Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa reunites in a drama and a special unit

Yes, it’s happening in 2017! 12 years after the iconic duo “Shuji to Akira”, Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa are back together in a drama and a special unit “Kame to YamaP”.

Kamenashi is starring in the new drama “Boku, Unmei no hitodesu” with Yamashita, which will start airing in April. The heroine will be played by Kimura Fumino. This romantic-comedy series will be the first drama to air on the new NTV Saturday 10pm timeslot. The theme song will be will be sung by the new unit but no details revealed yet.

Kamenashi and Yamashita last collaborated as “Shuji to Akira” in the hit drama series “Nobuta wo Produce in 2005 and released the theme song “Seishun Amigo” to great success.


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    • Thomas

      I hope this becomes as legendary as Seishun Amigo (It sold 1,6 million copies and is considered to be a classic!)

    • Nobuta was a classic drama! And their Shuji to Akira duo was a classic hit as well. I’m hoping this new drama won’t be a disappointment.

    • Monique Septia

      is this a real life

    • guest

      It was so obvious they’re gonna collaborate on something again.

      R.I.P. KAT-TUN

      • Reileen

        It’s more likely the other way around. In 2005, Kame did Shuji to Akira for KAT-TUN’s debut. Probably KAT-TUN’s comeback is the end goal after this

        • TruthSpeaker

          There are rumors that kattun’s comeback will be announced during the drama. If this happens it will double treat for hyphens.

          • Kisha Mane

            Let’s hold on to this rumor. I missed seeing Kame back on stage performing, his idol personality.

      • Hermione48fan

        I don´t think this is the real meaning of this, Maru and Ueda have been both really active in their own dramas and promoting,same for Kame. This will help to boost their popularity for sure.
        And Yamapi is helping them and KAT-TUN are helping Yamapi too,they are friends,they support each other. Fans have been asking for this since forever, about time they did this.

    • Kisha Mane

      OMG! I can’t believe i’ll see them collaborate again. After 12 yrs? Wow, I’m so happy! Ganbarre kame!

    • TruthSpeaker

      ohhh… thats grt newsssssssssss…. I cant wait.. very happy:>

    • chlowerrr

      Can’t wait for this. Yamapi and Kame had a good chemistry in nobuta. I hope this drama and unit will also hit big

    • ran

      I’ve never watched Nobuta but I wish I did so I can get as hyped up too! :(

      • light

        I haven’t either but i knew people would have been super hyped as soon as i read the news lol

    • okay

      Are they both this desperate? This is over ten years late.

      • Hermione48fan

        ¿Desperate?. What a troll, they both had successful careers.

        • okay

          This isn’t 2005 anymore. Yes, both of them have good careers, but Kame is coming from a failing idol group that even he wasn’t big of a star enough to carry their weight and Pi failed at transitioning into a solo superstar after leaving NEWS. This can be a big comeback for both of them and makes sense from a business standpoint.

          • Hermione48fan

            Why are you so negative?. What if they want to do this because they want to do this?. And so what if it isn´t 2005 anymore and if they want to have more popularity in their careers with this, there are tons of old shows coming back, old casts being reunited. Is not just them who do this. KAT-TUN isn´t a failure, they have been huge before, check their past sales, they did very well but they are a very old idol group and lost members because they wanted to pursue individual careers,not everyone can mantain popularity forever and JE is doing a lot for them to comeback as three member group. Yamapi might not be a super popular singer but he has been doing Asia Tours and he did well in them,a lot of fans were waiting for him,not everyone can do Asia Tours. He also has been doing popular dramas.

            • guestt

              I’ll be positive: Pi and KamePi are still popular!

              • Hermione48fan

                They are still really popular,I think that they maybe need to pick some better projects in drama field, but overall this is a very good choice and I hope Yamapi will confirm Code Blue season 3 later!!.

            • okay

              I won’t be negative anymore if they get what they want out of this project, which I think they will.

              I am well aware of KT’s sales and Pi’s success in acting. I just think both of them never became as big as when they were in the glory days of You&J. That still can change and I hope the best for them. Goodness knows there aren’t many idols with their dedication and sacrifice.

              • Hermione48fan

                They are still really popular,I think that they maybe need to pick some better projects in drama field, but overall this is a very good choice and I hope Yamapi will confirm Code Blue season 3 later!.

