be known for mainly her music. Golden Touch new edit is dedicated for the fans and for achieving 10 million views.