Miliyah Kato Goes Back to Her Roots with “Shinyaku Dear Lonely Girl”

On December 6, Kato Miliyah will release her new single, “Shinyaku Dear Lonely Girl.” In 2005, Miliyah released “Dear Lonely Girl” as the answer song to the ECD and K DUB SHINE track “ECD no Lonely Girl.” Now she’s released a new version of the song, one which has more of a hip hop influence than her original song. Check out more information on the single, including its music video, below!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

1. 新約ディアロンリーガール feat. ECD (Shinyaku Dear Lonely Girl feat. ECD)
2. 迷宮 (Meikyuu)
3. 少女時代-DFT remix- (Shonen Shoujo -DFT remix-)

Limited Edition DVD
1. 新約ディアロンリーガール feat. ECD (Shinyaku Dear Lonely Girl feat. ECD) (Music Video & Making)

Music Video


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    • hasawa

      Although I’m a bit tired of this trend of releashing re-recorded/new version of old ass songs, this one is pretty good. I’m not familiar with Miliyah Kato overall discog but I remember enjoying A LOT this track back in the days.
      That being said, am I the only one to find her face a bit off..? in the MV she’s so sick looking and doesn’t seem to be into it at all (around 2:55-3:00 min) … As as said, I’m ot familiar with this artist, but at every news related to her I realized she looks a whole different person (as much as in apparence than style) lol

      • It looks like she’s lost a little more weight, which is scary.

    • Kyle

      love the limited edition cover. remake is good, always scared artists will butcher it when they do remakes

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

      actually pretty lit

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      I didn’t know Dear Lonely Girl was an answer song on top of sampling Lonely Girl, which itself sampled Sexual Healing. That there is Inception deep.

      The rap in the beginning made me think i was not going to like it but this is actually pretty great.

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