            • I agree. I don’t think Yamapi failed at transitioning into a solo artist. Yes, he hasn’t released any new music recently and he’s kind of been on a long hiatus since his 20th anniversary concert ended. He also hasn’t appeared in TV variety shows in a long time and is pretty much quite inactive at the moment with not much work except hosting his radio show Sound Tripper. But his fans do miss him and still support him. We’re all waiting for him to come back with new music and a TV drama so that he can gain his a popularity back again and aim for a higher success in his career. This may be a chance for him to hit a new breakthrough peak in his career again. As a fan, I’m truly happy for him. He’s come a long way and like you mentioned he’s been able to do Asia Tours and his last concert for his 20th anniversary was a big success as they added two more shows in December of 2016. It was an important moment for him and his fans and it proves that he’s still a big star to all his fans. He may not be a top idol in Japan right now in terms of popularity but he’s still big and people are still supporting him. He also had some negative news surrounding him for the past couple of years with the cellphone incident with Jin and Ryo and then his JE manager leaving which kind of left him hanging with no work for quite awhile. But despite all that I don’t think his popularity ever dropped but he was just inactive with not much work or promotion. When he does release something new or stars in a new drama, it becomes a big hit within an instant. Just like his last drama with Ishihara Satomi From 5 to 9 in which he won the best supporting actor role and best actor for his role in Flowers for Algernon (which I personally think was a huge breakthrough for him as he did a brilliant job in that drama) and he even became the first person in history to achieve both the best supporting and best actor award. To sum it up, Pi’s had his high and low points in his career. And not everyone is fortunate to have a smooth sailing career. But without sacrifices then there wouldn’t be any gains.

          • you

            maybe yamapi didn’t release single for long and he have some problems around him. but i think he still as popular. I just noticed when look at japan trending. he actually trended higher than kame or the drama since last night.
            And if this sub unit success, it will effect KAT-TUN in good way and Yamapi as his own. It is like win-win.
            I think Kame do this also for KAT-TUN to comeback soon after.

            • I agree. Yamapi may seem very inactive right now because he’s been having a lot of problems and bad news surrounding him in the past of couple of years. The cellphone incident with Jin and Ryo and then his manager left JE leaving him without much work other than his radio show Sound Tripper. But despite all that his popularity is is still high whenever he does have something new out. For example his 20th anniversary concert was a huge success and they even added two more shows for him in December 2016. He also won the best supporting actor for the drama From 5 to 9 and best actor award for Flowers for Algernon. He even filmed a Chinese drama last year.

              • rshina

                a chinese drama? really?
                now I feel bad not knowing that info

          • lol

            fans still want them..they were trending after the drama and project announcement,,and dont forget at last year JCD they got lots of request to appear together and made Pi postponed his trip to attend JCD

      • Kagura-chan

        even if 12 years have passed , there are many people who have been waiting for this duo to come back , including me . Now that there is no guarantee that KAT-TUN will come back , I think that Kame should use this chance and this shouldn’t be a special unit , but a permanent one. I think that they will be more successful as a duet than as solo artists.

    • jae

      Shuji to Akira is a household name in japan 2005…
      many not JE fans accepted this duo, many of them wishes for their duo, come back…
      just like nsync who is coming back for an album after a long years…

      its overwhelming for us who really know the hype.
      its not even selfishness…

      I was now lost of words and really hopeless for humanity coz of this Kale hater spreading who is unacceptable…

      can they just give a way and let other people be happy.
      its not Kame fault.

      it is your idol stan fault.

      • Hermione48fan

        What happened with haters?.

        • guest

          self pity in the center of Pikame news in twitter…

          so negative. lol.
          but too bad, its not outside fans… inside fandom.

          I give up my logic.

          • Hermione48fan

            Sorry about asking again,what is Pikame news?.And fans pissed off can go to hell, I heard before that Yamapi and Kame didn´t get along,what a lie!.They have been close since Nobuta. People are trying to find excuses to hate on both.

            • TruthSpeaker

              I think if people become famous there will always be some haters.. Better ignore them…

          • TJ

            Yup. It’s inside fandom. And I honestly disappointed.

