Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s MV for “Easta” is one of the saddest things you’ll see in 2017

Let’s be honest: with “HARAJUKU IYAHOI”, most people (including me) saw a glimpse of hope in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s career. After almost three years of completely shallow and boring music -leaving aside a few exceptions- the audience finally got a catchy and enjoyable track coupled by a super nice Music Video, which is everything the fans (and Kyary herself) needed at that point. The intention of putting the singer back on track was apparently clear: even just the fact the song title had the name “Harajuku” in it was giving fans hope, as the correlation between the singer and the internationally famous fashion district of Tokyo drifted down into the abyss during the course of her career.

Yet, we were all were wrong. There’s no intention of putting Kyary back on track. There’s no hope for her career. She was, is, and will always be nothing more than a marketing puppet. A face corporations and companies use to promote their products. It’s the same story: she’s in the music industry exclusively to expose some sort of product, with no interest whatsoever in the artistic side, nor in her personality, the reason why she stepped into this world in the first place. Of course, “Easta” is no exception to this philosophy, being the CM of an Easter campaign ran by some sort of supermarket chain, exactly as the B-side coupling this track in her upcoming single. Don’t get me wrong: several mainstream artists make collaborations with famous brands, and wether you like it or not, they need it. The problem is, Kyary’s career is entirely based on commercials. Which, as you can guess, is a different approach that leads to a different result.

This wouldn’t even be a problem if these songs and videos weren’t completely bland and uninspired. At the same time, though, I don’t feel like completely blaming producer Yasutaka Nakata: he just does the job he’s asked to do, and clearly has no interest in making something engaging for the audience, since even he knows there’s really nothing interesting about Kyary anymore. Even if he actually wanted to make a club banger everyone wants to jam to, it wouldn’t be worth the time (it’s all about time for him) as the expectations for a new Kyary single are incredibly low before it even comes out: people just aren’t interested in her anymore. And while this is partly Nakata’s fault, he knows it’s too late to save this girl’s career. He completely lost the creative control on Kyary’s music after the amazing “Nandacollection” (2013), when she pretty much started doing CM-only tracks, and gradually lost her identity as Harajuku icon and relevant Pop act.

And so, here we are today, with yet another tedious tie-in track from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Even the video, once a great means of expression for her personality, is incredibly boring, but most of all, sad. Look at that dying color palette. At the expression on her face. At how all of this is incredibly depressing and forcedly recycled, just for the sake of putting out yet another useless track to promote some sort of campaign put up by yet another chain or corporation.

This is the girl that put out one of the best J-pop records of 2013, trying to desperately survive between the ruins of the success she destroyed with her own hands.

Enjoy the video.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s new single “Easta” is out on April 5th. Be sure to let us know what you think about this MV down here in the comments.

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    • Ryusei

      shouldn’t this have the “opinion piece” tag?

      • Alex

        I involuntarily published a draft that I wrote on my tablet (which means lots of typos and mistakes) instead of the final version. It should be fine now. Thanks for pointing it out!

        • Ryusei

          Oh ok I thought that might be the case :) np

      • Yeah, definitely more of an opinion piece than an actual news article.
        And honestly, I don’t know where all this hate comes from. Sure, it isn’t her best song and video, but there is this concept behind it with all those medieval influences, so, I can still see, that they are still trying to come up with something new to give the whole Kyary phenomenon a new and interesting twist.

    • Thomas

      All Kyary needs is a big makeover in my opinion. Her entire concept was based around the idea of her being something new, special and inspiring but now both her music and her fashion are completely normal. If they cared enough to switch it up a little, get new producers and “rebrand” her, they might just be able to save the sinking ship that is her career…

      • Do you really think that’s possible? It would be like trying to rebrand McDonald’s as fine dining.

        • Thomas

          I mean we don’t see Lady Gaga run around in meat costumes anymore either and she still has her fans, so yeah I guess? Eventually she’s going to be old for the whole Harajuku it-girl thing anyways.

          • She’s also a complete and utter flop now…

            • Thomas

              But she’s selling more CDs than Kyary and has a larger fanbase comparatively, I would say. I really don’t like Lady Gaga’s music but she’s still somewhat successful even if she’s not popular anymore. Kyary meanwhile failed to sell 10k even with that huge Coca Cola tie-in…

              • But that’s more due to population differences and worldwide fame.

                • Thomas

                  Hmm I’m not 100% sure it’s just that. But I mean Kyary isn’t getting any younger, if I were her, I would be fed up with the whole kawaii thing by now. At least Gaga knew when to stop with whatever she had going on :’D

                  • Lady Gaga

                    Surely both of you know nothing about Lady Gaga nor do you actually care about anything besides what the media says. And what do sales have to do with how great is someone’s career? There are literally articles here about great albums that didn’t get any attention. Most people here even criticized Utada Hikaru’s new album.
                    Try to actually get an artist before criticizing it.

