Mai Kuraki secures perfect top 10 streak, announces new album

On January 11, Mai Kuraki released her 43rd single, “YESTERDAY LOVE”. As in case of Kuraki’s legendary signature song, “secret of my heart”, the track serves as the current ending theme of the anime “Detective Conan“, replacing her own 2016’s cut “SAWAGE☆LIFE“. The release strategy for the single was to make it a DVD / Blu-Ray release only. As a result, the single did not make the Oricon Singles Chart, but it did break the top 10 of the Overall Weekly Blu-Ray chart and the top 3 of the one for music, thus practically securing her unbreakable top 10 streak and further strengthening her record for the most consecutive top 10 single hits for a female solo artist. While there is some room for debate, given the nature of the release, Kuraki’s persistence is admirable. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, Kuraki has announced her 12th studio album, titled “Smile”, which is due February 15. It’s her first original studio album since 2012’s “OVER THE RAINBOW”, making the gap between the album releases her biggest yet, even if her 15th anniversary best album is counted. Both “YESTERDAY LOVE and “SAWAGE☆LIFE” are featured on the upcoming album along with another cut from 2016, “Serendipity”. Have a look at the full tracklist and more detailed description of the album by Mai herself after the jump.

While describing the meaning of the album title, the singer says that there are different kinds of a smile: “the one that appears when people meet”, “the one that accompanies a tear like a rainbow after the rain” and “the one that is born out of good time spending listening to music”. To emphasize “the variety of smiles”, the album will incorporate the elements of different genres, including pop, r&b and rock. Thematically, the record will focus on Kuraki’s experience during the 5-year gap, with straightforward lyrics reflecting her new outlook.


  2. Mystery Hero
  3. Glass no Hohoemi
  4. OPEN L▽VE
  6. I Like It
  8. Serendipity
  9. Make that change
  10. Tell me why
  11. My way
  12. Kimi e no Uta

*the limited edition of the album consists of two discs; the second one contains the remix of “I Like It”.

“Mystery Hero” is described as “a beautiful, but fleeting gem of the record”, “I Like It” is a groovy “feel-good” song, “Make that change” is a rock number and “Kimi e no Uta” is supposed to make the listeners produce a warm smile.

In addition, the singer shared a photo of her smiling that could potentially be the album cover which is still unrevealed.

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    • honey girl

      I see you’re not being full of your usual shit op. Lucky for you, I’m not going to drag you since I like Mai too.

      Honestly idk why her team keeps trying so hard with this record. She literally has more prestigous records to gloat about and it will never be broken like highest first week sales for a debut album. This top 10 record means nothing when you can just plan your releases so strategically now. Funny thing is she can pull off 10k first week with her singles and she would still land in the top 10 so her company outta let go and stop halting her releases like this.

      Anyway I’m not looking forward to Smile. I hadn’t heard her stuff in a while even tho I’ve read she hasn’t changed too much since her last 4 albums so I won’t have too high expectations to be wowed but I hope it’s a nice album.

    • yacchaitai

      I keep forgetting about her. I haven’t listened to any of her latest tracks but I’m happy she’s finally releasing a new album.

    • after so many years i still can’t stop listening her ALL MY BEST (2009) album. it’s highly recommended.
      most songs of hers are mediocre but in the same time she has those gems too that are on her best album. m/

      my favorite songs from her:

      also i love her Over The Rainbow cover on her ONE LIFE album. ><b

    • doyourbestmai

      I’m sorry that I forget you, even though you were one of my favourite singer
      I’m glad that she’s still around though.

    • Ariestanabirah

      I’ll wait for SMILE, Mai~