Mariya Nishiuchi spices things up for new single “Motion”

On March 15, actress / singer Mariya Nishiuchi will release her 7th single “Motion“. The track serves as the main theme of the currently airing dorama “Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu” which stars Mariya herself and flumpool’s Ryuta Yamamura, for who the role is his acting debut.

The song and the accompanying music video introduce a diva-like image for Mariya, a throwback to the days of the women’s domination over the Japanese music scene, although it might as well be an example of Ariana Grande’s impact on the industry.

The MV and the covers can be found under the jump.


  1. Motion
  2. Won’t Leave Without A Fight
  3. Motion (Instrumental)
  4. Won’t Leave Without A Fight (Instrumental)

*includes “Motion” MV and Making Of


  1. Motion
  2. Won’t Leave Without A Fight
  3. Motion (Instrumental)
  4. Won’t Leave Without A Fight (Instrumental)
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    • Asuka

      Watching Mariya’s getsuku9 drama and listening to this every week made me like her more. It gave me a better impression of her than Chu Chu (very annoying). She should stick with this diva image for her future music releases.

      I hope she’ll get to perform this at Music Station soon.
      Totsuzen Ashita Kekkon is so underrated (5%!), I feel sorry for her and Yamamura Ryuta.

      • Asuka

        Oh btw, i just found out Ryuta is already married last year to his highschool sweetheart. A romance that lasted 14 years. Gosh đź’—

      • pondloso

        good drama but getsu 9 is dead(fuji is dead) so people just automatic turn off if not a big name lead.

      • hizurisama

        Wow why the low rating? I thought people would like it since it’s kinda similar with nigehaji.

        holy shit, ryuta is married? aaaahhhhhhhhhhh </3

    • Ryusei

      Ok but is she ever gonna release an album?

      • Farah Hafad

        She mentioned she would, after around 10 singles

    • I like the beat and energy of this. It has a kinda retro feel to it, but I don’t dislike that.

    • Kiang Sheryl


      loved her in switch girl
      her self-composed ballads
      excel in sports
      managed to comeback from yamada’s “scandal” back in high school