                    • Thomas

                      Uhm… I think you missed my point. I said it’s possible for Kyary to rebrand and save her career and noted Lady Gaga as an example for someone who did that and remained somewhat popular.

                      P.s. I also said nothing about the quality of her music, only that I do not like it personally.

                    • Macy

                      This comment should probably be just directed to Ronald, but yeah… Lady Gaga is actually talented. There’s more to her than just a character. She’s such an amazing singer and song writer. Joanne created Lady Gaga to be heard and seen. She wouldn’t have been without it. She’ll never be as poplar as she used to be, but maybe that’s the prime example of why she had to create that character. No one would’ve paid any attention to her.

    • hasawa

      ” with “HARAJUKU IYAHOI”, most people (including me) saw a glimpse of hope in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s career”
      The MV was ok but that song was far from being that groundbreaking imo

      • Alex

        Definitely not groundbreaking, yet better than anything she has done in the last few years.

      • hmm

        Where do you get “groundbreaking” from “a glimpse of hope”, I gotta know

        • hasawa

          It’s was a ‘polite’ manner to say i thought that song was trash lol

    • Ben

      Def not the worst. Exaggerating. I’ve never liked her music.. But this video is still more creative than Ayumi’s last few PVs

      • BAD KID

        what exactly has ayumi done to place such a big target on her? like in the april fools post you had all these people saying they wish was retired and gone. i thought made in japan was a step in the right direction, music wise at least which is the most important thing. it’s not like her past 4-5+ albums or whatever were comparable to “peak” ayumi so idk where these expectations are coming from.

        and her peers are really doing it either. namie’s next album is probably gonna be full of reject english demos where they don’t even care enough to create japanese lyrics. i know i’m gonna be in the minority with this one but i barely even care enough to form an opinion on utada’s fantome. listened to it once, was “good”…and i don’t really have a desire to listen to the full thing again.

        kumi’s comeback was better than i thought it would be but it wasn’t omg yas queen SLAY poor everyone!! material, really.

        • Ryusei

          Exactly, people just target ayu because she’s an easy target and you’ll be sure to have some people agree and upvote your comment. It’s the popular opinion and i think some people havent even listened to her at least 3 most recent albums. And to come back to this article: kyary has absolutely nothing to do with ayu, people need to stop dragging her into everything

          • BAD KID

            yeah. a better comparison would be that new soloist who nakata is producing, can’t remember her name off the top of my head

            • hmm

              Arama folk need to get out more. Can’t have a single discussion without bringing up Ayumi

        • Ben

          Hhaha. Fair point. I still like her as a person and I still respect her greatly as a Jpop star. But I do find her music to be bland now. I used to be a huge fan of hers. I bought her albums. I feel like now she’s basically re-cycling her old materials. Not bad but nothing groundbreaking either.

          • BAD KID

            i can agree with that overall, applies to her tours also. i hope she really brings it for her 20th anniversary

        • Thomas

          Well the thing with Ayumi is that she does a lot of things to stay relevant that most people consider “trashy”. I think it all started at around her Party queen era and only got worse over the years.

          I think this is less about the quality of her music because there have been a few highlights in her recent discography (let’s be real Sayonara and Survivor are jams!!) and more about her public dramatic episodes. She seems to be living this “excessive hollywood life” and a lot of people inside and outside of Japan seem to be fed up with it.

          You just don’t see that much hate about other people who were once successful, nobody’s telling Yumi Matsutoya or Seiko Matsuda to stop and they’ve been around for much longer.

          • Guest

            “You just don’t see that much hate about other people who were once
            successful, nobody’s telling Yumi Matsutoya or Seiko Matsuda to stop and
            they’ve been around for much longer”

            Actually, everything Ayu is doing rn is straight out of Seiko Matsuda’s playbook. Seiko had huge cheating scandals, she starred in a CM completely naked with her lover, etc. What Hamasaki is doing rn is literally nothing compared to what Seiko did in the 90s.

    • hasawa

      @alexshenmue:disqus “He completely lost the creative control on Kyary’s music after the amazing “Nandacollection” (2013), when she pretty much started doing CM-only tracks, gradually lost her identity as Harajuku icon
      Could you please develop?

