Kana Nishino chops off 31cm! New song “Girls” to be used for Professor Layton

Songbird Kana Nishino has revealed the jacket photos for her upcoming single “Girls.

Her 31st single, the jacket photos show off her new haircut: a bob! The new images show off the singer has cut off 31cm, or roughly 12 inches, for a fresh look just in time for summer.

The new song “Girls” will act as the theme song for the new installment of the Professor Layton series. The game “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and The Millionaires’ Conspiracy” is a strategic mystery puzzle solving game that follows Katrielle Layton, who searches for her missing father Professor Hershel Layton.

Limited Edition Version

Kana Nishino Girls Limited

02.Go Fight Win!
<Limited Edition Bonus>
· “Girls” jacket photography making & interview DVD
· Original limited edition jacket
· Card size sticker Type A enclosed

Regular Version

Kana Nishino Girls Regular

02.Go Fight Win!
Initial press only includes card size sticker

Kana’s comment:

I’m honored to be in charge of the theme song for the game “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and The Millionaires’ Conspiracy.” As for the theme song “Girls,” I thought of the strong female character Katrielle who works hard to unravel the story’s mystery and imagined a song to cheer her on. For working or studying, it’s a song for girls who want to follow their dreams. Whether you’re about to lose or facing a heartbreak, I’d love for someone to listen to this song and have the courage to stand up against it all.

The game “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and The Millionaires’ Conspiracy” will be published globally by Level-5 and will launch simultaneously on iOS and Android platforms on July 20, 2017, with a Nintendo 3DS game to follow in autumn 2017 and will be available in eight languages at launch.

The new title is a departure from previous games in the Professor Layton series as it is made up of a combination of smaller conundrums and puzzles that need to be solved in order to complete the overall mystery.

Kana Nishino’s 31st single “Girls” will be released July 26.

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    • uh huh
    • surfboardt

      yasssss revive the aitakute aitakute shivering heaux era

    • yacchaitai

      I don’t like the greasy/wet look

    • Bubi.

      Ok .

    • hasawa

      “Whether you’re about to lose or facing a heartbreak, I’d love for someone to listen to this song and have the courage to stand up against it all.”
      Ffs Kana, you’re almost 30, its about time you stop making songs which make heartbreak appear like one of the worst thing that could ever happen to a “girl” D:

    • I feel like if “Pa” was a hit, this change wouldn’t had happened.

      • hasawa

        ..pretty much like “We won’t stop” “flopped” and induced an endless serie of ballads to secure her status of jpop queen.Aat this point, i think only a huge floop will urge her taking a (well needed) huge image and music change.
        There will necessary be a time when ppl won’t take anymore of her cute adult-child shtick and it seems like this time is getting closer (did “Pa” chart well?).
        I don’t wanna see in 5 years from now chicks from gch make fun of her bc she’ll still be stuck in this silly act – Kana doesn’t deserve this :/

        • PigeonPop

          The weird thing with Kana is that she’s ironically liked by GC and 2ch for quite some time now because of how long she’s kept the whole cutesy girl shtick. It’s going to require a major hiccup, if not several in her private life for her to become an easy punching bag the way Tomomi (Kahara), Ayu, Kumi, and ex-MM/AKB girls have become. And because of how manicured she is on social media and in her interviews I can’t see it happening for a while, if at all.

          Bunshun ratting her as Burning’s pick for JRA 2016 would usually be more than enough to throw a recording artist’s public reputation to the dumpsters. Kana and her management, though, somehow managed to step out of it almost completely unscathed. Similarly, folks back home appear to ignore Kana’s sales when they aren’t that great. It’s rather creepy.

          5 years may change all this though.

          • Huh

            But she’s mocked on both? They literally say she sounds like a stalker and sounds like she has mental illness (メンヘラ). There was just a GC topic recently making fun of her lyrics.

            • hasawa

              I swear to god if Kana was actually a man (let’s call him ‘Kano’) behaving like a foolish highschooler (while being in his late 20s), singing about having so much fun with his friends on summer breaks, getting wild in parties, and writing silly breakup ballads about how much he’s missing his girlfriend, a lot more ppl would get why this stance is lowkey creepy…

              • Huh

                Ummm.It’s not that it’s the lyrics itself “where are you? Where are you? I’m waiting for you now! What time do you finish work?”

                • hasawa

                  Yeah i did understand the point your brought up.. But more than the lyrics (a lot of other female singer write weird/dumb lyrics) this is the whole “woman acting like a 10 years younger girl” that makes me highly uncomfortable, and i think this is the main problem Kana’s going to be criticized/mocked about in the future

                  • Huh

                    Ahh yes. It’s pretty much seen as more “disgusting” if it’s from a man. The guy from RADWIMPS dated an actress and after they broke up wrote a disgustingly creepy obsessive song about her which led to RADWIMPS dropping in popularity with the public until Kimi no Na wa.

