“Kame to Yamapi” are back with “Senaka Goshi No Chance” single

And the duo is back! Last night, the new romantic comedy drama “Boku, Unmei no Hito desu” starring Kamenashi Kazuya, Kimura Fumino and Yamashita Tomohisa aired its first episode. After “Shuji to Akira”, Kamenashi and Yamashita are back as “Kame to Yamapi” singing the theme song for the drama “Senaka Goshi No Chance”. The single will be released on May 17!

Have you seen the first episode? Kimura Fumino joins Kame and Yamapi for the ED “BokuUn dance”. If you miss the two together, then this one’s for you!


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    • Mary

      This is awesome!!!! I really like this! I had so much fun watching the first episode 👏👏💖💖

      • chlowerrr

        Can you tell me where can I watch a subbed of this? Huhu really wanted to watch this….

        • Mary

          I am sorry I can’t help you, I don’t think it is subbed anyways! I only watched the live streaming yesterday

        • kazumi

          Until now, it’s not subbed yet. But I’m sure it will get subbed. Kame’s fans or yamapi’s fans will sub it of course or maybe other subbers will.

    • What

      This was incredibly cute

    • Boooom

      Ahhh this is the cutest! The main cast dancing together. 😍 The Yamapi draught is over for now, lemme watch all the video from last night.

    • guest

      Not sure what’s worse – the song, the dance steps or their attempt at performing it, lmao.
      I wasn’t expecting much from this, but definitely not something as bad as this…

      • Kamen Chaser

        Yea the dance or how they performed it look to funny to laugh.

        • Jug’Crispy

          Would love seeing Maki doing that dance with them. It’s cute. But they look great with Fumino. 👍 😉

      • An_dromeda

        sorry im not judging a dance reality or anything.. but isn’t awkwardness of the dance cute?? they are in character after all.. its not just a song mv…

    • kapi

      tempting for that Koi dance fame i see
      nevertheless the song is nice but the choreo is shit

    • liu489

      Very cutee dance. The trio looking so good. I watched the drama last night, Yamapi character is so fun and such a troll, remind me of Akira. I still didn’t see Kame and Kimura Fumino chemistry though.

    • Kamen Chaser

      I missed Yamapi as a funny character, he was very funny when he was Akira in Nobuta Wo Produce now he is back to that role again. If Kame and Yamapi are in more dramas together then it should focus more on them as best friends like in Nobuta Wo Produce because their chemistry was the best. Maybe they could be detectives,doctors,fantasy creatures, heros…. I’m just praying for more dramas of them both

    • TruthSpeaker

      The song is fun.. Cant wait to see the PV.

    • I’m scared to press play.

    • eureeka

      Well, it’s no Seishun Amigo. Also, I get it, Koi was a huge success, but come now. Not a good look.

    • trebletones


    • aGuest

      Song is alright. I think in the end it’ll come down most to how much I like the characters in the drama.

    • disqus

      I finally love Yamapi’s character in a drama.
      The song is catchy.

    • 1996liner

      It’d nice to have a nebula wo produce reunion but Maki already retired :(

    • DearJXXX XXX

      Love the song so much and the dance is so cute<3
      I watch it again and again, can't wait for the singles to release!!!!
      Love God-P so much, so fun:D
      Yamapi's always working hard, so cool<3
      I hope this drama is a huge success, Fighting!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1855671ce08022f97e3d9246e407d9ee9b2e9d1d0607895912b4610a91ba6341.jpg

    • Destiny

      I’m in actual tears.
      KamePi are back to save 2017

    • kazumi

      I like the song, the opening and ending are cute too. But how to cover this dance? I mean, it’s 3 person dance right or maybe we just follow their hands movement in reff part. I’m looking forward to see their performance in music show.

    • Guest

      This whole drama feels lazy like J&A didn’t even bother because they’re banking on Pikame to sell.

    • Jp

      it is fun to watch, no boring moments, Makoto appear to be uncool which was the target of boku unmei.
      God Pi deliver his role very well, at first episode, the characters are well distributed.
      the song is very good, the choreo seem corny but very cute. It is really a good song.

      even if it is not Kame or Pi the lead, I will watch it for the story alone,
      because the concept is very good, there is an air of mystery and comedy.

      I guess the episode 2, set a high expectation from me.

      • chlowerrr

        Can you tell me where can I watch a subbed of this? Huhu really wanted to watch this.

    • yamakita

      The song is mediocre, but this makes me think that they should have a salaryman drama with only Johnny’s members.

    • Kameneko223

      Kame looks so cute. Will look forward to the official PV

    • Haruka

      Good luck team Boku, unmei no hito desu

    • An_dromeda

      I love the song and im so in love with yamaP .. he is so cuteeee… i keep thinking this drama as a pay back for ProDai. there he got the “Heallelujah chance” and here he is the “G.O.D right here”

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