    • Can’t wait!! I miss so much Nobuta wo Produce 💗 I miss so much Akira! “Kon-kon!” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d702fda3ec546b9855bd724c42f7944f2e01622f64633f294875c9b85f5e580.gif

      • Kagura-chan

        I was left speechless when I heard the news . I’ve been their fan for 10 years or so. I was also shipping Kame x Yamapi so hard :D :D :D

      • An_dromeda

        i still remember tryinbg to watch NwP long back and in 1st ep i was like why a school kid is drun always .. and dropped it.. again after 2 years i tried and watched it till end… one of the best decision of my life and i Yamapi became my fav Japanese Idol!!

        • You did very well 👍 After this series Yamapi became my fav Japanese idol too.

    • Hermione48fan

      OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I´ve been their fan since around 2007-2008, I can´t believe this, is this real?.
      Who said before that Kame and Yamapi didn´t get along, it is a total lie.OMG *fangirls and pass out*-

    • kiseki

      Where code blue 3?isn’t yamapi supposed to be in code blue next season?

      • Hermione48fan

        Maybe is for the second term of the year… or who knows, sadly it wasn´t confirmed.

        • kiseki

          I rather bored with romance dramas and this drama sound mediocre plot too except for the shuji to akira hype.
          I waiting more for Code blue 3 and Hanzawa Naoki 2 confirmation!
          I hope we get news about them soon.

          • Hermione48fan

            I´ve been a Kame and Yamapi fan since years ago and I´m over the moon about the news of them reuniting for a drama so I don´t care so much about the plot or storyline, I just wanted to see them together again!.And I´m also waiting for Code Blue 3, is one of my fav dramas!.I never watched Hanzawa Naoki, so I can´t comment about that drama.

          • Luv

            There was no plot or storyline revealed for this drama yet only that it’s romcom.

            • kiseki

              No, they already shared the summary plot and their roles on other articles. I’m sure read it last night

              • luv

                What was the plot?

      • guest

        code blue rumors not for next season but for summer drama which mean start from July. the getsuku after Aiba’s drama or maybe for fall drama,start from october. let’s hope true too since in this drama Yamapi only as side character. It is not new for him to take 2 dramas one after another in a year.

        • kiseki

          I see. Sorry. I forgot that Code Blue for Summer drama.

    • Guess

      Congrats Kame, Kimura Fumino, & Yamapi.
      If the reunited group is successful like the first time, JE prob decides to permanently form the group (with KAT-TUN releasing every 2 years) or make Yamapi join KAT-TUN (won’t that be super epic? i.e. KUNY/UNKY lol).
      Anyway all the best to Kame, Nakamaru, & Ueda in their next challenges. Kinda dislike mentioning other members’ name in the solo project of a member but just in case people esp. hyphen need reminder to maintain positivity. There’s time for everything. As long as all of them moves forward & grows further with bigger challenges and characters while maintaining strong friendship, isn’t it all that matters?

      • Hermione48fan

        That woud twist the fans´s minds, imagine Kame and Yamapi in the same group officially haha.
        I think these are all good signs for a KAT-TUN comeback, JE didn´t abandon them yet, as long as KAT-TUN as three are willing to comeback and the fans support them, they will be fine and comeback like NEWS did.I hope.

      • I highly doubt they will make it a permanent group even if it does become a big success like Shuji to Akira. Besides Yamapi and KAT-TUN sing total different genre of music. I also think Yamapi prefers to stay as a solo artist. If he didn’t then he wouldn’t have left NEWS. Him joining with KAT-TUN will probably form more hate from anti-fans who didn’t support his act to go solo as they perceived him as a traitor and things may just get worse if he goes solo and then forms a new group permanently. Not really the smartest move to go. I see this as more of a temporary sub unit for the hype and use of the drama only just like Shujii to Akira was for Nobuta.

    • kazumi

      So, kame’s rumoured drama is becoming true. Congrats~
      Wow! I never expect yamapi will act too. Congrats~
      Shuuji to Akira will make reunion as kame to yamapi. Congrats~

      I like rom-com so much. So, can’t wait to watch it!!

    • Buzz

      This is such a great news! Nobuta Produce is one of my fav Jdramas! I hope the storyline can be decent enough to grab viewers attention because I don’t want this luxurious cast to get wasted for stupid script like many dramas these days. Hope this one give me the golden time feel Jdrama that I’m looking for.