                    And yes she’s already mocked for acting like that. I’m thinking this year might be her peak after the Dome tour. Unless she does another look/sound makeover. What people mostly complain about her is that she lacks the charisma needed to be the current utahime (like Ayu, Koda Kumi during their big breaks) which is why I’m not surprised she/her agency keep sticking to the “HAPPY! HAPPY! BOYFRIEND! GIRLY!” concept which resonated more with the public than the “Aitai Aitakunai” sad girl look.

                    • Bubble

                      LOL Arama is surely full of pressed people. So because she’s 28 years old, she doesn’t have the right to sing about parties, romances, happiness ? You all expect Kana to become some kind of indie singer or visionary singer because she’s going to hit her thirties ? But I’ve never seen someone on this site complaining about 40-years-old boys singing about their “shiny lucky” star ?? Kana will do what she has to do to stay relevant. She’s like Namie Amuro, she follows trends. And she’ll never be a second Ayumi-case because she’s a classy act, not a cheap or sexy one. Moreover, she’s scandal free.
                      Yes she’s boring and has no artistry since 2011 but a lot of people like her. And she’s already the top singer of this current generation. She’s been releasing hit after hit since 2009 but one year w/o hit songs and people scream “SHE’S DONE”. Funniest thread ever.

                      • 🙄

                        she’s not an idol genius and nobody is saying she’s done but she’s not taken srsly

                      • Huh

                        Are you drunk or just can’t read? I didn’t say she is declining or would decline at all, just that this is her peak. Just like 2001 was Ayu’s but she was the national utahime until 2007ish, Kuu’s break was in 2006 but she lasted until her shotgun marriage in 2012. And why go as far as indie or brooding artist? She’s not an idol, she’s being mocked for writing lyrics people equate to the diary entries of a teenage girl.

                      • I have often said male idols are too old for some of their songs.

            • PigeonPop

              It’s all about ratio, relativity, and severity. True, there’s the menhera comment and parodies of her lyrics like you mentioned, but that’s as far as it’ll ever get on GC hence my initial comment. It’s very different from Ayu or Tomomi Itano threads there that frequently flies past the 500+ mark of (negative) replies that thrash on practically every aspect of their career and personal life. And then there’s 2ch where her “anti” threads no longer even function–one to two new replies per month, if at all. Not even Namie or Utada have this level of immunity, which I find both impressive and creepy considering 2ch’s demographic.

        • yacchaitai

          Pa is charting okayish, it’s dropping pretty fast like her previous single.

    • honey girl

      Very Taylor Swift…but I won’t lie and say I kinda hope Girls sounds something like I Knew You Were Trouble. Only because she needs to also go in a new direction for her music.

    • honey girl

      Very Taylor Swift. I won’t lie and say that I hope that Girls or one of the b-sides sounds something like I Knew You Were Trouble. Only because she needs to also change the way her music sounds as well.

      • hasawa

        There was a time when her b-sides were really worth listening to. The fact she released Best albums for all these extra songs really makes sense because a bunch of them were utter gems. It somehow stopped since she entered her ‘Ballad singer’ era though (since 2013), i really feel like all of her latest side tracks have just been obvious just fillers now~

    • *read comments*
      ………her hair is cute like that. :D

    • Mary Daniella Peterson

      She’s boring af. I mean…

    • Matcha

      That’s cool and all, but when will she make music like she used to do back in the days?!

    • guest

      Someone got her pic from before she cut her hair? I never realized it was THAT long.

    • starlightshimmers

      When Kana tries to do something like this, it’s like a posh girl from a posh neighbourhood going out to the “hood” (gentrified neighbourhood) for a photo shoot to look “cool” on Instagram, then she goes to a 5 Michelin star African-Asian-European-Fusion restaurant for dinner after being out in the “hood” cause she’s so “international” and “hip.”

    • Diego

      I like the covers! Her new look is more mature and edgy so I’m hoping for a different style for this new song. I enjoy Pa although I have to admit that it’s too cutesy and childish. It was okay with “Have a nice day” as the main track in “Just Love” but repeating the same formula a few months later in a single was not the best choice.

      Regarding her lyrics she has never had deep lyrics so I don’t get why so many people complain now. If you are looking for meaningful and powerful lyrics you should try other artists.

      • hasawa

        “Regarding her lyrics she has never had deep lyrics so I don’t get why so many people complain now.”
        Because when you get older ppl are expecting more of you.
        Those who complain are not expecting deep and meanigful lyrics (as you said she never did but it way okay since she was young thus so lowkey cheesy and foolish lyrics was somehow cute at the time), just that she stops acting like a teenage girl when she’s about to hit 30.

    • WorldGN18

      I like Kana, she has lot’s of songs that I like, but I do agree that she needs to change, not because she is about to be 30, but because she has been releasing too much of the same

    • vorpax

      Her music is so asinine that is painful.

    • Midna

      The last song I loved from her was Sakura, I Love You? Please please please give us a bop!!!

      • Skai

        SILY is a classic!!
        But I strongly disliked her gyaru, over the top makeup in the PV. (-_-)

    • hizurisama

      Wow, she used to be the “it” girl, what happened to her?

    • iWatson

      This series is one of my faves!!