    • yacchaitai
      • hasawa

        Holy sh*t this is SO embarassing!!
        (*when your ass gets exposed by your own fandom* tho lol)

        • Thomas

          Hm I don’t really see anything wrong with that per se and it happens a lot in J-pop. For example, Utada talks about Nissin Cup Noodles in Kiss&Cry :’D

          • hasawa

            There’s a difference between doing few tie ins here and there and having like the half of your whole discography featured in ad campaigns tho lol
            She should make a compilation Bestbof with all these song “Kyary i’m-a-product- Collection”

            • yacchaitai

              a cm song album could happen at some point, other artists have done cm song compilations too

              • hasawa

                Again: i don’t mind few tie in from times to times, a bunch of artists i like did that and never had problems with that, and i discovered a lot of amazing singer thanks to anime OP/ED. But when an artist with a career span of barely 5 years has enough songs featured in CMs to fill in a whole album and their title being brands mottos, i think there’s a problem lol

                • kamben is here

                  Still don’t see any problem with that.

                  “She should make a compilation Best of with all these songs: “Kyary i’m-a-product- Collection”

                  Some artists have done stuff like this, and this wouldn’t be anything surprising for an act like Kyary, UNLESS you’re putting her in the same category as real musicians or something.

                  “But when an artist with a career span of barely 5 years has enough songs featured in CMs to fill in a maxi album with their title being brands mottos, i think there’s a problem lol”

                  LOL not sure why you think it’s PARTICULARLY problematic for an act like Kyary. I’m just. Ah well we all have different opinions. Peace.

                  • hasawa

                    Yup, different standards for sure.

          • Guest

            mentioning a brand is not a huge deal. have entire songs written so it is featured in a CM is shoddy, especially when it’s like her entire discography. kiss&cry is not about cup noodels, even if it mentions it.

            • Thomas

              Yes but who expects deep and meaningful lyrics from an act like Kyary

              • overactive-bladder

                but you cycled back to the main point of the subject at hand: kyary not being expected to be anything substantial.
                the whole point is that she is just a puppet with a predetermined shelf life BECAUSE nobody expects her to be anything more than a walking advertisement that’ll be thrown away as soon as the next fad comes.

    • Quiche Chegwin

      Harajuku Iyahoi was trash. It sounded like an outdated 2012 David Guetta EDM song with a toy piano to keep it on brand. I didn’t consider becoming more audibly generic than ever a glimmer of hope.

    • Tristan Odums

      We just gonna act like Kisekae and 5 yr monster weren’t good songs?? Ok. FINE.

      • Girl, what are you doing here?

        • Tristan Odums

          I didnt hear the song yet and and I saw this on my feed so I was like ” ok I guess ill bite.”

    • Leah Dizon

      Kyray has always been the weakest link to me for Nakata acts.

      She has some cool visuals and catchy songs sure, but going from Meg/Ami Suzuki to her was such a downgrade

      • hasawa

        Kyary has been Nakata’s fatal slide from talented edgy indie electropop producer to full on wasted mainstream electropop ca$hcows serial-maker

    • VerucaSalt

      Celebrities like her serve a purpose and it’s more than just selling products… also check out That Poppy if you want to see an even worse British version…

      • lmao

        That Poppy is from Tennessee…

    • PigeonPop

      It might have to do with Kyary being a disciple of the social media age, but I feel like she’s perpetually stuck as a very manicured product with not much depth, both as a person and in terms of ability. I keep coming back in comparing her to Chiaki (Fujimoto) and Tomoe Shinohara who were essentially her predecessors in the 90s–both played the fushigi-chan/kooky character on screen and in imagery but had a lot going on for them behind the scenes. Chiaki learned product design+nail art and converted these skills into establishing a major branding empire (she was one of the first tarento to do so in Japan too). Tomoe too studied fashion design seriously and is now a staple in shows, and designing outfits for NHK programming as well as notable individuals like Yuming. Kyary, on the other hand, really has nothing to fall back on.

    • Guest

      Kyary channel has never uploaded a full MV this late. It’s usually at least 1 week before release, with teaser / short ver even earlier. Makes me think that this isn’t a serious release at all.

      Personally I’m still on board, especially since I think Sai & Kou is one of her best songs, which moved me enough to buy her best album. Harajuku Iyahoi is also not bad.

    • REMISU

      Never was a fan of her

    • dj_spellchecka

      what i find interesting about the video is how it’s mood is the polar opposite of the imagery for the supermarket ad campaign which is bright and chipper and aimed at kids.

    • Nikki ok

      I don’t think she and her music were ever inteded to be taken serious. But yes, that mv really sucks, even for her standards…

    • Brett

      Kyary’s music and PVs are still way better than anything Perfume has put out within the past 5 years. Sad, huh?

      • rapinii

        lol good joke

        • Brett

          Todoke Punch honestly shits on every piece of garbage on Cosmic Explorer.