    • eplizo

      Omg. Yes! Can’t wait for this. They’ve both grown a ton since then lol.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      omg.. !!!
      I used to watch Japanese dramas like crazy but haven’t for a few years now.. But… omg. I think it’s time to watch one again.. haha.

      • Ericka R.

        Me too, I got soooo hooked on korean dramas, but there’s something else on Japanese dramas, they have a different feeling…

    • Mariana Gonçalves

      When I think I am completely over Johnny’s but I lose my shit with this news! SO EXCITED

    • K

      I just remembered there was a rumour of Kame’s drama in April, but KAT-TUN was supposed to sing the song.

      • Kisha Mane

        Yes, right. And Kame will be co-starring with Takei Emi. But then suddenly there she is in Aiba’s drama

    • byebicycle

      so hft, i mean there’s a reason my username is byebicycle

    • Reileen

      The drama rumor sources I posted only lists Kame and Yamapi having separate dramas. Was this kept very confidential, suddenly it’s Kame AND Yamapi in one drama.

      Hope Kame plays a geeky character and Yamapi plays wacko

    • DieyDiey

      Oh maiiiii…. I can’t wait. I’m so looking forward for the drama and the new single 😍

    • TY JH

      Finally can see Yamapi on TV again TT TT Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And, I hope new music from him soon<3

    • Karen Khoo

      SCREAMMSSS!! Both fantastic actors reunite!! I wish Horikita Maki would play the leading lady!

    • Karen Khoo

      Can Kame and Yamapi be main leads and Kimura Fumino be the supporting lead? XD

    • baiz

      That narrator voice… Koro-sensei is that you? #FukuJun

    • iWatson


    • The one that makes NwP good is more on the script side instead of the actors, it is so good that it made Yamapi, Kame, and Maki (none particularly known as decent actors at that era) looked good on screen. I hope Kizara Izumi senseis make a comeback and write up this one.

      • Buzz

        imo? I think Kame is really a decent actor out of the three I watched many of his stuffs and he proved himself a lot while Yamapi and Maki can relied on good scripts as far as I know . but yes what a good actors without good scripts ? which would be such a waste of talent. I’m hoping this got the same screenwriter as NwP or close to it :)

        • Kisha Mane

          Yep, you’re right. Kame is one of the few Johnny’s who can really act. He own every character he acted in the past. I’m hoping so much for this collaboration.

          • Buzz

            Yes even Seconed Love was pretty disaster to watch and it was weakly scripted but he was pretty good and make me believe he is such a despicable person when it’s opposite to his real-life idol personality.

            • TruthSpeaker

              Yes. Kame is indeed a better actor among the three. I was able to complete watching the boring Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge drama only because of him.
              His last drama Kaito Yamaneko was super hilarious and entertaining.

    • An_dromeda

      omg .. the best news ever… i missed yamapi so much!!! cant wait for this drama

    • Susu Ne

      I’m soooo freakin’ excited!!!!@ XD Kame and Pi in a drama again!! This is gonna be epic!

    • Jin Tegoshi

      Yes!! It’s happening!!! I can’t wait for this!!!!

    • So the legendary duo returns~
      I’m curious to find out what it’ll be like after 12 years!

    • goingtojpn

      I am happy they are working together again, I was wondering for years why the hell JE didn’t pair them again after all the success of NwP!
      On the other hand, I assume that this is why Kame and Yamapi has been all friendly recently… I mean, I like them but I honestly don’t think they are friends irl, just coworkers. Yamapi is more of a partyboy, while Kame is the “boring” type (for Yamapi’s standards). I can’t see them as friends at all.

    • Ceitidh_JG

      OMG YES!! I missed Shuji to Akira so freaking much! After all this time! finally!! they are back together!!! OMG! YES!!!

    • Nhadz Kamenashi

      Fantastic…meow….🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱kameeeeeee…it’ll be super epic if maki was also in it….or maybe maki make as a guess appearance like what she did on kame’s kaito tantei yamaneko….nya….🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

    • Mouna

      I though they did fight with each other that why when they did Nobuta. they never worked together again. I surprised but it’s a good news.

    • Mae Rañin

      OMG!!! this is the best news of 2017
      I miss seeing them together. the last one is when they sung Seishun no Amigo on the 2015-2016 johnny’s countdown and I really screamed my heart out on that part