Mika Nakashima Plays an Office Lady in Love in “Koi wo Suru” PV

On February 22, Mika Nakashima will release her new single, “Koi wo Suru.” The song serves as the CM song for DHC F1 Skin Care. Mika describes the song as “a little embarrassing, but fresh.” And it is something fresh for Mika. It’s a surprising upbeat song, with a video to match.

In the music video for “Koi wo Suru”, Mika takes on her first acting role in one of her music videos, playing an office lady who is burdened by work. In spite of her workplace woes, she is in love. Mika is giddy at the thought of her lover, even smiling (which is something Mika is rarely seen doing).

Check out the video below, along with more information on Mika’s new single!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


1. 恋をする (Koi wo Suru)
2. Foolish
3. 恋をする (Koi wo Suru) instrumental

Limited Edition DVD
1. 恋をする (Koi wo Suru) MUSIC VIDEO


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    • Babi Hong


    • Kari

      omg I love her image! <333

    • ChaiChai

      Cute song and video, seeing Mika so cheerful makes me happy haha

    • She reminds me a lot of Namie Amuro in this video.
      Looks-wise and her style.
      Or is it just me?

      • lymli

        it reminded me of koda kumi, namie almost never changes her appearance

    • lymli

      the man from the pv reminds me of her husband, I hope she gets baby soon