          • rapinii

            In the end it’s the same producer which I like, so I wouldn’t get into a big fight over it, shrug. I think Cosmic Explorer is great lol even though it took me a few listens to get into it. I just always liked Perfume > Capsule = Meg > Kyary as far as ppl Nakata produces anyways so there’s that. Nothing in Perfume discog is garbage to me even the annoying tracks everyone hates.

            None of Kyary’s singles of the last few years really did it for me. Haven’t heard Todoke Punch though. I tried to find a video online but didn’t find it. I’ll go check it out somehow later. I’m curious now.

            • Brett

              We all know that Ms. Nakata peaked with Ami Suzuki’s Supreme Show. I think we can both agree that is the ultimate pussy popper and Carry could neva.

                • Rob Whetzel

                  God Supreme Show was amazing. Too bad it couldn’t save Ami’s career. I really mean that too lol.

              • hasawa

                And yet nobody ever talk about how MEG’s ‘STEP’ (released the very same year) was an ultimate gem
                I’m not mad tho cause Supreme Show was an excellent album

              • overactive-bladder

                “carry” LMFAO this freaking shade. that whole comment made me paugh so hard i peed. and not because of my username.

    • rapinii

      I don’t care about commercialization. If it sells products and makes money, I have nothing against it. I just think Kyary’s stuff is just more and more and more of the same years after years and it’s gotten old, visuals wise and musically. But yeah, it doesn’t even sound like Nakata to me. Everything else he puts out, I loooove. There were some good songs I really liked on the first album, but it just went downhill from there.

    • hmm

      It isn’t that bad. Shes done worse. Like Ring a Bell.

    • Kat

      The beginning of the video looked promising (well it had capybaras!) but it definitely went downhill from there. Couldn’t help but nodding in agreement while reading this.

    • PigeonPop
      To those who missed it, now that the Haruko Obokata-inspired “clone” on Arama have been erased (the comment section is still available on Disqus though!). It’s a good read.

    • Nenad Jovanović

      Well, the only thing that is wrong here is MV, its the cheapest and most uninspired MV I have ever seen made for her, but still, I will stick with her , all because of HARAJUKU IYAHOI , that MV and melody were perfect, sao I believe in chance in another interesting MV in future.

    • dev_null0

      Fukase was smart to dump her when he did. He could see the writing on the wall.

      • mi7desu

        Oh damn. We should mail Kyary an ice pack for those newly-obtained burns. Or a literal ton of Neosporin.

    • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

      We love people at the peak of their success, but then point out everything as bad and outdated as soon as sales decline and people start ignoring. Arama! Japan people constantly criticize each and every act that were popular to the point the articles use the same expressions.
      I don’t listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu that much anymore, but is that a reason to spend time thinking about everything that she is doing that I don’t enjoy as much anymore? I don’t think Arama! Japan realizes that’s how the music industry works and point out stuff no one cares just for some clicks and comments. Instead of writing articles talking about how bad someone’s career seems to be, why not just focus on the albums the writers like? Is it that difficult to write something nice?

      • Duh

        Cause being nice is boring

    • arian motta

      You guys should try listening to the second song on her new EP… とどけぱんち . For me it’s really well produced!

      • overactive-bladder

        this is even crappier.

    • Syntho

      Todoke Punch is a good song though

    • lolipopo

      That song and music video is just… sad.

    • mi7desu

      Listen, Kyary’s music is somewhat catchy nowadays, but I do prefer her older stuff than whatever in the hell Easta is. I was so confused while watching the MV…and not in a good way (like PONPONPON) Whoever animated the egg-minions has a lobster dinner with Satan waiting for them in hell. Seriously, nightmare material at its finest.

      *clap clap*

    • Matcha

      Didn’t Kera fire her?

      • overactive-bladder

        what’s the tea?

    • Double

      Corporate faggots. If nobody else wants her, give her to me and I’ll show her some fucking love.

    • Kira Kira

      Damn shit, I’ve never read such a moron like this !! I can not agree with you! Kyary never descended! She is more successful than ever before! She is successful because she does what she does. Kyary always stays Kyary. Kyary always shows something new because she is Kyary !! OUR HIGH PRIESTESS of happiness …

    • Krzysiek Patecki (krzysiek001i

      She doesn’t seem sad. The song is happy and this is like play art so she can’t be laughing too much because then she would show something like she doesn’t respect the song idea.

    • Clodidot

      Honestly, I don’t even like Harajuku Iyahoi. Kyary never had songs like that one, and for some reason people think that her music was like that from the start. But she wasn’t. She’s always had upbeat and quirky music, and if you don’t like that, then you probably shouldn’t be a fan of her. You shouldn’t go hating on a song just because it isn’t your style. And it’s definitely not “One of the Saddest Things You’ll See in 2017.”