“Male Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” Kondo Yohdi to release debut album

On March 22, Kondo Yohdi, who has often been compared to his fellow Harajuku model-singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Yasutaka Nakata’s latest project, Natsume Mito, will release his debut album titled “402”. The title is read as “Yonmaruni” (yon for 4, maru for 0, “circle”, and ni for 2) which is another way of spelling his name.

Yohdi debuted in 2015, first independently with “30th CENTURY BOY” and then under avex with “Guru gurun Sekai”. Both tracks will be featured on the album along with the rest of the previously released singles, adding up to 10 songs in total. Two more singles / videos are expected to be released according to the tracklist you can see under the cut.


  1. 30th CENTURY BOY
  2. Gurugurun Sekai
  3. Going take a walk
  4. PAN!!!!!
  5. Kimi Kimi Dog
  6. Dan Oira
  7. Starlight baby girl
  8. To be determined (upcoming single)
  9. To be determined (upcoming single)
  10. Carnival


  • Comments

    • eplizo

      YESSSS GOD! I’m so ready.

    • Ben

      What the fuck is this?

    • hasawa

      Kyary, Natsume Mito and now this guy… *sigh* time for this try hard gimmicky acts trend to die away once and for all….

      • Guest

        Hey, Natsume Mito has a nice blocked nose voice

      • It is not a new thing actually. Just think of Tomoe Shinohara and all the rest.

    • buing

      He’s a cutie but the music sounds…….. bad.

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      Eh, he is cute😂

    • kcoaterbank

      Anyone ever heard about Azazel? I thought he was pretty pamyu-ish… just more gothic.

    • hhhh

      he’s still trying to make this garbage work?

    • Fii

      I liked his two previous songs. This one’s ok.

    • applemango

      The one that’s linked sucks but Pan!!!!!!! is a certified BOP

    • Stephany Claros

      Amazing how people say “garbage” about the work of other people, if you don’t like his music just ignore him. Meanwhile, I enjoy his music and support him. Haters gonna hate.